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Best Paid Survey Sites for 2017


Latest Update:    April 4, 2017



Survey Panel Payment Type Minimum Payout Best For Additional Information


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Guide to Making Money Online with Paid Surveys

Someone once said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Taking paid surveys is not exactly a free lunch, but it’s about as close as you can get to it. You can make money by completing surveys online. Each of the sites are a little different when it comes to payout methods and whether they pay in cash, gift cards or reward points that can be traded for merchandise. It all adds up to an extra income for you!

Entering the Unknown World of Surveys

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Top 10 Highest Paying Online Surveys for Money, Paid 1 Million Dollars and More

No matter what your age, profession or where you live, everyone can take advantage of online surveys for money. There are 100s of survey panels available, however they don’t all offer the same rewards. We have scoured the web to find the highest paying& legitimate research panels who have paid out millions & more to their members. Most of these panels are large companies, paying out millions of dollars.

Just before you continue reading this article, consider taking advantage of our top surveys. These are the highest-paying available surveys. There’s no more need to chase the ‘best of the best’ as it’s all done for you. But if you rather oversee every panel you work with, feel free to read on for some suggestions of the best panels worth joining today!

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The Ultimate Guide to Special Paid Survey Opportunities – You Always Can Make More

You might be coming to this article as someone who is familiar with paid surveys and you want to learn about the full range of opportunities available so you can always make more.  You might be coming as a complete beginner, in which case you are certainly in the right place!

Either way this is the ultimate guide to special survey opportunities,learn about the extra ways to earn money from paid surveys and how to squeeze each panel with the most amount of money available!

These special opportunities are used by paid survey experts and those who make $1,000s every month, and you could too!

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Top 7 Paid Surveys That Actually Pay With PayPal


Latest Update:    February 10, 2017

There are many great paid survey sites, but quite a few don’t pay through PayPal. This list here covers the best panels that do; each of these have proven themselves over time.


Elite Survey Sites Best Pick for 2017

Hey, before you move on with this list, please download our complete list of paid surveys, click here

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Strategy to Start Making $30-$100/day with Paid Surveys

Here is one of the easiest ways to make more money with paid surveys. That is, by joining as many panels as possible can and by completing only the highest paying offers. Here is a list of legitimate surveys. Join these:

My Survey


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30 Ways to Make Money Online with Paid Surveys Starting Now

Here, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about making money with paid surveys. Actually, making money with them is very easy and you can start immediately, but there are many tips that can help you. So, my advice for you is to read this article carefully. In it you’ll find useful information that will help you understand surveys, make more, avoid scams and so on. After reading this, you will be able to start immediately. Let’s get started.

1. Understand Paid Surveys

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How to Find Legitimate Surveys for Money That Pay ?

This is one of the most important articles on EliteSurveySites. Here, I’m going to give you advanced instructions on how to find legitimate paid surveys. If you are serious about making money this way, please read this post – guide carefully to the end!

If you’ve ever searched for “surveys for money,” you’ve probably seen that there are a lot of online surveys scam sites. And that’s right—there are a lot of people trying to scam us. If you don’t pay enough attention, you may end up losing money, revealing your personal information to someone that will sell it, or worse. Scammers put a lot of effort and money into trying to looking like legit companies, and these days we see more and more people falling into their traps. Fortunately, no matter what they do, there always be things that will help us differentiate between legit survey sites that pay cash and scams.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the most important things you have to pay attention to.

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What are Survey Routers and How They Can Help You Get More Surveys

What is a Survey Router?

Survey router is a website that lists various online surveys, usually on a daily basis and displays them in one spot. You do not have to be a member of a particular panel in order to take surveys through a router. Routers often list surveys across several panel sites that a company manages.

Actually survey routers get survey offers from different survey panels and list them in one place for you.

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A Review of Mystery Shopping Panel Gapbuster

About Gapbuster Mystery Shopping

Gapbuster, now known as GBW, is a world leader in mystery shopping, who claim to have organized over 14 million mystery shops in more than 100 countries worldwide, for some of the world’s largest brands.

GBW recruit and train ordinary people to be a mystery shoppers. You will then go to one of their client’s stores and act as a customer, shopping for products. An online survey will have to be completed about the experience and submitted to GBW, who will reward you for your efforts with cash payments, discounts and/or reimbursements.  

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Paid Surveys from Pinecone Research UK

How to Take Advantage of Sweepstakes Survey Opportunities?

Whether you have a great job that you love or if you need some extra cash to help you through a tough time, taking surveys is a good way to make up the difference. Signing up to a survey panel offers members various ways to put some money in the back pocket, without need for special skills or qualifications. You can take surveys on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

The key to success is to sign up for as many panels as you can, as individually panels do not pay all that much, but when you are completing surveys from different sources, cash can build up nicely.

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A Comparison Between Survey Panels – My Points and Ipsos i-Say

Logo for Ipsos i-Say Paid Survey Site 


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Paid Surveys or Freelancing

Making extra money.

Almost everyone wants to make some extra cash, whether you are a student who needs to supplement your income, a stay-at-home-mom, a retiree or anyone else who wants to keep busy and make money on the side.

There are various ways to make extra money. Here we will discus paid surveys or freelancing on the web. Both of these endeavours can mostly be done from home using your computer and digital appliances.

However, to earn some decent cash or rewards such as gift cards, you will have to put in the hours, paid surveys do not pay mega bucks, and a freelance business could take time to build up.

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Review of Survey Panel Site SURVEY REWARDZ – Legit or Scams ?

About Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz is a survey panel site that works with hundreds of market research companies to find paid surveys that best match your profile. The goal is to afford people with a way to make money from home using online market research.

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What is The Exact Mystery Shopping Process?

Mystery shopping is a marketing tool used externally by companies in their research. Usually the identity and intent of the shopper is not revealed to the chosen establishment or its employees.

This form of market research is highly sort after by survey panellists, as in addition to having higher rewards than the usual surveys. It can be also exciting and interesting.

For the companies that use this kind of research, the information they receive help them get an insight into how other businesses and stores operate. A client may, without informing the employees, even do a survey rating of their own business or store. Read more »

What is Product Testing

What is Product Testing?

Product testing is one type of paid surveys. Companies pay you to give your opinion on their products. The great part is that some of these companies will give you their products to test them and in most of the cases these products are your after that. In exchange for your feedback, they may send products free of charge for you to test, or you could be required to complete an online survey for which will be paid.

Either way, product testing is a great way to make money, or earn rewards such as vouchers for stores such as Amazon, electronic gadgets, personal hygiene products, books, clothing – and of course some hard cash.

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SurveyBods UK Review

About SurveyBods.

Survey Bods is a survey panel based in the UK, with only people residing in the UK eligible for membership. They are currently partnered up with several big companies around the world to assist them with market research on various products and services. Two of the biggest companies they work with which come to mind, are Nickelodeon and MTV.

Anyone over the age of 16 in the UK can join Survey Bods by completing the registration form online via a PC, laptop, smartphone or any other digital device. Only one account per person is allowed, and if multiple accounts are detected, these will be removed and any rewards earned will be forfeited.

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How to Make Much More Money with Paid Surveys While Travelling ?


Make use of free time when travelling.

Whether you plan to travel in the US or even abroad, there will always periods of free time between tours, sightseeing, or visiting friends and family. Why not take the opportunity to make some cash by using this time to participate in paid surveys of a particular nature, relating to the area where you may be.


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