Top 10 Highest Paying Online Surveys for Money, Paid 1 Million Dollars and More

No matter what your age, profession or where you live, everyone can take advantage of online surveys for money. There are 100’s of survey panels available, but they don’t all offer the same rewards. We have scoured the web to find the highest paying& legitimate research panels who have paid out millions & more to their members. Most of these panels are large companies, paying out millions of dollars.

Do You want to know how to make $3,000/month with surveys? Before you check out list of top 10 highest paying companies, please make sure you download our full guide, taching you how to make a lot of cash for surveys. It’s 100% free for our subscribers. You won’t make a mistake!

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The Ultimate Guide to Special Paid Survey Opportunities – You Always Can Make More

You might be coming to this article as someone who is familiar with paid surveys and you want to learn about the full range of opportunities available so you can always make more.  You might be coming as a complete beginner, in which case you are certainly in the right place!

Either way this is the ultimate guide to special survey opportunities,learn about the extra ways to earn money from paid surveys and how to squeeze each panel with the most amount of money available!

These special opportunities are used by paid survey experts and those who make $1,000s every month, and you could too!

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Top 7 Paid Surveys That Actually Pay With PayPal

Surveys for money websites have been around for nearly a decade now. However, in the past these sites weren’t always reliable, with many focusing only in local areas. However, with greater improved web technology paid surveys have improved significantly, allowing research companies to offer these earning opportunities globally to millions every day. Millions of people who cash out to their PayPal account after a few minutes answering their latest survey. Here are some of the best legit paid survey websites which use PayPal in order to pay the people who take their surveys.


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Strategy to Start Making $30-$100/day with Paid Surveys

Here is one of the easiest ways to make more money with paid surveys. That is, by joining as many panels as possible can and by completing only the highest paying offers. Here is a list of legitimate surveys. Join these:

My Survey – Paid $16,000,000

Pinecone Research Invitation

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30 Ways to Make Money Online with Paid Surveys Starting Now

Here, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about making money with paid surveys. Actually, making money with them is very easy and you can start immediately, but there are many tips that can help you. So, my advice for you is to read this article carefully. In it you’ll find useful information that will help you understand surveys, make more, avoid scams and so on. After reading this, you will be able to start immediately. Let’s get started.

1. Understand Paid Surveys

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How to Find Legitimate Surveys for Money That Pay ?

This is one of the most important articles on EliteSurveySites. Here, I’m going to give you advanced instructions on how to find legitimate paid surveys. If you are serious about making money this way, please read this post – guide carefully to the end!

If you’ve ever searched for “surveys for money,” you’ve probably seen that there are a lot of online surveys scam sites. And that’s right—there are a lot of people trying to scam us. If you don’t pay enough attention, you may end up losing money, revealing your personal information to someone that will sell it, or worse. Scammers put a lot of effort and money into trying to looking like legit companies, and these days we see more and more people falling into their traps. Fortunately, no matter what they do, there always be things that will help us differentiate between legit survey sites that pay cash and scams.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the most important things you have to pay attention to.

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How Paid Survey Sites Work?

Are you considering making money with paid surveys?  You’re not alone; it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that attracts thousands of new survey takers every month.   There are countless survey sites online each offering to pay their members for taking surveys on a variety of topics, but why? How can they afford to pay you for this information..?

It’s a lot simpler than you might think; it’s not because they are out to trick you, or scam you either.

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Opinion Outpost Review – The Truth about Them, are They Safe and Legit or Just a Scam?

Do you want to join Opinion Outpost? In this review we’ll discuss the rewards, what makes it worth joining and what people really think of Opinion Outpost.

Its recognizable and highly popular survey site, it’s a panel that is good at what it does, paying between $1-$10 per survey, and up to even $20 per survey.


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Full Guide to Registering With A New Panel

Step 1:Do you have a PayPal account?

Most survey companies pay by PayPal, it’s the quickest, easiest & most secure way of cashing out your earnings with paid surveys so you should definitely consider having an account.  Some survey sites don’t use anything other than PayPal so you may find that you can’t withdraw your earnings with those sites.

Join PayPal

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How to Be Faster When You Complete Surveys

Paid surveys are well known for the small amounts they pay for your time. Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to take control of your earnings and earn much more for your time.

It is important to realise that this small guide is not about how to “cheat” survey companies for some fast cash.  This will only lead to your account being suspended and potentially losing all of the money you have built up in your account.

Instead there are plenty of things that you can do legitimately to speed up taking online surveys that won’t get you banned, and won’t lose you money.  That is what we are going to focus on in this article, below you will find some of the things to avoid if you do not wish to lose your survey earnings through “cheating methods”.

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Tips to Managing Multiple Survey Companies

One of the major reasons that surveys are so popular is because there’s little much to them.  You’re given a topic and asked lifestyle questions to help companies develop new and existing products.

Surveys usually pay a flat rate, and although there’s potentially an infinite supply of them, this doesn’t mean you’ll get them all at once!

You might qualify for one, two or if you’re lucky three surveys per week, and other than completing each new survey there’s little opportunity to earn more.  Because of this it can be difficult to increase your earnings beyond a few dollars per week.

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Pinecone Research Scams ! Important Notice for Before Sign Up with Pinecone Research Survey Panel

Like most ways of earning money on the Internet, with surveys there is no shortage of scammers looking to earn a quick buck at the expense of others.

Pinecone is one of the most popular survey panels – By a mile

Pinecone Research is one of the most popular, and most exclusive survey websites, and if you can get hold of an elusive invitation link, it pays out some of the best rates.  Plus it is linked to one of the largest research companies in the world (Nielsen) so you know you’re in safe hands.

The survey panel enjoys a dedicated fan base of happy users, and many who strongly claim Pinecone is among the best, if not the best.  So you should not let this deter you, instead you should take this as a valuable piece of knowledge that will ensure you stay safe when using Pinecone, and other survey sites.

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3 Easy Ways to Lose Money with Surveys

Do you feel you have lost out with paid surveys?  It is true that surveys for most, however many others with the right knowledge are earning nice amounts of money as a side-income.  Very often these are easy, and simple changes you can make and don’t require much time, or money.

Paid surveys are relied upon by millions for their ease of use, and lack of specialist knowledge required.  But with anything that is popular, there are plenty of sceptics.

Much if the scepticism around paid surveys comes from people losing money through incorrect use.

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Tips to Avoid Paid Survey Disqualification

It can be a common occurrence with survey panels, you go to respond to a new survey invitation, only to find you do not qualify, sometimes you’re asked to complete a set of “pre-screening” questions.  The idea behind these is to determine your suitability for the survey.

Remember companies are paying big bucks for your opinions, and want to be sure you are the type of person they need.   For example if I’m a company selling car related products, and the people answering the survey don’t own a car, then I am getting completely irrelevant results.

The most frustrating part of survey disqualification is that for the large majority of survey panels, new survey opportunities don’t always come thick and fast.

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