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At step one we will register with multiple survey companies to increase our changes to receive more high paying offers and make much more money!

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Then we will wait for survey offers available for us and complete them instantly if we like them!

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The last and most sweet part of doing surveys for money! Be sure that you open accounts in many payment systems like PayPal and pick



Are you looking for the best and high paying survey? You've come to the right places ... really!

EliteSurveySites main task is to find and the best paid surveys for you! We've been doing this for almost a decade! Our visitors help us pick and best survey sites for you! Learn more on how we do this ...

Best Paid Survey Sites for 2024

Thousands of people help us identify the best paid surveys with their feedback. Be one of them!

But we also test survey panels and actually make money from them exactly like you! This give us better insight of what is best.

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Best Paid Survey Sites by User Rating 2024

This is unique ranking that is based only on user votes that we receive from you!

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At EliteSurveySites you can find one of the best set of guides that help you make more money with paid surveys.

If you are new to paid surveys and are unsure because of the confusing information that you have read on that topic... these things are true:

  • You can't become a millionaire with paid surveys!
  • Many people don't make a lot of money with paid surveys because...
  • They lose many benefits and actually people can always make more with paid surveys, but again, not millions!
And here is where our guides can really help!

Paid Surveys Cash

This is one of the most advanced guides on paid surveys. It include almost all of the information that you have to know to make much more with paid surveys.

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10 Min Quick Guide on Paid Surveys

  • Are new to paid surveys
  • Are unsure are paid surveys for them at all
  • Want to learn almost everything about paid surveys in 10 min

We created a quick guide that actually will teach you the most important things that you have to know about making money with paid surveys and then you will get one of these decision to leave or try paid surveys.

More niche paid survey guides:

Legit Paid Surveys

Legit Paid Surveys

If you visit a scam survey site, one of these things will happen:
  • You will be offered to make a lot of money quick, up to $300 per hour!
  • You will be requested to pay one time small fee, like up to $100 to register and start receiving super high paying offers to receive some pdf of tips on how to start making money with paid surveys.
  • You will be requested to enter your credit card information or SSN, which can even lead to identity theft and credit card fraud.

While changes to get your credit card compromised are hopefully rare, then we definitely can say that paying on scam sites one time fee, even small won't help you make more with paid surveys!

If you are not sure, are the panel that you want to register with legit, then EliteSurveySites can really help!

For almost a decade we have been testing survey panels! On our site, there are only high quality, legit and tested paid surveys!

Our main criteria for pick legit panels are:

  • We rely only on rely on listing only reputable companies with proven record of payment history and loyalty to their customers!
  • All legit survey companies are free to register and don't require your credit card and SSN.
  • No legit survey company will offer you too big amount of money, also some guaranteed that you will make a certain amount of money for given period of time.
In addition we created our special certificate - EliteSurveySites Verified!

After many years of testing we fully understand that there is a big difference in paid survey companies. Some have been really loyal to their customers other like these that mention above! For this reason, we have created our own and unique certificate.

International Surveys!

International Surveys!

Many years ago most of the surveys were only US.

These days things changed!

Now, many companies started to care about the option on people from other countries.

We at EliteSurveySites had really difficulties to redirect people who asked us something like ... EliteSurveySites please help me make money I'm not in US we really wanted to help, but we dint find a lot of surveys.

After many years of work and research we have come with a list of best legit surveys in over 100 countries, here it is!

The Truth About Paid Surveys

The Truth About Paid Surveys

I will become a millionaire with paid surveys

I can learn always how to make more money with paid surveys

Unique ways to make more money with paid surveys

We've been working on many tactics to make more with paid surveys. Although on our guides you will find many of them, here are more that we wanted to point like really easy and interesting.

  • Make $100 in less than a day really, use the advantage of bonus registration.
  • Apply for companies that offer more focus groups and mystery shopping.

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