AppTrailers Review – Scam or Legit?

AppTrailers Review – Scam or Legit?

EPF Last Update: June 13, 2019

Making money through indulgence in small tasks is not a new concept, and if you happen to play a part in Get Paid To (GPT) avenues, then, without doubt, you have performed some of the small jobs and earned money. These small tasks may include but not limited to watching ads, filling out a form, offering your opinion and watching videos.

As much as these tasks may not earn you a full-time income, it may be useful for those people looking for residual income. The majority of people don’t exceed $20 to $50 per month.


What is App Trailers?

It represents a more straightforward and legitimate way to make money using your mobile phone. If you can manage free time, then you have a perfect place to invest your free time by installing this app on your mobile phone and watching videos, just watching videos.

There are video ads that appear on the App Trailers before every video. Those companies whose ads appear, pay this company (App Trailers) to show their ads to the members.

App Trailers is not a new company, a lot of you can attest to that, and it has improved over the years. Besides, it adds more income opportunity to its users.


How Does App Trailers work?

As soon as you install this app, all and only what follows is log in to this system and boom! App trailers, videos for various games, music videos, movie trailers, and videos from TMZ.

Each of these videos when watched will reward you points that accumulate in your account. Once it hits a specified limit, you are free to redeem those points for different rewards. These rewards are different, like offers for Amazon and even the iTunes gift cards.

Other than watching videos, you can also earn points in the App Trailers by uploading videos, if someone happens to like those videos. Then cool! You win.


Earning Potential for App Trailers:

If I’m not wrong, this is the most pressing question for which everyone here is looking to get answers. Well, why lie? It’s not something that is going to make you rich or guarantee you a full-time earning.

In most cases, the video length is about 30 seconds together with 30 seconds ad. Each video rewards you with 5 points.

You need to note that 10 points are equivalent to one cent.

Therefore, If you spend one-hour watching videos, do the math. Well, you will earn up to 300 points which are equal to $0.30. As much as the earning may increase on sometimes and say its even $1 after one hour, then it is not worth wasting your precious hour.


Is App Trailers Worth Your Time?

It’s a question that I can’t answer but you; I think every person has his/her priorities. Making $3 to $5, to my side, for instance, is not enough money especially when you are spending 10 to 15 hours a day or even more.

It’s evident that you cannot run this app for the entire day. However, if you do believe that this is right for you or you have not enough money to invest in other projects then why not? Spend your “entire” time here, and you can earn and invest it in an improved platform to get a bigger pie.



Earning Potential – When you invest your time here, you can make some money. Besides, there are no payments or any registration fee and any other charges. You are getting paid to have fun, something you are most likely to do with your mobile phone even when you don’t get a payment.

Multiple Payments Option – Once you attain the threshold limit, then you are free to choose from a range of options available. The options may include Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, and many other gift cards. They now have added PayPal as an option.

Excellent App – There is nothing complicated about this app. It is simple and easy to use. The interface looks pretty, and designed for everything that is used currently to watch videos.

The time taken to load videos remains very quick which it easy to watch numerous videos in a short period; besides, you get your points awarded, there and then.

Refer others– If you are good at referring other people, then this presents another good way to increase your points.  

The app has a provision for you to send instant messages to your contacts. The points are then credited to your account when your referral download the app and registers with the company- you get a hundred points for everybody who joins under you.



Low Earning Potential – This remains the major drawback of App Trailers. It takes a lot of time to hit the minimum cashout limit of 500 points.  They pay an average of 5 points for watching videos, this means, you must watch at least 100 videos. They further allow a signup bonus together with referral points as soon as you refer someone.

However, if you only depend on watching these videos,  then it might take quite some time before you get to the limit.

It Is Only An additional Income earner– I must stress, however, that this must not appear as a disadvantage, App Trailers is not a get rich program, and you can tell that. It can help you get extra cash regularly. Therefore, if you are looking for apps that will make you rich, then your search will have to continue.


Bottom Line

App Trailers is a legitimate earning opportunity for some extra pocket money. It is not a scam. If you feel earning $3 to $5 after 8 to 10 hours per day is worth your time, then well and good, go for it.

Moreover, if you have no money to start a new and stable venture then after spending a few months here, you could earn some money and invested there.

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