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Best Paid Survey Sites by User Rating of June 2024

EPF Last Update: September 14, 2023

We asked 1,000 people to vote for the best survey site.

Almost 100 survey panels were included in our survey.

Thanks to All People Who Voted!

Our surveys are still open, so vote!

What is the Best Survey Site?

Here are the results.

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Ipsos I-Say

Score: 100%



Score: 99%



Score: 99%


Pinecone Research

Score: 97%



Score: 94%


Inbox Dollars

Score: 94%



Score: 93%


Global Test Market

Score: 91%


Paid Viewpoint

Score: 91%


Survey Savvy

Score: 90%


Google Opinion Rewards

Score: 79%


You Gov

Score: 77%


Valued Opinions

Score: 75%


Opinion Outpost

Score: 75%


Mint Vine

Score: 73%


I Survey World

Score: 57%


Vindale Research

Score: 55%


Fusion Cash

Score: 54%


My Points

Score: 53%


One Opinion

Score: 53%



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I Don’t Like Your Ranking!

If you don’t like our ranking, change it. In this ranking, people tell us which panel to rank high and which not. Note also that we have released $100 to 3 of the people who voted in our surveys. We plan many more prizes for our regular users, so we will create a new page soon where we will present all these people and also many other prizes that we plan to give.


How is The Score Calculated?

In this chart only YOU rank survey panels!

We asked about 1,000 people to vote for the best survey panel. The panel with the highest number of votes got a score of 100%. In this case, it is Ipsos! Then, we divided the votes received by each of the other panels respectively by the number of votes received by your best panel. Let’s say that the best panel received 1,000 votes. Let’s also say that the next one received 900 votes. So, the score for the next one will be:  900/1,000 = 90%.

After that, we extracted panels who got over 50% score and included them in the table above.

Isn’t 50% too low to consider a panel as a top one? In fact, no. A score of 70%, for example, means that 700 of 1,000 people voted for a panel, which is not a bad result. 50% means that 500 people voted for a panel. We surely appreciate a panel if 500 people voted for it and we give that panel a certificate.


Does it Mean That If a Panel is Not in This Table, It is Not Great?

Not really! There are some panels in our list that are relatively new and this is probably the reason why they didn’t get a lot of votes. We personally make money and have great experience with some survey panels that got relatively low scores and are not so popular.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Register with other new panels.

You can still vote and put some of them in our chart soon. We carefully check the changes in our ranking, so we will update them when you tell us which panels you prefer!


How is This Ranking Different from Your Main Ranking?

On this list, we rely only on the votes that we receive from our audience. We only count votes that panels receive from you.

In our ranking Best Paid Survey Sites we use some additional criteria. Here you can learn how we rank survey panels. In brief, we rely very much on reports (positive and negative) that people send to us; we test panels personally and check how much money we can make; we read comments, reviews and forum posts about every panel; we read information on their sites and fine print carefully; we check their BBB rating. In brief, we use a lot of ways to determine which survey panels are good and which are bad. So, the list of the best paying survey panels is based on our personal opinion of how good your experience with these companies will be.

The results of these surveys will become our primary factor, of course. If we see that more people start to vote for their best panels, then there is no better way for us to determine what panels are the best. But our surveys are relatively new and we are still waiting for more people to vote.

Note that in the next few years, these lists will start becoming more similar to one another.

The surveys are still open. Vote! We want you to tell us which panels should move down and which ones should move up on our list.


I Want to Start Making Money with Paid Surveys, but I’m New to This.

Making money with paid surveys is very easy. You can start making money today for free. On our site we post a lot of helpful information to help people make more money. But if you don’t want to waste time now, you can read our beginner’s guide. We included in it almost all important information on how people can make money with paid surveys. This way, you don’t have to lose a lot of time.


Here is The List of Votes for Other Panels

Here are other survey panels in the right order. Vote for them and we will change their ranking in the table above.


Panels with votes between 40-50%

Surveys On The Go

Opinion Plus

Quick Thoughts

Survey Junkie

Opinion Panel

Harris Poll Online

Survey Rewardz

Opinion Site

Smart Panel

Brand Institute

Cash Crate

Opinion Square


Panels with votes between 30-40%

Power of Opinions

Panda Research

Survey Voices

Inbox Pays


Nielsen Digital Voice

Survey Spot

Panel Base

Consumer Opinion Institute

Panel Polls

Points Panel

Yahoo! User Research

National Consumer Panel

Microsoft Playtest Research

One Poll


Shoppers Perspective Community

America’s Voices


Knowledge Panel

Inno Poll

Cross Media Panel

Vip Voice

Digital Reflection Panel

Survey Round Table

Point Club

Survey Bods

Consumer Village

Mind Swarms

Nice Quest

Survey Downline




Panels with less than 30% votes

Inspired Opinions


Directive Analytics Panel

Springboard Panel



Tech Leader Forum

Gratis Points



Populus Live

Darwin’s Data

Parent Speak

MD for Lives


Newly Added

Loop Surveys

The Panel Station




Elite Survey Sites

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