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Mystery Shopping Scams – Be Careful for This Type !

We at Elite Survey Sites always advise you to stay away from companies that ask you to pay to join their membership programs in order to take surveys or become a mystery shopper.  If they ask you to pay to play, they are probably not legitimate.  Generally, the legitimate paid survey and mystery shopping sites […]

Online Surveys for Money vs Mystery Shopping

Here at EliteSurveySites, we provide you with information to help you make and save more money.  Paid surveys and mystery shopping are both great ways to make more money in your free time.  They are very different and should be treated accordingly, so in this article we will go over the differences and provide you […]

Ebates vs. Mr. Rebates ? Which App is Better

Do you shop online regularly?  Do you make all of your purchases online because you are a bargain shopper?  Do you love saving money, or getting a great deal on a purchase?  Would you like to get paid to shop online? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article is for you.  There […]

mystery shopping dream job

A Beginner’s Guide to Mystery Shopping Jobs

One of the hardest things about becoming a mystery shopper is understanding what it’s all about in the first place. Every mystery shopper can relate … you go in blind thinking you know it all but boy were you wrong! Fortunately, you do not have to set yourself up to fail. By reading this guide, […]

eMystery Shopper Review – Join This UK-Only Panel!

Are you located in the UK? If so, eMystery Shopper (eMysteryShopper.com) will accept you as one of their paid mystery shoppers. This panel often flies under the radar; read on to see if they are trusted, how much they pay, and what you can expect along the way! What is eMysteryShopper.com?

Populus Live – $10 Per Hour ‘Guaranteed’, What’s the Catch? – UK ONLY

Have you ever heard of Populus Live? When you check out their site, the first thing you notice is the claim that you will, “Earn £1 for every 5 minutes,” which is a substantial claim to make. If you are an American reader, that equates to about $17 per hour at current time. Pretty cool, […]

YouGov Review – Great Paid Survey Panel!

We often review paid survey sites on minimal standards — whether their site was functional, how well the surveys paid, and whether any payment issues came up. It is not often we have a trustworthy site with innovation in front of us. YouGov is the exception.

BARE International Review

BARE International offers mystery shopping jobs paying $5 to $35 to consumers all across the world. If you are at least 21 in the U.S., or 18 anywhere else, you can get in on consistent paid shopping opportunities! BARE International – Who Are They? BARE International is a market research company that specializes in mystery shopping projects. […]

Measure Consumer Perspectives – Many Mystery Shopping Jobs (No Scams!)

Measure Consumer Perspectives, or Measure CP, has been around for a while, and they have a nice chunk of good-paying mystery shopping assignments to go through. They work with companies like Ashley Furniture, A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut, Progressive, Regis, and Taco Bell. If you are looking for a mystery shopping company you can rely on, this is definitely […]

How to Identify Mystery Shopping Scams Companies

Mystery shopping is one of the best jobs for one to make some extra cash but it can also bring you financial hurdles if not careful. There are a lot of mystery shopping agencies that offer legitimate jobs. What’s more, they have real websites and physical addresses which are transparent and easy to reach. The […]