Elite Survey Sites - Now We Have Our Surveys

Elite Survey Sites – Now We Have Our Surveys

EPF August 9, 2017

We are the first-ever survey panel that gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to tell us what you really think about all aspects of paid surveys, which are so prolific in the market.

Elite Survey Sites have done the research and have found no other survey sites which have put out similar surveys. Our goal is to consolidate and analyse the results, then provide paid survey panels with information about what panelists think of them, and where potential problems may be. We also give advice on how unpopular panels with poor reviews can improve their sites.

We rely on visitors to our site to help us understand how you feel about paid survey sites. We do not buy traffic to get the results in. Our surveys remain open for a long time, which means that visitors will always have an opportunity to take the surveys and answer the questions.

Please, complete our surveys.

Why Complete Our Surveys?

We provide recommendations of reputable, legitimate paid panel sites to join. Our site is absolutely reliable, but as with everything else, there is always room for improvement.

Here are some good reasons to complete them:

  • You will help us to improve our own site by letting us know more of what you require.
  • There is a specific section related to how paid panel sites can improve their systems, and what changes could be made to benefit the panellists experience when completing surveys.
  • The results of the surveys will be relayed to the various panels concerned.
  • We understand where the weak points in some panel areas may be, and will work hard to find ways to improve matters.
  • An extra bonus is a $100 cash payment to each of 3 random lucky winners who have completed our surveys. This will be done as soon as we have gathered 300 replies to each survey sent out.
  • In order to get more replies in at a good rate, we encourage you to share this link on Facebook, and other social media platforms you may have.

How They Work?

The surveys consist of a series of basic questions about paid surveys. Each question has a selection of answers you can choose from. Just tick the appropriate box for your choice. When you complete a survey, supply your name and make sure that you have a Paypal account.

Here are some of the questions which you will be asked to answer, all with a multiple questions choice for selection of preferences.

  • The types of surveys you prefer, for example regular paid surveys, product testing, focus groups etc.
  • Which payment options are best for you, such as Paypal, cheque, or gift card rewards?
  • Benefits you would like to see in top companies.
  • List your favorite companies.
  • Survey directories you trust when choosing panels.
  • Are paid surveys all scams, and have you ever been scammed?
  • Do you always report scams?
  • How you feel about the process of disqualification is handled by panels.
  • How many times per 100 have you been disqualified?
  • Approximately how many high-paying offers, over $50 dollars, do you receive per year?
  • Would you pay to register with a panel?
  • How you would like panels to improve the services they offer.

These are just a few of questions you will be asked to consider carefully before you answer. Your opinions are important, and all replies will be analysed and forwarded to all relevant survey panels.

Why These Survey Results are Important?

All panels are there to provide good service, and of course to increase revenue. The results of our surveys can help them to improve in areas where better service is needed, and certainly increase their membership.

More members mean more surveys can be completed, and more revenue from the clients who pay the panels for the information they provide via panelists.

We keep you up to date on panels which make changes to their sites, and as time goes by, and we get more results from our surveys, the ranking of panels on our site may change.

You Are Important to Us!

Elite Survey Sites focus on making the experience panelists enjoyable and profitable. To improve our already excellent service, we aim to regularly update our ranking list of recommended paid survey panels for you to join.

That is one of the reasons we have launched the unique Elite Survey Sites related to paid surveys studies and statistics for 2017 – and why we need your help. Share our link with family and friends to broaden our spectrum of results. We need your thoughts, feelings, and ideas about paid survey sites, in order to improve our service to you even more.


Note that Elite Survey Sites do not make any money from the surveys which we post. We take care not to publish any scam banners or advertising on our posts.

We simply gather information from visitors who complete our surveys, so that a better understanding of panellist’s requirements are obtained.


Elite Survey Sites

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