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Great News for People from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark

EPF Last Update: May 28, 2019

Many times people ask our team, are there survey panels available in my country, I’m interested to make $300-400/month, but the companies listed on EliteSurveySites don’t accept people from my country. Unfortunately most survey panels are US companies and if you are from other countries, they probably won’t accept you. And even if you join them, they won’t give you good paying offers …


Today we have a great news for people from the following countries, we’ve found that one of the top survey panel will accept you if you are from these countries:


Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark






















Are you interested to start making easy money? To try one of the best survey panel online? It’s free, please read on …


We’ll also show you how we made fast cash with this panel in less than a minute …


Honestly, there are not many “legit” panels from these countries, so if you are interested in surveys, now is your chance … don’t miss. Tomorrow the registration can be closed!


The panel is Toluna


That said, is Toluna really worth it?


Yes, if you have realistic expectations.


Toluna is just like any other survey network, except they have more surveys and you can trust them. The truth is, doing paid surveys will not make you a lucrative income each month.


If you choose Toluna, you can make:


  • Up to $20 per survey
  • Up to $200 per focus group
  • Up to $5,000 a month in sweepstakes


Why Toluna is the #1 Survey Company


Toluna sure does have a lot to offer. Regardless of your location, there are a fair amount of surveys that you can access through Toluna. With big clients all across the world, you also never know when focus group invites will start showing up in your inbox!


To put it simple, Toluna gives equal opportunities to survey takers across the globe. This is a rarity in the survey taking industry, where it seems a few favored users get the luck of the draw. So, anyone who takes paid surveys serious should make sure to stay active on the Toluna network.


Is Toluna Legit?


Toluna is EliteSurveySites Verified.







To receive this status, a paid survey network must pay fair and be trusted. The rewards system needs to be somewhat awesome. And, the website must not charge anything for you to sign up. Payment history also has to be extensive, but Toluna has 10’s of millions in payments under their belt.

Although we believe that our verification EliteSurveySites verified is one of the best, here are additional links for your information.


Toluna holds an A+ BBB rating and they are a fully legitimate business.

Toluna is an AWESOME opportunity for paid survey takers all across the world!


Join Toluna Now!

The process is easy.


  1. Click Here and Register

If the link does not work for you, please check these:

Toluna Sweden
Toluna Norway
Toluna Finland
Toluna Netherlands
Toluna Germany
Toluna Denmark




  1. Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail.





  1. Click “Start Now” to view the available surveys.





  1. Press “Start” to begin Toluna’s introductory surveys.





  1. Complete the survey – my first one paid 90 points for answering three easy questions, like, “Do you like skateboarding?” … it took 30 seconds!




  1. Do more surveys!



The account used is only a few minutes old. So, you are just seeing the surveys for new users. Loyal members have greater access, because Toluna rewards it’s active users. But, the best opportunities will take a few weeks or months to show.


As one of the leading survey companies, with many paid focus group opportunities, this is a site everyone should join. It is rare to see a shortage of surveys available, and the interface is easy to use. Few end up unhappy after deciding to stick it out on the Toluna survey network.


Start doing Toluna surveys today!

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