Harris Poll Online Review - How's This Panel These Days? Legit or Scams !

Harris Poll Online Review – How’s This Panel These Days? Legit or Scams !

EPF May 5, 2016

Name:Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Logo



Operated By: Harris Poll Online

Type of payment: Lots of gift cards

Payment Delays: 12 Days

BBB rating: A+ (was B+)

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: Yes

Product Reviews: No

Additional Info: High levels of surveys

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): Free

Min Withdraw: 100 points

Points Per Survey: 75-200 points

Point Expiry: 12 Months

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: $250 – $10,000!

Contest Requirements: Receive 1 entry for every survey completed during the sweepstakes period.

Harris Poll is a survey panel we recommended to our readers many years ago. But, things change all the time in the paid survey world; so how does Harris Poll compare now?

Well, we are going to dive into all the details in a moment.

We will address whether you can trust them, how much they pay, how many surveys they will give you, and other ways to earn at Harris Poll.

So first off … let’s get into the legitimacy of this company.

The Rich History of Harris Poll Online

Harris Interactive, Inc., started out in 1956 with ‘Louis Harris and Associates’ as their company name. In 1963, they built The Harris Poll as their highlight market research project — which has been running effectively ever since.

The business underwent multiple name changes and ownership swaps. Since 1999, Harris Interactive, Inc., has been their official business name. Starting in 1997, they started working on their online version of the Harris Poll.

You can even visit The Harris Poll Vault and dig through 40+ years of historical Harris Poll surveys.

Is Harris Poll Online Trusted?

The reputability of Harris Poll mainly stems from the fact that it’s not some fly-by-night survey panel ran by random kids on the Web. The 40+ years of historical surveys administered by them is just a glimpse at the true legitimacy of this business.

But if you want to get to the dollars …

2011: Harris Interactive, Inc., managed a revenue of $165 million. Their net income for that year was $8 million. They held $72 million in assets and $11 million in equity.

2013: Harris Interactive, Inc., was bought out by Nielsen Holdings for a whopping $116.6 million. As a result, the business changed from one reputable corporation to a mega-corporation.

So Nielsen Holdings owns them now …

Can You Trust Nielsen Holdings?

Here’s where you can install even more trust in Harris Interactive, Inc., even though it was never an issue before.

Nielsen Holdings pulled a $6.3 billion revenue. In the same year, they enjoyed a $970 million net income. This was accomplished while operating with 40,000+ employees worldwide.

Of course, these large figures come from the fact that it’s a “holding company” and that means there are multiple businesses owned beneath them. There are many, but most are involved in the market research industry. The more important thing, you do not hear major complaints about the companies Nielsen owns.

In fact, they have more than half a dozen active panels right now. Some examples include Homescan Consumer Panel, National Consumer Panel, and Niesel Consumer Panel. However, possibly the biggest brag: they’re also behind Pinecone Research!

Further, another big move for their legitimacy came in 2011 as they went public.

This means they made themselves available for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. When doing so, they had an ‘Initial Public Offering’ which managed to rake in $1.8 billion — the most any private company turning public got in an IPO offer in five years!

To put it short … trust is generally not an issue.

How Much Does Harris Poll Online Pay?

Harris Poll Online surveys typically award between 75 and 200 points per survey.

Every 125 points equals $1, so you do not make much per survey.

However, their paid focus group opportunities regularly award around $50 to $100 for every hour of your time. If you stick with Harris Poll Online and take on their surveys regularly, you stand a good chance to score focus group invites off them.

How Often Does Harris Poll Send Surveys?

Expect approximately two to four new survey invites per week, but this number could easily be much higher.

As long as you are a legitimate panelist, you will get a fair share of the invites. The problem is some will end up screening you out instead, which might result in around 15 points as compensation.

With that in mind, this site cannot make you more than about $10 to $25 a month … but if you are looking for another reliable panel to throw in your arsenal, this one might be worth it.

What Do Harris Poll Online Reviews Say?

The best way to know what to expect from this survey panel is to consider what others have experienced already. While some reviews can be fabricated, it is easy to get a general feel for the company by doing a little research.

So here is what we found … the good AND the bad …

The Pros of Harris Poll Online

  • People from many different countries can sing up,
  • Quarterly sweepstakes award upwards of $10,000 for first place,
  • Compensation is given whenever you get screened out, and,
  • Completing surveys gives you points PLUS sweepstakes entries!

The Cons of Harris Poll Online

  • You have to track completed surveys to ensure points get credited,
  • Payments are only available via gift cards and e-vouchers,
  • Most users only make around $10 to $25 a month.

In regards to the last point, it is a bit of an issue. This company does not currently have a quality database of users collected. It relies on the re-generation of valuable data to determine one’s demographic fitting. Thus, some users run into the issue of frequently getting screened out — not to worry … you still get paid!

Should You Join Harris Poll or Not?

We recommend that our readers sign up at Harris Poll.

Even though they have many weak spots, there’s a reason they are still great. Why? Because, if you are an active panelist, you can get focus group invites and these can pay you upwards of $50 an hour for your time.

Just make an account and do a survey every once and awhile.

If you get lucky, a focus group study every once and awhile will quickly score you $100’s in extra cash.

Conclusion: Harris Poll Online is “Just Okay”

We would not turn a panelist away from joining Harris Poll Online, because we know they are legitimate and many panelists have posted payment proof on the Web already.

The problem is that Harris Poll never innovated over the years. They stuck with the same basic online strategy, and merely lived off their quality name.

They have a rich history, but there was a lot lacking to push them forward. As we have pointed out, they do not even have diverse profiles set up in an appropriate database. Weaknesses like this cause such companies to ‘bleed out’ as their popularity peaks and dies off.

However, with the company buyout in 2013 by Nielsen Holdings, there’s just no telling how big this panel could become in the future.

Join Harris Poll Online and secure your spot at a highly trusted survey site!

Contact Information

Harris Panel

155 Corporate Woods, Rochester, NY 14623

Attn: Privacy, or call us at: 1-800-600-2493

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