What are The Highest Paying Panels According to Our Study?
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What are The Highest Paying Panels According to Our Study?

EPF Last Update: June 6, 2019

We asked 1000 people about the best survey panel. Here are the results for the highest-paying online surveys 2017:



Pinecone Research

Inbox Dollars

Paid Viewpoint


The surveys are still open, so the results can vary. Vote for your best panel now!

In our study, we asked many more questions. The results were interesting and we plan many more articles about them. But for now, we wanted to discuss one thing that was obvious. Do you know what is the worst mistake people make (and this is definitely the reason why people make little money with paid surveys)? People don’t register with many survey panels. When we say things like ‘here are the best 3 panels’, people probably feel that these are the best panels for them and join only there. This is definitely a mistake. Because even if they are the best,  these survey panels provide only a limited amount of surveys. So, when we say ‘these are the best 3 companies’, this does not mean that you have to register with them only. It is ok to prioritize them, but you should register with many more. We recommend 10 panels to an average survey panelist. For people that do this professionally, even up to 30.

On our site, we have always given many tips on how people can make more money. There are really so many pieces of advice we can give to people. But, let’s say that there are about 10 most important things. We repeated these things many times on our blog in different articles. The whole guide Paid Surveys Cash gives a much more advanced view on these tips and many more insider tips. But based on the results that we have found in our surveys, there was one obvious mistake that people make. So for sure, we can conclude that the most significant mistake people make (and this decreases their income significantly) is:

People don’t register with many survey panels!

Let’s review the results from our study:



44.8% of the people are registered with fewer than 3 panels, 68.5% of the people are registered with fewer than 5 panels; 86.8% of the people complete surveys for fewer than 10 panels.

These results are definitely bad. And we can surely say that from all mistakes people make, this one is the worst. How to fix it? Easily! Register with more panels, guys. That’s it! And you will always make more money.

Worries about spam? If we said that there won’t be spam, we would lie. In fact, if you are in this business, companies will spam you with offers. The more companies you register with, the more spam you will start receiving. But you can do one very simple thing. Open a new e-mail address. Of course, we don’t mean a fake e-mail. Open your legit e-mail. But use this one for survey sites only. Note also that the e-mail where you register from can be different from your PayPal e-mail where you will receive money.

In addition, registration with all of these survey panels is free. On our site we list only legit and free companies, so there is really no reason not to join many of them today!

Now, let’s list more benefits that you will lose by not registering with many companies.

  • One high-paying offer. The offers that are high-paying, like focus groups, are rare. But by registering with many panels (and even staying inactive for a long time), there is a chance that you will receive one high-paying offer every few months. This will be a great day! More companies means more chances for high-paying offers. Let’s say that you receive one offer per company per year only. Ok, but if you are registered with 10 companies? This means 10 per year.
  • Great offers with low quotas. There are high-paying offers that come from time to time, but their quota is reached very quickly. The reason is obvious – when such an offer appears, people complete it instantly and you lose your chances. So, if you are registered with many panels and are actually active, you will receive these offers instantly and you will complete them before the quota has been reached.
  • You can pick only interesting offers that you would like to complete. Although most of the people are here to make money and they don’t care about what they do, you can still pick offers that you prefer over other offers.
  • Contest offers. Almost all of these companies have contests. Chances to win are low, but by registering to many offers, you increase your chances to win. It can happen one time, but it will make your day!

Is registering with more offers time consuming?

Actually, the registration process is very easy and you can do this in a few minutes. But if you want to make much more money and actually qualify for more offers, you have to complete your profile survey. You profile survey reveals details about you and helps companies understand if you are an appropriate candidate for their offers. If you skip this step, you lose offers. Typically, profile surveys take some time. But what many companies do to make it look like they don’t waste your time is give you some points for registration. This means that they value your time and pay you to complete these surveys. Ok, it’s not a lot of money (these bonuses are about $5), but it’s still some extra money in your pocket. Register with 10 companies today. Only register, no surveys to complete, and there are your $50. A great day!

Are there any additional negative sides of registering with more companies?

There is really no need to discuss this question. You are here to make money, right? This is something that will help you make more money, so we recommend that you do it. As long as the panels are free to register and they pay you bonus even for registration, there is really no reason not to do this now.

Are they legit? is the next question that many people would ask. Panels listed on our site are legit! We list only panels that are legit and free. Of course, you can search for more sites, but if you search for them on our site, you can be sure of that.

We are slightly different! Instead of listing panels by research only, we test them personally. We have a team that does this. Actually, in our recent big survey many people asked and requested this from us. Although we plan to write and explain these things in details very soon, we will only briefly explain here how we do that.

We do not own these survey companies. They are separate businesses. If you say that we spy on them and apply some advanced techniques and so on, you are wrong. What we do instead is something very simple. Actually, we are panelists just like you. We register, make money, face positive and negative sides of all companies, exactly like you. And based on our personal experience, we rank them. But this is not the only way to rank panels here. We rely a lot on user feedback thanks to all people who report survey panels to us. We read comments and check their BBB profiles. The last thing that we do is directly ask people. And we will use the chart with the results that we got from you much more seriously. Because there is no better source than survey people themselves!!!

What we plan. Many people recommended us to do this. This is our answer to them – don’t worry, we do this. If we find someone scamming us, this means that they will also scam you. We will ban them from our site instantly and we will let you know who they are. Another thing that we read was that people want more surveys in other countries. Well, most of these survey companies are U.S. businesses and it is obvious that they operate in the US. There are actually survey companies in many more countries. We could list them, but on our site we list only companies that we know actually work great. And unfortunately for us, it is really not easy to personally test panels in all countries. We will definitely work on that from now on. Soon, on our site you will find more surveys in other countries. We will start with the countries that were requested from us. For people who want to register, you can just type paid surveys and your country on Google. Register and let us know your experience with these companies. This way you will help us, but also other people.

People who participated in our survey asked so many things. Based on them, we will write a lot and will explain things. But here, we only wanted to review some important questions that are related to this post – about the highest-paying online surveys.

“What are some survey sites that actually pay?”

Answer: please stop asking this question. 🙂 Every legitimate survey panel pays. There are some scams, of course, but you definitely won’t find them on our site. Payment problems are: late payments, no PayPal option and disqualification (which leads to zero or few points – fewer than you expected). But all legit survey panels pay for your opinion.

“What is the highest-paying survey panel?”

There is no such thing as the highest-paying survey. One thing is that survey panels operate slightly differently depending on different people (one person can qualify for one offer, another person for another offer). A list of highest-paying panels is different from the highest-paying panels. A list of highest-paying panels is a list that you have to work on starting today. If you rely on one panel only, even if you feel that this is your favorite panel, then prepare for losses. And even if you don’t lose, you will get fewer benefits and less money. So, the correct answer would be: register with a list of high-paying companies instead of one high-paying panel.

“Give us more surveys”

EliteSurveySites is not a survey panel. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any surveys. We are a paid survey directory. On our site we only give tips – we help people make more money with surveys by referring them to the best ones in the business and also give them tips on how to get more offers. When we launch a survey panel, we will let you know. But we are really proud and actually very thankful when we read that you consider us to be one of the most trusted paid survey directories. Thank you!

“How to find the highest-paying survey sites?”

Although this whole article was exactly about this topic, here we will mention a few additional things.

  • Add their e-mail address to your white list. That way, you will always receive important messages from them instantly and they won’t arrive in your spam folder.
  • Follow them on their social media channels. They post their latest offers there. Not all people follow them and if you do this, you have better chances to make some money from them faster.
  • Follow us on our social media. If you follow us on Twitter, you will get the news from all legit survey panels in one place. We work every day to tweet the latest offers for you. Our Twitter is: https://twitter.com/EliteSurveySite.
  • Read their updates on their forums.
  • Apply for more sites that offer focus groups and mystery shopping. These are really high-paying offers.

Elite Survey Sites

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