How He Made More than $1,000 / Month ?
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How He Made More than $1,000 / Month ?

EPF January 31, 2015


This is Join and This is Ann – show them …

And here are their quick stories. They both wanted to make some money with paid surveys. – show how they research

Here is what happen. Ann made $1,376 in a month, John made only $137. show Ann happy, John not happy, and amazed what is going on, also show them with their money, Ann more money, John less.

You probably think Ann worked more than John, you’re wrong. They both worked the same amount of time.

But Ann knew some things about surveys, that John haven’t known. Show Ann smiling, John like he asking himself questions.

Ann joined only 10 survey panels, but she knew which are the highest paying. John wasted time on joining 100 and more panels, but he found that most of them were low paying or scam. Show John working hard Ann making things with ease.

Ann was much more effective than John, because she knew exactly how to avoid paid surveys disqualification. John haven’t known how, he wasn’t able to qualify for the highest paying surveys.

Ann make 3-10 times more than John from the same panel, where they both were registered, because she know some tricks on how to increase her earnings.

Ann knew how to get much more invitations for focus groups, paying up to $100. John had no idea what focus groups are.

Ann knew even how to make up to $3,000/month if she work more, but she don’t want too much work. John had no idea how to increase his earnings. – show them happy and not happy.

One day John found a great guide, explaining that people who will buy it will make thousands with paid surveys easy. He decided to buy this guide for $69, but on the next month John made the same amount. He understood that he only wasted his money. – show him not happy again

Finally he decided to ask Ann and she decided to tell him what she was doing. All she did was she just go to Google and type “legitimate surveys”. Then she found a site called EliteSurveySites.  Go to Google, make this search and click on the site, Ann over it, I meant do these things as a background

She found that people can download one free guide “Paid Surveys Cash”. She though it was scam because it was free. show Paid Surveys Cash

Just one minute before leaving this site forever, something like an intuition talked to her and

she decided just to try. Why not she asked herself, it is free. – show her asking herself

She registered, confirmed and read the guide and followed its instructions carefully. show the whole registration process fast including the confirmation link from the welcome message

While she was reading this guide, she understood that this guide actually is the most advanced guides on paid surveys. It answer all the the questions she didn’t know that John still don’t know.

She understood that making money with surveys can be so easy, but most of the people have just a lack of knowledge.

Then John did the same. He read the guide carefully, he followers the instructions and at the end of the next month he made more than Ann, just because he was more serious on this. He needed more money. He was so thankful to Ann.

Then both of them shared this site with their friends. – show them how you share one article.

So, who want you to be John or Ann? Be Ann, don’t waste time like John.

Elite Survey Sites

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