Inbox Dollars vs Swagbucks

Inbox Dollars vs Swagbucks

EPF August 15, 2015

There are many different sites that offer paid surveys to users. Unfortunately, there are lots of scam sites perched to take advantage of people who want to earn an honest income through online resources. But fortunately there are honest sites who provide platforms through which internet users can make some extra earnings without worrying about being scammed. Two very popular survey sites are Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks. Ever wonder what features these two sites have that keep consumers engaged? These two platforms have some similar features and distinctive features as well. Let’s take a look at these two reputable paid sites, what they have in common, and the differences that set them apart. Then you can choose if you want to join one or both of them depending on your particular needs and desires.

Inbox Dollars has been around for a long time, its longevity is representative of its reputation and reliability. Inbox lets users earn money through a variety of activities including reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, or redeeming coupons. Members also get rewarded when they make referrals for other members and they join. If you refer someone via invitation, and they join and become active then you are eligible for the reward. Members get rewarded for the variety of activities and accumulate their earnings. After users reach a $30 balance, they can request a payout. You get $5 for signing up with Inbox which is a really good way to start.

Swagbucks is also a site that’s been around for some time. You can perform activities like taking surveys, searching the web, completing special offers, watching videos, finding swag codes, voting on the daily poll, and trading in video games and cell phones. Instead of offering a cash reward, Swagbucks are offered. Once you collect enough Swagbucks, then you can shop at their online store for a variety of items and free stuff. You trade your “bucks” for merchandise. You get 30 Swagbucks when you sign up for the site which is another really good way to start.

These sites have some similarities. Of course, the first and foremost way they are alike is that they are reputable sites offering platforms on which users can take surveys, shop, watch videos or vote in exchange for earning points or cash. Neither site allows users to cash these out until they reach a certain balance in their account. And both sites have some very interesting prizes that can be exchanged for. Both of them also reward users for redeeming grocery coupons. This practice offers you two ways to save – you save on your grocery bill and then get rewards for saving basically. Both sites offer specials and bonuses for new members who sign up for the site. Inbox starts new members off by putting $5 in your account; Swagbucks puts 30 Swagbucks in new member’s accounts.


Their Apps:

Both Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars have mobile apps on android so that mobile phone users can earn Swagbucks or money even while on the go. The official Inbox app can be downloaded by members and earn cash by using the app. New members can sign up for Inbox after downloading the app and then use it to continue earning money. Inbox members can use the app to earn via searching the web, reading email, taking surveys, downloading apps or purchasing groupons – all from the convenience of the mobile app. The Swagbucks app is also a free download, and users can extend their earnings by using the app on the go. Users can earn gift cards by using the app to shop eCommerce sites, shop local deals, explore the web, watch fun videos, searching the web and answering different polls. The apps are just extensions of the online websites where users can use the platforms to earn.



There are also some distinct differences between these two paid survey sites. Probably the most noticeable difference is that Swagbucks does not offer cash payouts, whereas Inbox Dollars offers an actual cash payout. Swagbucks offers users swagbuck dollars which can be exchanged for merchandise. These two options are very different and which works best for any person may depend largely on if they are okay with getting items or cool things for free; or want to earn cash money that can be redeemed when the account reaches just $30.

Payouts for these two online earning platforms are quite different processes as well. Swagbucks offers a rewards program users earn points and then they can redeem them for merchandise. Points can be exchanged for gift cards, visa reward cards or given to charities. Gift cards can be used at popular online sites to purchase merchandise or at popular stores like Sam’s Club. Inbox Dollars members can redeem cash after they have accrued the $30 minimum balance. Once you reach the $30, you may request a payment. Members can redeem their cash in the form of a check which is mailed via postal. There is a fee for a check request.


These are both reputable sites that offer ways to earn money online. Please take the time to read the requirements of any site prior to joining so that you have a full understanding of how it works. Both Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are well founded and established sites. They have paid out literally millions of dollars to members over the years. They are well worth the time and effort for members who sign up and participate in the variety of activities through which they gain rewards and earning.

So which one are you going to sign up for first? Because of the different types of rewards on each site, it can be worthwhile to consider joining both platforms. Both of these online paid sites have proven track records and are trustworthy. Both of these sites have free sign up for members and new members get rewarded just for signing up. What are you waiting for? You can sign up now and start earning right away.

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