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iPoll Review – Are they Scam or Legit Survey Panel?

UPDATE [May 18, 2016]: It appears iPoll has restored their reputation since our formal warning. They have resolved withdrawal issues for numerous users. According to them, you can call 1-877-254-1234  and have the issue resolved simply. Note: Whether you have an unpaid withdrawal or your account was suddenly terminated, give this number a call to see if you can fix the problem. Either way, please comment below with your experience.

WARNING [May 8, 2016]: There are many new reports of users having their accounts terminated for no reason. Please use this panel at your own discretion; alternatively, you can take a look at our ‘Top 10 Paid Survey Panels of 2017‘ to find some great panels to join!

Ipoll Logo

Operated By: Usamp

Type of payment: PayPal, Retail Vouchers

Payment Delays: 3-4 weeks

BBB rating: n/a

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: No

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: $5 just for signing up!

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE

Min Withdraw: $50

Points Per Survey: $0.50 – $3

Point Expiry: If you unsubscribe

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: 10 Members win $20 each week

Contest Requirements: Complete the iPoll Satisfaction Survey


iPoll is the site that pays you $5 just for signing up to their site! Is it a scam or a legitimate survey site you can trust?  We decided to review iPoll to find this out ourselves…

So firstly when you first visit this survey site you’ll notice that it’s a very friendly site, one of the things you may not notice is at the bottom of the page and it is something that you will hear us talking about a lot here.

Anywhere you see this badge, you know that you’re dealing with a business you can 100% trust and you’ll be able to cashout any earnings you make with the site.

iPoll is operated by a company called uSamp or “United Sample Inc”, they have a B+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) on a scale between F and A+ which is very good!  The BBB is a trusted directory which reviews and rates businesses in the US to help you determine which companies are legitimate and safe to deal with.

In fact just being a BBB accredited business at all shows that a business meets a certain level of ethics and standards and that it can be trusted.  United Sample has been BBB accredited since 2009 so you definitely don’t need to worry about being scammed.

iPoll Review – What to Expect After Joining

First impressions of iPoll are great, the sign up process is really easy and the sites really easy to use.   Register in seconds with any social account and start getting paid immediately!

You’ll notice that the profile questions are like miniature polls that you can complete as and when you want, there’s nothing stopping you starting a survey straight off and getting paid.. Sadly though you won’t get anything for filling out the profile questions, other than them helping you to get more targeted surveys.

You should receive a LOT of invites when you first join, which is one of the appeals of iPoll, BUT you might not qualify for all of these.. The more profile questions you answer, the more relevant the surveys will become and the less times you will be disqualified.

Surveys are typically 20 minutes and are on a range of interesting topics, including some “interactive” surveys which make things a bit more exciting!

How Much iPoll Pays

You will get $1.75 dollars for a 10 minutes survey or $1.50 for a 20 minute survey, it really depends..  Typically surveys pay between $1.50 and $2.5, it’s not the worst paid survey site by any means and there are certainly plenty of surveys available..

Now you might be wondering just how iPoll can afford to give away $5 to every member who signs up… It’s simple really.. The minimum amount you can cashout is $50, which is quite high compared to some other survey sites.  Some people might be turned off by this, but it’s certainly a motivator to carry on, one of the plusses of iPoll is that your points never expire, so long as you don’t unsubscribe from the site.  So you don’t need to worry about losing your earnings because you went on holiday or stopped using the site for some time.

Members can choose to cashout with PayPal or through a selection of retail vouchers such as Amazon, which require a minimum of $15 in your account (a lot easier to reach).  Be mindful that payments take 3-4 weeks though!

Does iPoll Have a Mobile App?


One way that you can reach the minimum withdrawal more quickly is through iPoll’s app, which pays between $5-$20 for you to complete fun shopping missions.

These missions might be visiting a local fast-food store and giving your opinion on the experience, the staff or the atmosphere, or even get paid just to take a few snaps.  There are usually regular mobile surveys and some missions can even be completed multiple times!

Overall opinion seems to be highly positive for the iPoll app, in-fact it’s probably the best survey app that we have used, both the IOS and Android version have overall 4 star reviews respectively and we would have to agree with them.  The app’s real easy to use on the go, most missions pay about $5, but that’s no problem, if you’re going out anyway… You’re just getting paid to do it, you may be lucky enough to get a survey paying $20 from time to time too.

You can log in with your iPoll account details, so your earnings are kept in one place, the app can be downloaded for Android or IOS:

Join : iPoll



As well as mobile surveys you can also expect to receive product reviews from iPoll from time to time, these don’t pay but you will get to keep any product you review.  Other than that, it’s simply lots of regular surveys and mobile missions.  The surveys work well, although the downside for some is that a lot of them are 20-30 minutes so make sure to set yourself some time aside to complete new surveys each week.

Should You Join iPoll?

Our opinion is 100% yes! iPoll is a really fun and friendly survey site to join.  They really seem to care about their members and the added bonus of their mobile surveys is a great plus for the site.

The social sharing is a little annoying, although it can be easily turned off so you shouldn’t avoid the site just because of that.

If you’re looking for PayPal cash, iPoll is a great choice for regular paid surveys and we would highly suggest that you sign up!

If you’re  instead in earning cash from your smartphone, we would 100% suggest you sign up, few paid survey apps are as well put together as iPoll and few of them pay as well as iPoll either!

And if you needed any other reason as to why you should join iPoll, your points will not expire unless you unsubscribe, so you never need to worry about losing your earnings!

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18 Responses to “iPoll Review – Are they Scam or Legit Survey Panel?”

  1. June says:

    MASSIVE CON !!!!!!!! Done so many surveys my money was up to £12 then all of a sudden all is lost because they decided to not let me log in, saying my password and email are incorrect ,yeah right , what they really meant was we have lots of personal information about you , we are not paying you and we are getting off Scott free with this , help line is a lie ,,,ipoll is a CON , I AM SO ANGRY ,

  2. Leanne Greenaway says:

    My account was terminated with no reason given besides check our terms or service. I called the number here and couldn’t really get any information because it was a holiday I was told that it could be terminated because i took a survey outside of my designated area. I took a survey 30 min away at the hospital while I was visiting my father. What a ridiculous reason to terminate an account. So now I’m out all the hours I spent taking surveys with no compensation. I really think this is a scam disguised as a legit company some people will be ok but if they can find a way to cheat you out of your time no matter how trivial they will

  3. Ashley says:

    Ipoll are scammers, I have been a member for a few years, then they decided to only allow uk and usa countries to do their surveys. so we had to wait, why they made changes to the website.. for one month i kept trying to log in, they told me to be patent, then , they told me, my account had been closed for being in active. so i lost all my points.. I even sent them a screen shot of my history, but then the scum block me on fb and messenger..
    do not trust these scum.. the owners details are below..

    Tech Name: David Brent
    Tech Organization: Survey Sampling International
    Tech Street: 3300 N Ashton Blvd Suite 350
    Tech City: Lehi
    Tech State/Province: UT
    Tech Postal Code: 84043
    Tech Country: US
    Tech Phone: +1.8016157488

    • EliteSurveySites says:

      Are you aware of their new ownership? They switched hands and are under the company that also runs Opinion Outpost and many other big names. This is a more recent change, which could explain the change in countries allowed to do their surveys. Everything has pointed to scam thus far, but we can only hope there is a (un)reasonable explanation that will eventually be made public — and that people will be made good on what they are owed!

  4. Lewis says:

    iPoll sent an email to claimed that they will be closing for overseas accounts and it was support@surveyhelpcenter.com that got back to me claiming and assuring that they will transfer whatever amount from my iPoll account to paypal ( within 14 business days ) but it has been more than a month and after writing numerous email to follow up on this and there has been no reply at all. Therefore, I am certainly doubting the operations and also the so call dignity of whatsoever organization integrity…what a shame….

    • Andrew says:

      I was advised that my account would be closed (an Australian account) on 30 April 2016 and that my funds would be transferred to my paypal account within two weeks. I still have not received funds. I have emailed them through their site and despite their 24 hour reply promise have not received one. Their website only allows access from US and UK now. I am close to calling it as a scam unless they pay balances

      • EliteSurveySites says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience!

        Certainly seems like things are heading in the wrong direction still. It’s a shame to see some of these old panels fall so far downhill.

        Interestingly, they are now under new ownership — Survey Sampling International (SSI) bought them out this year. So this could be a good or bad thing. It’s usually good as the new company can maintain the user base by restoring good faith in their users. However, in some cases — like in the event of a bankruptcy liquidation — it’s possible for the new company to avoid paying anyone out, which would certainly be a disappointment and a trust-breaker for all their previous users.

        Please do update us though — try reaching out to SSI directly instead: Instantly_Rewards@ssisurveys.com , they should have a more active customer support department. They started out in 1977 and have over 3,300 employees worldwide, so they might understand the importance of maintaining a quality reputation and, at the very least, contacting there might put some extra attention on the issue.

        Also, they own Opinion Outpost which is 100% legit … so things might get MUCH better, if we’re lucky.

      • Andrew says:

        Ipoll update: i received payment from survey sampling overnight. I still had no comms from them in reply to my message. Hope everyone else got paid out.

        • EliteSurveySites says:

          Thank you very much for the update!

          Did they give any correspondence on why there were delays, or any apologies? It definitely tarnishes their reputation to not even speak up if that’s the case right now.

  5. Ronald Davis says:

    I poll is not what I expected, i made 25 in a week and cashed out which only took 5 minutes with paypal. from all the reviews i was expecting weeks.I think I will continue with Ipoll for awhile and see if it gets any better I wasted a lot of time on surveys that I didn’t qualify for so I will see if that gets any better in the future. Hope I win the 10000 dollar prize they give away each Quarter I earned 75 entries so far that would really make my day.

  6. shona says:

    can you tell me if this site is just for america thanks

    • EliteSurveySites says:

      Good day Shona,

      iPoll is one of the more global panels in existence. Have you tried the link in the post to see if it lets you sign up from there? I know for a fact that UK users are allowed — there are even numerous reviews on the iPoll app about UK users cashing out successfully. That said, be warned — at the moment it appears their withdrawals are taking forever, and while they’re an overall legitimate panel we can’t say for how well things are working out at the moment.

      There are some great UK-specific panels though, which ones have you tried so far? I could muster up some recommendations if you would like.

    • EliteSurveySites says:

      In follow up to my last message to you, it turns out they have managed to restore their reputation in recent weeks.

      Those that are currently having withdrawal issues can just call 1-877-254-1234 and their support will likely fix the issue without a hitch.

      iPoll was one of the top panels we recommended for many years, so it’s great to see that they aren’t falling off right now. Give them a shot if you haven’t signed up already!

  7. Margaret says:

    Don’t do it people……they terminated my account today, no email, just a pop up termination message when I tried to sign in. And they owed me two $50 paypal payments for months worth of survey taking. Ripped off by ipoll, never again!

    • EliteSurveySites says:

      Hey Margaret,

      We are very sorry to hear about your experience – iPoll was once an incredible survey panel and it’s a shame they have taken a turn for the worst in recent years. Unfortunately, we have been hesitant to update our review; in the past year, we have noticed a slight increase in the amount of complaints (every panel gets bad reviews) but there have still been many that have had good things to say. Whether shill reviews or not, we aren’t the ones to say — what I can tell you is that they have definitely decreased their quality recently, and we have just modified our review to reflect these concerns.

      That said, what matters is the information behind the review. You said you got terminated today without any prior contact. This seems to be a recurring theme. It was a problem when they operated as SurveyHead also, but things seemed better for a while.

      Often when there’s ‘hit or miss’ it is a selective scamming issue (or just falsified reviews) but your complaint makes complete sense considering what you will find in their terms, “Either party may terminate your membership with a Panel at any time, with or without cause, for any reason or no reason, and without liability for the termination.” – see here (#19)

  8. cate says:

    they´re going out of some countries in Latinamerica, without paying or giving the chance of donate the money. You can´t take it if you do not have at least 25$, but if you take in count all the ppl that are not going to get paid their 10, 15, etc, Well….scam

  9. Dennis says:

    It appears to me that Ipoll has its time set on North America and if you are too far away from this continent (like Asia or Eastern Europe for example), you will miss out on these time sensitive surveys. It is very discouraging and a large let down when each time you click on a survey you read “this survey is expired” or “you do not qualify for this survey”. If I do not qualify so much, maybe Ipoll (the company) should check more thoroughly before sending these tedious surveys?


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