IRI Shopper Panel Review

IRI Shopper Panel Review

EPF January 13, 2019

IRI Shopper panel is a panel situated in Australia to help companies understand how the customers buy products. This panel is eligible to only residents of Australia who are at least 18 years of age. It rewards its customers with points. Meaning, after consumers purchase their products they should scan them to make points.

The panel offers exciting opportunities to its new members. The reason behind is to allow them to share their views and opinions and be the voice of shoppers in Australia. Interestingly, these opinions are used by the panel to help improve the company’s products and services thus empowering success in today’s global economy. Remember, the potential consumers have the power to influence what products get sold in different stores and their demand.

How to join the shopper panel

Are you interested in joining the shopper panel? If yes, here are the tips. First, you need to complete the recruitment survey given by the IRI Shopper in order to qualify as a member. Then, create an account to obtain your login details for Scan n Go App or shipment confirmation. However, the login and survey inconveniences might get experienced when one doesn’t complete the recruitment survey or when his/her sign up email details end up being a junk folder.

After you join the panel, you are supposed to collect all the shopping information to keep the updated trending news. The report helps to influence the retailers and manufacturers decisions.

IRI Shopper panel uniqueness

Maybe you are wondering how the IRI Shopper Panel is different from other market research companies. The panel is more than a survey company! It’s inviting people to partake in a National Shopper Survey which is meant to empower decision makers and improve their performance. The national shopper survey is an independent study aimed at giving Australian retailers and manufacturers the basics of shopping. It emphasizes on marketing aspects of various businesses and gets committed to reducing the products cost thus positive feedback and recognition systems.

The shopping service is more than a mystery! Every successful company requires excellent performance in areas of customer and employee management. From the national survey, the panel is able to monitor its performance thus spontaneous growth. The information is highly valued to retailers and manufactures (decision makers) on the type of brands and products to sell to their consumers. Remember, the most precious asset in the business is the existence of the customer base.  

Since the IRI members scan the barcodes of their bought items, the panel can monitor what customers buy. The buying tactics ensure that the Australian households get provided with what they need thus customer satisfaction.

Earn rewards

For one to get points, he or she should first buy the company’s product. For weekly points, you need to scan and send your household purchases every week. Interestingly, the points gained get redeemed for a variety of unusual gifts and products from the company’s gift list. You can still earn extra points on occasional surveys, winning newsletter competitions, and receiving bonus points on your household birthdays. Doing this, one gets a chance to enter monthly draws to win vouchers and sweepstakes.

How to earn and redeem points for $20 gift card

One can redeem for a $20 Flexi eGift Card within his/her first 6 weeks of login and sending the scans for every week. By redeeming your points, one gets gift cards such as; bunnings, Visa, and iTunes among others. Below is the earning process for $20 gift card:

  1. For every week you send your scans, you earn 300 points.
  2. By scanning your purchases for 6 weeks, you become a power starter.
  3. You get 4000 bonus points after continuous scanning for 6 weeks.
  4. You are free to redeem your accumulated points for a $20 gift card.  

Use of App and the scanner

When one becomes a panel member, he or she gets an opportunity to access the Scan n Go App or a handheld scanner. You should scan all your bought items using the Scan n Go App or a free barcode scanner. Also, the customer is supposed to record other information about the shopping trips such as; the store he or she purchased the products, the amount paid, and the number of items bought among others.

Note that, the household purchases are scanned using the free handheld scanner. The scanner gets connected to your power point, and the transmission is quickly automated.  Besides, the product can get scanned using the App (usually a mobile app) designed for scanning any barcodes directly from your phone.

How the scanner works

Wondering how the App and Scanner work? Here is the process. First, you need to take the purchased products to the IRI Shopper Panel and specify the exact store you shopped. After verification, you are free to scan the items, remembering to enter the amount you paid for each piece. To finish the scanning process, click the “Transmit” button on the Scan n Go App.

Surprisingly, the Scan n Go App is free for all IRI shopper panel members. Meaning, every single customer participating on the panel pays nothing. Would you like to download one? If interested, get assured that this App is completely free to download from both the iTunes and Google Play store.

In case you completed your IRI Shopper survey correctly, but you didn’t receive your email, you can get assistant by reaching the panel help through the below contacts;

Telephone number: 1800 456 997

Email address:

Also, to know more about the panel, you can visit the IRI consultant via the following contacts;

Postal address:

Level 3, Building F,

1 Homebush Bay Drive Rhodes,

NSW 2138 AU

Email address:


After online surveys, some of the customers gave positive feedback of IRI Shopper Panel through their website. Below are some of the views;

“I like the idea of scanning your shopping and getting rewarded for it.”

  • By Rashi on 27th February 2018

“I joined up maybe about a year ago, scan every week our shopping and get points, simple and actually fun! Go through our shopping make sure prices are done properly! Got a couple of rewards from it, would be good to see more surveys to earn bonuses.”

  • By Steve on 14th February 2018

“Highly recommend. Earn points for something we all do every week anyway. Just a bit of extra time after you shop and you can earn your way to great rewards.

  • By Erin on 25th January 2017

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