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How to Find Legitimate Surveys for Money That Pay ?

EPF February 6, 2013

This is one of the most important articles on EliteSurveySites. Here, I’m going to give you advanced instructions on how to find legitimate paid surveys. If you are serious about making money this way, please read this post – guide carefully to the end!

If you’ve ever searched for “surveys for money,” you’ve probably seen that there are a lot of online surveys scam sites. And that’s right—there are a lot of people trying to scam us. If you don’t pay enough attention, you may end up losing money, revealing your personal information to someone that will sell it, or worse. Scammers put a lot of effort and money into trying to looking like legit companies, and these days we see more and more people falling into their traps. Fortunately, no matter what they do, there always be things that will help us differentiate between legit survey sites that pay cash and scams.

In this article, I’m going to reveal the most important things you have to pay attention to.


Legitimate Paid Surveys DO Exist


One of the most common mistakes people typically make is, if they have ever been scammed by any company, they think all similar sites are scams. This is not true. Believe me, there are a lot of legit paid survey companies out there. If you have ever been scammed, you shouldn’t be discouraged. My advice is to keep trying, and eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Think about it this way:
Is there any reason why online surveys for money sites exist? Why are they actually interested in paying us money for answering questions? The answer is because they use our answers to improve the quality of their products, therefore they make more money. So they’re definitely willing to pay us. All of these “get paid to take surveys” programs are NOT “money for nothing.” There is a LEGITIMATE reason why they pay. All sites that offer “money for nothing” are scams. Get paid for taking surveys programs are not scams.

You may not know this, but these days, businesses spend more than 1 billion dollars every year to research their markets. Online surveys are their main marketing strategy to research the behavior of their potential customers.


They are FREE


One of the most common scams is when a “company” wants you to pay in order to join. This is ridiculous. Almost all legit survey sites that pay cash are 100% free to join. These scammers just want to make money by selling hope to people who are in need. There’s no doubt that is a good business (for them), but it is highly unethical. This is something that will be avoided here. I CAN GUARANTEE THAT 100%! My first tip is: NEVER pay for registration. Although you will see “lucrative” offers like “Make $150/hour by taking surveys for cash”, you should never fall for them. Most of these scammers who want you to pay will only redirect you to free surveys.


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Things You Have to Check on Every Site:


All legitimate surveys for money sites have contact information. Make sure you see “About us” and “Contact us” pages, where you can read more about the them. Check for how long they’ve been doing this business.Also make sure there is a phone number there. If you want, you can even try to call them.

Pay attention to their legal information – things like “Privacy Policy” and “Term of Use.” You’ll want to look out for:

Strong claims about the protection of your personal information. You should make sure that they will keep your personal information private and that they don’t have the rights to sell it or share it to any third-parties.

They won’t try to sell you anything. This is another thing scammers do. Instead of offering you to take paid surveys, some companies just try to sell you things or give your personal information to third-parties that will try to sell you something.

Guarantees that you will be able to unsubscribe from them at any time.

Do not sign up if you read anywhere that you have to complete “offers”. Offers and surveys for cash are totally different things. Completing offers means registering to other companies’ sites,  buying from them or subscribing to their free trials. These sites are called freebie sites, and they are totally different from online surveys for cash.

Pay attention to their site design. Of course all legit sites will have a professional-looking web design, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, there are also a lot of scammers who will try to make their sites look the same way. Attractive web design is a good strategy for all Internet marketers to get more clients, but I would not suggest that you join sites only because they look good. Good companies will definitely look professional, but if a site looks professional, that does NOT mean it is legitimate!

Legitimate paid surveys won’t start with titles like, “Start making $150/day …” Phrases like this are what scam sites typically use.

Forums. Some companies have forums, where you can read what other people think about them. I suggest that you join their forums and read more about them.

FAQ. Read their FAQ carefully. Here are several questions you should pay special attention to.

How much money will I be making?

Most legit companies will answer strongly that you should not have big expectations that you will become rich, which is right. Scammers will make you claims you will be making a lot of money, which is not true in most cases. There is no way to get rich by taking surveys for cash.

(However, this shouldn’t discourage you. I will give you tips on maximizing your earnings later. The easiest way to make more money is to join more companies.)

Does it cost anything to join this survey panel?

Of course the answer should be that joining is free and there are no catches. Scammers may ask you to pay them a “small” one-time registration fee. They will put a lot of effort into explaining why they’re charging you, how much you’ll be making from them, and why not paying them will be the worst mistake you ever make.

Is my private information safe?

Make sure that they will keep your information safe and that they have no right to sell your it to or share it with any third-party websites. Also read their “Privacy Policy” for more information on this question.

Should I have to enter my credit card information or my SSN?

The answer should be that you will NOT be asked to enter such information. I would NOT suggest that you enter that kind of information, if you’ve been asked to. The only one thing you can enter is your PayPal account (NOT your PayPal password, of course) in case you want to receive payments via PayPal.

What are my payment options?

You need to be aware of their payment options, frequency of payments and minimum payouts. Most legitimate companies that actually pay have little minimums like $20-30 and no frequency of payment, which means you can get your money as soon as you reach the minimum. Others offer you weekly payments, which is still OK. I would avoid these that only pay you after a long time (such as a month or more).


Things You Should Consider Off Every Site:


Even if you find a site that meets all the before mentioned requirements, you should conduct some extra research to find what other people think of the site you plan to join. Many people Google phrases like “surveys for money legit”, “legit surveys for money,” “legitimate paid surveys” and such, hoping that they’ll find what they’re looking for. This is a good start, but it’s not enough. Here’s one tip I can give you: once you find a survey site that you want to join, always Google them. Try searches like these:

site name + “review”
site name + “scam”
site name + “comments”
site name + “forum”

You have to pay attention to more than just the articles you see on various sites or blogs; you also have to pay attention to people’s comments. There are a lot of sites and blogs that allow comments, and while it’s easy for a scammer to create great articles about their scam sites, it’s much harder for to manipulate people’s comments. That’s why it is much more important to read what other users think rather than reading only article reviews. Of course, you shouldn’t trust just any comment. There will always be fake comments from people who have never tried that site and from people who are being paid to promote the site. I would suggest that you read up on these sites as much as possible.

You also can read and write a comment under this post—I accept both positive and negative feedback on any panel. If you decide to write something for this blog, I’ll be thankful, and I’m sure that many more people will be thankful.

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