Make Up to $100 with Paid Focus Groups! How? Learn More.
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Make Up to $100 with Paid Focus Groups! How? Learn More.

EPF November 23, 2014

Most people don’t make more than $300 with paid surveys each month, yet there are people who make as much as $3,000, how is this?

Those who make the most money from paid surveys know that focus groups give the most money and they know where to find those that pay the most. They know that focus groups pay up to $100 for your time, where as most ordinary surveys might pay $1-$3.

In this article we will give you advanced information on how to start getting a lot of high paying focus groups online. Please read carefully, because this can be the most important article you read here.


How Focus Groups Work?

Focus groups are used to gather specific and reliable information from a highly targeted group of people.  Like surveys, paid focus groups help businesses to find out what people really think of their products.

A paid survey might be sent to 100 people and might pay $3 each for 15 minutes work, however a focus group might survey just 20 people and pay $30 for half an hour.  These are often people who have already taken a related survey and have shown that they have a particular knowledge or interest in that product/service.

Focus groups allow companies to ask dynamic questions based on their interviewee’s reactions and allow them to debate the topic together, meaning that they can find out a lot more as to “why” consumers feel a certain way, not just the fact that they do.

Overall this can mean that companies are able to make better decisions about their products which can mean that they save themselves millions of dollars, so paying a few hundred dollars to some survey takers can be a very cheap investment!

Because paid surveys are more complicated to organize than ordinary surveys and pay more money, they are much less frequent than your average survey.  You might expect one or two focus groups per month from each panel, of course the more panels you join, the more focus groups you can get, and the more earnings you can receive.


The Types of Paid Surveys

They typically come in two types, those that are completed online through your web browser, and those that are completed face to face in your local area.  For example focus groups in Atlanta, focus groups in Boston etc… However there are also plenty of opportunities online to take advantage of these locally based surveys, which we will be focusing on in this article.


How to Find High Paying Focus Groups?

Right, let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for… How exactly can you gain access to these high paying focus groups?

As mentioned earlier companies like to interview “qualified” people, or people who have already shown that they can be trusted to provide good quality responses, which ultimately give value to the business. You will usually find, especially from survey sites, that you can’t simply choose to apply to focus groups, instead they will choose to invite you.

Focus groups can be much more “strict” than ordinary surveys on who will be accepted, unfortunately there’s not much you can do about this, but you can increase your chances by registering to our list of paid surveys that offer them.

So this means that we might need to do a little bit of work before to prove that we are trusted. You might already be a regular survey taker but haven’t quite received any focus group invitations yet, no worry, we’re going to explain exactly why and what you need to do.

  1. Not all research panels offer focus groups – It can be hard to find those that do, but thankfully we have put together this information for you already. Make sure that you register to all of the top panels that actually offer paying focus groups to their members.
  2. Make yourself known to the panel – Other than completing lots of surveys, there are sometimes other ways that you can make yourself known within the community, which may increase your chances of receiving a focus group invitation. Toluna for example is a survey site with a very active community forum which you can become a part of. People who take part in this way can become better known to the survey panel and will have a much greater chance of receiving a survey invitation. Focus groups lend themselves a lot to debate, which is something that you can also do within the Toluna community through creating your own polls and discussions and you’ll be in a great position to start receiving high paying offers.
  3. Don’t ignore lower-paying surveys –You will usually find that you receive a focus group in relation to a previous survey that you have completed. The responses that you give showing that you meet the right criteria for the people they are looking to interview. This means that any survey could be your ticket to a highly paid focus group and should not be ignored.   You might think that a particular survey pays a small amount and isn’t worth your time, but it could be linked to a focus group that pays $80 or more. Sadly you can’t know this however unless you complete the survey, either way you get paid anyway.
  4. Join as many panels as possible. No questions here. You know very well that more panels you join, more money you’ll be making. No panel will send you a lot of them. Let’s say you get only one high paying offer montly from one panel. What would happen if you register to 10 panles?
  5. Become a trusted panellist – This is a very important step as most paid surveys don’t offer higher paying offers like focus groups to their new members. What can you do to become trusted?  There’s no definitive answer, it’s not a badge that you earn, or a certificate.  Just focus on treating the survey panel like a client in a two way transaction, because that’s what they are essentially, companies are paying big money for your responses, if you treat them like a customer you can’t go far wrong.
  • Always give honest answers
  • Don’t change your answers – Keep them consistent
  • Remain active – Survey sites don’t like having too many inactive panellists on their books, try to respond to as many invitations as possible, each survey you complete earns them money!


Here at the top 3 survey panels that offer high paying focus groups:


Harris Poll

Ipsos I-say


Now go, register and start getting more high paying focus groups. For those of you, who are already registered with these panels, just change your tactics to increase your earnings.

Hope that helps.

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