Market Force Review - Do They Pay and How Much?

Market Force Review – Do They Pay and How Much?

EPF February 21, 2016

Market Force is one of the most-recognized mystery shopping job companies in the world . Their A+ BBB rating has stood strong for eight years now, and few users have had major complaints with them. This is a good sign considering how harsh people judge most mystery shopping opportunities.

From a look on their website there are many great things they claim, such as:

  • 100,000+ mystery shops done globally each month,
  • Millions of surveys conducted per month, and,
  • Over 1 million users on board to date.

With those statistics, it seems like they would be a company you can trust.


Why? Because this company just recreated itself from a presentation standpoint and will soon be marketed to many more retailers which will create loads of new job opportunities!

… So how much can you make?

The most you can make with Market Force depends on where you live and which companies are with them in that area. This applies with every provider — so aside from them being reputable, you need to make sure it would be profitable.

Before we even get into how much Market Force pays for mystery shopping jobs in your city, it is important to explain whether you can trust them.

Is Market Force a Scam?

The A+ BBB rating that Market Force holds does not necessarily mean they are a truly reputable company. In fact, they have already had 14 complaints filed against them to the Better Business Bureau thus far. This is only a little over one complaint per year, but what’s important is the context of the complaints.

Most were for nothing more than a lack of proper paperwork — which quickly got resolved after a staff member spoke over the phone with the complaining individual. There were a few other delays, but everything always got cleared up in the end. This is nothing compared to the amount of negativity surrounding most other mystery shopping companies.

Further, good Market Force review feedback is easy to find as is bad feedback. Basically, the user experience can differ dramatically by location but it is worth the gamble to see whether the site will pay off for you.

What matters is the huge amount of good things people have to say about working with Market Force as a mystery shopper. It truly is an opportunity worth taking advantage of for those that live in an area they accommodate.

With that said, Elite Survey Sites currently views Market Force as one of the few highly trusted paid mystery shopping job opportunities out there!

If this Market Force review does not answer whether they are worth joining, take a look on for some user commentary on their operations.

How Does Market Force Work?

Mystery shopping for Market Force is fairly simple. You can break it down into FOUR STEPS:

  1. You sign up and view the offers available for your area from within the Market Force dashboard.
  2. Upon accepting an offer in your area you must set out to complete it in a set period of time.
  3. Once you are done you must supply proof (receipt copy) that you completed the mystery shop, and,
  4. Fill in the questionnaire and submit your completed shop to be reviewed by the client.

After you receive payments, you can cash out by Check or Direct Deposit once a month.

When skimming the Market Force dashboard for work — there will be many types of mystery shops you can pick from, so make sure to choose wisely. You will have to consider options like computer stores, gas stations, gyms, pharmacies, restaurants, and more.

Is There a Market Force App?

While Market Force mystery shopping jobs are not currently listed through a mobile app, there is an app that was made by this company. This is the Accelerators app which allows users to connect with each other for the purpose of better understanding people by their personalities.

You begin using the app by answering a questionnaire about yourself to determine your style, and your life and work personality. This will be used as a way to understand the differences between panelists. From there, the “Prosperity Accelerator” makes for a fun time. It allows you to add ‘contacts’ that you must label by style. You can give insight on how to work with that person based on their style type — this helps in many ways, such as to build problem solving skills for a certain consumer audience.

While it is intriguing the unfortunate truth is that it is a paid app and does not offer you a chance to make money.

For now, stick with when looking for places to mystery shop in your area.

What Does Market Force Pay?

In Canada, mystery shoppers working for Market Force can expect to make close to between $10 and $40 per mystery shop. This is aside from the amount available for reimbursements supposing your order runs slightly higher. The actual amount that is available for reimbursement will vary by job, so keep an eye on this and be especially careful with restaurant mystery shops.

In the UK, Market Force mystery shoppers tend to make between £2 and £20 per mystery shop.

In the US, shoppers are reporting payments of around $5 to $50 depending on the job. The opportunities are much similar to what you will find in Canada, except the states has much more to offer overall.

Not bad considering each mystery shop takes 1-2 hours on average.

Currently, there are more than 40 countries with users on the Market Force platform and this number is only growing with time. They will get more clients as their popularity grows, but some of the countries will not have much to offer right away. If you live outside of Canada, the US or the UK, your mileage will vary.

Conclusion: Should You Join Market Force?

You can justify joining Market Force if you are in a country where it is prominent. There will be good mystery shopping opportunities at least on occasion. Since they are trusted and professional there will not be any real harm in adding them to your arsenal.

However, we strongly recommend joining Market Force now …

Here’s why: We, at EliteSurveySites, make sure only support the best paid mystery shopping companies and for a while they have lost their clients — this change they did is new, refreshing and it will definitely attract big, new clients.

Getting in now means you will have priority access to many paid shopping opportunities that have yet to surface. If you are in a big city, Market Force could be your main earner — many users that have posted a Market Force review have done hundreds and even thousands of assignments in previous years.

They might not be the absolute best, but they are reputable and pay well. Sign up with Market Force and give them a try right now. We are certain you will be happy you did; if you have any questions, ask below first and we will help you get on your way!

Contact Information

Market Force Information, Inc.

Post Office Box 270355, Louisville, CO 80027, U.S.A.

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