Strategies to Make More Money with Online Surveys
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Strategies to Make More Money with Online Surveys

EPF October 21, 2013

Many of you have probably heard that you can become rich by doing online surveys. Unfortunately this is not the case. You won’t become a millionaire with these programs. You definitely shouldn’t even expect this. Though, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a decent amount with them. You can and there are numerous ways to make more! Here are some of the most effective tips to increase your pay from paid surveys.

Join several survey panels.

Legitimate surveys have limited numbers of offers; by joining with several companies you will receive numerous offers and will start making more money. Though joining too many sites is not a good strategy, especially if you are a beginner. It is better to join a few at first. That way you will be able to choose the best companies and complete only the highest paying offers. Then when you have more experience go and register for more. Keep in mind that if you join and stay inactive for a long time, your account can be closed. I’d suggest you complete at least one survey a month for each company. If the payouts are low, it will be wise not to lose your account. As companies grow they may offer higher paying surveys. I personally work with about 10 different survey companies.

Check for new offers every day.

When a company releases a survey, they will allow for a limited number of people to complete it. And the highest paying surveys will usually be the first ones to be completed. People are always present online and as they see a good offer they will start completing them immediately. So check them reqularly to make sure you won’t lose the best ones.

Complete your user survey correctly and update it when necessary.

A user survey is a form that you’ll have to complete upon joining any panel. Here you have to enter your personal information such as your age, location, occupation and so on. They will also ask you to describe additional details about yourself, like what kinds of movies you prefer, what kind of car you drive, and so on. Based on these criteria you will be selected for specific surveys. If you don’t enter your information correctly you’ll either be likely to not qualify completing the whole survey or you may lose the opportunity to get an offer. That’s why it is important for you to enter your information correctly. Also update these as soon as there are any changes in your life to make sure you qualify for as many offers as you can.

Join only with legitimate surveys.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you probably have read that the most important piece of information I can give you are tips to finding legitimate online surveys. Be aware of scam companies. Joining them will lead to many problems such as paying a fee for subscription, losing time and not getting paid, revealing your personal information to third parties and so on.

Join and start making money now.

There are many people that spend lots of time on the Internet, why not use that time to make money? The best way is to start completing surveys right away and keeping consistency. That is the key to your success. It is 100% free, so you risk nothing except a little time.

Download and install a software for auto form filling.

Many companies suggest using roboform to help complete surveys faster. This is one of  the more advanced that could help you do that by being more time effective. You actually can find similar tools for free online, just perform a Google search. The reason this helps is because every time you start a survey you have to enter specific information to make sure you qualify. These are things like your name, age, location and so on. By using an auto filling software you can save time.

Join their referral programs.

This is a great tip. By successfully utilizing this you will be able to make more money. Most survey companies will pay you if you refer other people. Once you join you will see a referral program. Click on that page and you will find additional information about their program and a referral link. If someone enters your referral link he/she will be redirected automatically to the main site or to their registration page of that site. Their system will detect that the person was referred by you and you will start making money from that person. The problem here is finding these people and convincing them to register. I do have useful tips for doing that, but won’t be covering that here. I will cover that topic in some upcoming articles I have planned. Here I’m only going to tell you about the easiest ways to get people to join. You can send your link on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any other. If someone registers under you, you’ll start earning even more money!

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