Measure Consumer Perspectives - Many Mystery Shopping Jobs (No Scams!)
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Measure Consumer Perspectives – Many Mystery Shopping Jobs (No Scams!)

EPF April 11, 2016

Measure Consumer Perspectives, or Measure CP, has been around for a while, and they have a nice chunk of good-paying mystery shopping assignments to go through. They work with companies like Ashley Furniture, A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut, Progressive, Register, and Taco Bell.

If you are looking for a mystery shopping company you can rely on, this is definitely it!

Measure CP commands a respected list of clients as their services go beyond just basic research. What makes Measure CP special is the fact that they offer both brand auditing and monitoring, as well as compliance auditing, mystery shopping, and much more.

Who is Measure Consumer Perspectives?

Measure Consumer Perspectives is a full-package market research company that rushed the market in 2008.

Measure CP offers brand auditing, compliance checks, and mystery shopping to Fortune 500 clients and other corporate clients. Their services are second-to-none; in 2013, they won the Better Business Bureau’s Marketplace Ethics award.

Since they work for the best, quite a few online money-makers give them the same label. But many mystery shopping sites turn out to be nothing more than an allusive waste of time. Even with the corporate backing, does Measure Consumer Perspectives deserve to be one of your top money-making sites?

Is Measure Consumer Perspectives a Scam or Legit?

Their ability to take down a Better Business Bureau (BBB) award says something. At the very least, they are seen as a relatively trusted company. Once you factor their BBB profile, you will also notice they have just one (closed) complaint against them and that they have been accredited for eight years.

This speaks volumes for any active mystery shopping company. Most already have tons of complaints, and quite a few avoid getting accredited to keep their business flying under the radar. With so many scams on the go, finding a trusting company is relieving but hard to believe. But those that have worked for Measure Consumer Perspectives have mainly had good things to say — and it seems payment issues are never a concern.

How Much Does Measure CP Pay?

Most of the current assignments are priced at $50 each, but the effort required varies. That’s what makes Measure CP so cool, they have a wild variety of work. Plus, you can take on both in-person and at-home mystery shopping jobs to earn extra money.

The reimbursement breakdown also varies by job — you might profit more off the reimbursement with a lower-paying assignment, you never really know but it always adds up!

You might find yourself making just a few bucks one day and $100 the next. The pay rate per assignment varies so drastically, and the available work also fluctuates. So there might be great opportunities one day and nothing the next — but in the course of a whole month, you will have earned a lot from them.

Measure Consumer Perspectives should be one of your main mystery shopping sites. But, always keep an eye for better paying gigs elsewhere. Balancing your time based on what assignments pay is the best way to ensure your hourly rate (and monthly pay) is sufficient.

How to Maximize Your Mystery Shopping Income

To increase how much you can make from Measure CP …

Complete their certification tests.

It is easy to qualify for certification for all of them. You just need to understand how to handle situations when ordering from related stores, such as a luxury car dealership or a video rental store.

You will get an email shortly after filling out the test. This will include the survey completion ranking you received for it. The grade you got indicates how many of the important questions were answered the way they wanted. If you get a low result, chances are you won’t get any mystery shopping invites for that particular type of business.

However, doing great on the certification tests is a great way to pre-qualify yourself for numerous mystery shopping jobs. You will be in the shortlist of shoppers who get invited regularly; so long as your demographics are what the client wants, Measure CP will be more than happy to hire you for the shop.

Sign up as a back-up shopper.

You might have noticed some jobs give you the option to become a back-up shopper for that job. If the person who has the job assigned to them is unable to follow through, the project will become yours.

At the very least, apply for any high-paying jobs that are already taken. If you get lucky there will be a nice payday out of getting accepted for a job someone else failed to do.

Travel to a nearby city instead.

You might live in a less populated area, and if that’s the case you will notice the mystery shopping jobs are limited. But there are many across the country as a whole; most of these jobs end up going to shoppers in bigger cities.

If you want to make the most you can, think about how far away you can travel to do mystery shops. It might be possible to line up multiple jobs in the same day while traveling out of town.

Additionally, take into consideration any nearby relatives or places you regularly visit. You could look for mystery shopping jobs then — or even while on your family vacation, free food & drinks anyone!?

Take at-home jobs as well.

There is no easier way to build up your Measure CP balance than to take on mystery shopping jobs from home. After all, you do not even have to get up from your computer chair. Usually this process involves a quick phone call and survey, which earns you about $5 to $7 for your time.

Sometimes the jobs that are taken will pay more — as in, the “back-up shopper” will earn extra compared to a normal shopper. If you do not want to make the at-home mystery shops a staple in your workload, you could still take on some extra assignments by grabbing the higher-paying hero assignments.

Either way, these make for great ‘fill in the blanks’ when you have nothing else to do!

How to Apply for Mystery Shopping Assignments

Measure CP offers a pretty simple dashboard for its shoppers to use. It lays out the assignments with the option to filter by location, pay, turnaround time, and more.

As you go through, you can hit the little check-box next to the assignment to add multiple shops to apply for at once. But make sure to watch the deadlines; most assignments run a whole month, but at-home shops tend to be very short-term.

You need to open each individual mystery shopping job to know what it really requires. So go through this list and mentally or physically note which ones you want to do, then mark them all and apply.

Click on the mystery shop you are interested in and see what comes up.

As an example: one of the current assignments is a company that sells vacation timeshares. To do a mystery shop with them, they require you to be at least 28 years of age and you must have: no outstanding debts with them, enough reward points to book a reservation, and a 650 or higher credit score.

You cannot just say your credit score meets the required level. Instead, a soft credit pull will be done to see what your credit rating is; you can also send a screenshot showing your score, or scan or fax a copy of a recent credit report showing your 650+ credit rating.

This particular project pays $50, but it requires you visit a 90 to 120 minute presentation during your stay. Your travel costs will be covered up to $113 at 56.5 cents a mile. Further, the reward points will be reimbursed generously after your mystery shop is complete.

In this example, you have a 30-day period to complete your reservation, attend the presentation, and fill out and submit the survey.

Audio and Video Mystery Shopping Jobs

Measure CP is one of few mystery shopping companies that does audio and video mystery shopping.

In the case of an audio mystery shopping job, a hidden mic is put on by the shopper before beginning. Meanwhile, a video mystery shopping job consists of the shopper wearing hidden video equipment instead.

The company may loan you video equipment when you are selected for an audio or video mystery shop. You will then need to return it to them once the assignment is complete. Within 24 hours of finishing your task, drop it into the mail with the provided return label.

As it stands, there are recording devices that can hide in buttons and glasses. You can even buy an audio and video recording kit from Measure CP directly instead. This will give you a Li-on battery, an extended battery, a quality hidden camera, a carrying case, and a 365 day warranty.

Do not sweat too much over the equipment — once you do your first shop, it will feel natural.

Should You Join Measure CP or Not?

All mystery shoppers should make sure to have an active account at Measure CP.

In the end, they are one of the most-recognized names in the game. They consistently take on new clients and contracts at rates which justify the shoppers getting compensated fairly. While it might be hit-and-miss as to which shops you qualify for, you will be generously compensated for your time.

This is a huge step up from the paid survey business. You can make a lucrative side income off mystery shopping for sites like Measure CP and their comparable competitors. While many others are not even worth looking into, without a doubt — Measure Consumer Perspectives is a must-join if you take the mystery shopping world seriously!

Contact Information

Measure Consumer Perspective, LLC.
10200 Forest Green Blvd., Suite 112
Louisville, Kentucky 40223

P: (502) 749-6100

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