MyPoints Review - Legit Panel, But Why So Many Scam Reports?

MyPoints Review – Legit Panel, But Why So Many Scam Reports?

EPF November 3, 2016

MyPoints is an online rewards, coupon and survey platform.  The overall goal of this site is to try to save or make customers extra money through everyday activities.  They offer shopping rewards, special deals and coupons, and rewards for taking surveys.  The rewards are given in the form of gift cards.  In this article I will break each category down and review them individually.

Shopping Rewards

There are many different ways to earn rewards on MyPoints, including:

  • Shopping online through their rewards portalmypoints
  • Clipping coupons
  • Watching videos online
  • Taking online surveys

The way their shopping portal works – you can shop on all of the normal websites you enjoy shopping on, but you just access them through the MyPoints portal.  They get paid to refer you out to ecommerce sites, and they pass some of that pay on to you by giving you rewards points.  Many of the sites offer 1 to 10 points per dollar depending on the vendor, but they do have special offers every day at different stores to give you higher rewards points.  For example, most of the time amazon is 5 points per dollar, but they may have a special bonus day when they offer 10 points per dollar.

Deals and Coupons offers many great coupons and discounts.  They compile deals and post them daily and weekly to help members save money.

They also offer points in exchange for clipping coupons for groceries.  Here is a list of all of the ways to collect points clipping coupons.

  • Earn 10 points for every coupon you print and redeem
  • Print and redeem a minimum of 10 coupons per month and receive a bonus 25 points
  • Print and redeem a minimum of 16 coupons per month and receive a bonus 50 points

Their deals page is a compilation of deals across multiple other sites like Groupon and Living Social.  They list deals in many major categories including:

  • Baby
  • Beauty and Fragrance
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Movie & Event Tickets
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Toys and Hobbies
  • Many more

MyPoints also offers points across many travel sites, including Holiday Inn, Expedia, Marriott, and to name a few.  They offer anywhere from 3 to 6 points per dollar on these sites.  It almost seems you can purchase just about anything on MyPoints, and keep all of your points accumulating in one place.


Taking surveys on MyPoints is just one more way to accumulate points and earn gift cards.  According to their site, the steps to sign up for the panel are:

  1. Introduce yourself – tell us a little about you
  2. Receive surveys – we’ll invite you to new surveys
  3. Earn points – earn points for giving your honest answers
  4. Redeem – redeem your points for gift cards from your favorite bands

Most surveys pay anywhere from 10 points to 100 points, which generally take 10-20 minutes per survey on average.  You do often get declined as you start entering your information, so you may not be eligible for all surveys that you attempt to take.  From what we read online, if you get declined as ineligible for a survey, they will pay you 10 points.  If you get accepted and are able to take the survey, they will pay anywhere from 50 to 100 points.

Redeeming Points

Ok, so we know there are quite a few ways to earn points but how do we go about redeeming them and what are they worth?

Per their website, the going rates for redemptions look like this:

  • A $25 Starbucks gift card costs 3,700 rewards points
  • A $25 Amazon gift card costs 3,950 rewards points
  • A $25 Dell gift card costs 3,600 rewards points
  • 2,500 miles with United MileagePlus costs 6,900 rewards points

So, let’s say you wanted a $25 Amazon gift card and you need 3,950 rewards points – here are some options or ways to get there:

  1. Watch videos – 1 point per video that you watch – so you would need to watch 3,950 videos
  2. Clip 395 coupons and use them in grocery stores
  3. Take surveys at 50-100 points per survey – you would need to participate in about 40 to 80 surveys – and many surveys you will not qualify for and you will only get paid 10 points on these ones so this number could easily go up to hundreds of surveys necessary
  4. You can also accrue points by purchasing gift cards on MyPoints – You can get paid 100 to 2,500 points for purchasing a gift card

Almost all of these forms of earning points are fairly time consuming.  It would take quite a while to be able to cash in on a reward.  It could take weeks or even months before you would be able to get a $25 gift card.

Do We Like MyPoints?

It serves a purpose – if you want one portal to accumulate all of your rewards points through, then MyPoints may be for you.  You can make most purchases, book travel, and earn points many other ways as well.  They offer a variety of rewards, and the site is very clean and easy to use.

We must warn our readers that in researching MyPoints online, we did find a lot of negative reviews about customers having trouble redeeming their points for rewards.  Some of the reported issues are things like:

  • Never receiving gift cards that have been redeemed – they are supposed to arrive in 4-6 weeks but in some cases never show up
  • Poor customer service – many people report that they cannot get any responses from MyPoints when they needed help redeeming points
  • Portal not tracking points properly – there were some reviewers who were unable to get portal points, and claimed that the portal does not seem to always track shopping properly
  • It takes a long time to accumulate enough points to cash in – it can take months or years of shopping in order to have enough points to redeem for a gift card
  • They seem to be cancelling a lot of customer’s accounts for no apparent reason – there are rumors going around that they are just cancelling people’s accounts to get out of cashing in on their rewards – they are asking for identity verification in order to cash out, but the identity verification process seems to be rigged
  • The reports of their emails back to customers (if they were lucky enough to get a response) were that the customer service representatives are very rude and aggressive

This site is a legit rewards site and is definitely not a scam. They have a lot to offer, but we are concerned about all of the negative reports and reviews we have been seeing online. According to many long-time users of MyPoints, the site has been lowering their rewards amounts slowly over the years, and their customer service has been degrading as well. We might consider staying away from this site and spending our time elsewhere.

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