eMystery Shopper Review - Join This UK-Only Panel!
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eMystery Shopper Review – Join This UK-Only Panel!

EPF April 17, 2016

Are you located in the UK?

If so, eMystery Shopper (eMysteryShopper.com) will accept you as one of their paid mystery shoppers.

This panel often flies under the radar; read on to see if they are trusted, how much they pay, and what you can expect along the way!

What is eMysteryShopper.com?

First off, eMysteryShopper.com is a paid mystery shopping site. Its users get rewarded for completing various types of mystery shops. You do not even have to leave your home to complete the tasks!

Given the geographic requirements of eMystery Shoppers, only certain corporate clients are looking for their consumer input. This can result in slow periods throughout the year, but eMystery Shopper is almost always busy.

Further, most survey panels and mystery shopping sites you will join are worldwide. This means you are competing with millions of users to get a share at the paid assignments. Yet, there is a much smaller pool of mystery shoppers at eMystery Shopper because of the geographic requirements. So if you are a shopper in the UK, you will find yourself making a fair bit off this site.

Who Really Owns eMysteryShopper.com?

eMysteryShopper.com is a website ran under eDigitalResearch, which is a market research firm that started up in 1999. Of course, eMysteryShopper.com is simply their mystery shopping branch. Under the same company, you will find paid survey panels and other types of opinion-based products.

MARU Group scooped up eDigitalResearch in early 2016, and at the same time pulled in £45 million as Primary Capital Partners LLP bought equity in their company. Further, to make everything work out, MARU Group became responsible for acquiring Vision Critical Research & Consulting, and also Vision Critical Communications Inc.

So they are backed by a legitimate company.

Is eMystery Shopper Legit or Not?

For the past 16 years, eMystery Shopper has managed to keep a positive reputation in the online mystery shopping world. This is hard to manage, as many users have continuously increasing expectations and few panels can drastically improve the upside for their users.

Even way back in 2006, eMystery Shopper was seen as one of the few legitimate paid mystery shopping networks. They would request a W9 form to be filled out before any jobs were taken. Back then, there were very few companies that executed such a professional approach.

Businesses can change. At some point, eMystery Shopper might adjust in quality for the better. Chances are things will get much better before they get any worse. This site is a bit of a hidden gem; it is not advertised all across the Web, but the company behind the site is really getting the ball rolling in 2016!

So we consider eMystery Shopper to be a trusted paid mystery shopping site and we recommend that you sign up if you are living in the United Kingdom.

How Much Do eMystery Shoppers Actually Make?

Mystery shopping jobs through eMystery Shopper have various pay levels. This is because there is such a wide variety of shopping jobs that could pop up on here.

While there will be some lower paying shopping offers from time to time, you will also find a fair number of shops paying £25 to £50 for your efforts. Some pay much higher; eMystery Shopper is one of the highest paying mystery shopping sites on the Web!

In a whole month, you could pull in upwards of £200 to £300 doing mystery shopping jobs for eMystery Shopper only. Add this together with some other mystery shopping assignments and similar paid work, and you will have a lucrative income!

Even better, you only need a £15 balance to be able to request a withdrawal. This payment will be mailed to you by cheque. As long as you have at least the minimum amount by month’s end, you will receive the payment in the following month.

Pros and Cons of Being an eMystery Shopper

As an eMystery Shopper, there will be a few good and bad things you will notice during your journey.

To get a better idea on what to expect along the way, consider the following …

Pros of Working as a eMystery Shopper

This mystery shopping site deserves its praise and for good reason. As an eMystery Shopper, some of the things you will enjoy knowing include:

  • You can limit yourself to just doing mystery shops online which is impossible with most reputable mystery shopping sites.
  • You can get paid for not only shopping for products, but also for signing up to trials and completing various other simple shopping offers.
  • You do not have to work there for months to get paid as you just need £15 to cash out. If there is a mystery shop you want to do, great — get it done and receive your cheque in the mail by the next month.
  • You do not have to jump through tons of pre-qualifiers to take the job. This is a problem in larger sites, where there are millions of users from various countries. But it is a much smaller pool, you even have to reside in the UK, so you always get first dibs.
  • While there is no shortage of shopping jobs available, you can bet even more will come as a result of MARU Group recently acquiring them. The huge dollars behind this business are sure to create tons of new mystery shopping opportunities for current eMystery Shoppers!

Cons of Working as a eMystery Shopper

There are downsides to every mystery shopping site, and eMystery Shopper is no exception. You will find none of these issues should be considered as deal-breakers. Either way, some of the downfalls you will notice along the way include:

  • While international users were once able to join and take on jobs, currently registration is just open to residents of the United Kingdom.
  • Their website design is very minimal — it looks stuck in 2000, to say the least. It is a far cry from what you will find from larger mystery shopping sites, like Market Force. But you do not have to worry about technical errors ripping you off; the company itself is definitely legit.
  • You spend all your time doing mystery shops in front of your computer. Sometimes getting paid to go out to eat, or to stay at a luxury hotel, is a much better way to make some extra cash!

So, Should You Become a eMystery Shopper?

eMystery Shopper gives you the chance to mystery shop without leaving your house. This makes it possible to look at a computer screen and quickly add up all costs. Often, you can view the e-Commerce store you need to shop at and see how things will price out before taking the assignment.

The e-shopping models is a huge plus. It opens the doors to paid opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Every other mystery shopping site focuses on local shopping jobs; here you can get a piece of a ‘hardly even shared pie’ which can make for some huge payouts!

Contact Information

The HUB, Berrywood Business Village, Tollbar Way, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 2UN.

Email: info@maruedr.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1489 772920

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