MyView Review : Is This Survey Panel Legitimate or Scam?

MyView Review : Is This Survey Panel Legitimate or Scam?

EPF April 19, 2014

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Operated By: Critical Max

Type of payment: Retail E-Vouchers

Payment Delays: Immediate if Paypal, or Amazon Gift Card

BBB rating: A

Mobile Surveys: No

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: No

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: Moderate survey invites

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE

Min Withdraw: $10

Points Per Survey: $1-$2

Point Expiry: 90 Days

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: As much as $50,000!

Contest Requirements: Complete a survey during the promotional period.


With worldwide prices of all products consistently increasing, it is always a good idea to make some extra cash on the side. Unfortunately, there are a few ways to make money without spending a lot of time. However, one of the ways to achieve this is by taking online paid surveys. All you have to do is sign up and register with a website that offers paid surveys, complete the surveys and quickly earn regular cash. The only negative aspect in this sort of work is that many sites can often be fake and scam you out of money instead of paying you themselves. To ensure whether such sites are legitimate or scams, here is a review of one such website, MyView. They are one paid survey panel operated by Authentic Response, one trusted market research organization. My View is 100% legit survey research company.

About Their Company

MyView is a website that offers you compensation in the form of gift cards and cash in return for you filling out surveys that it provides. You can be asked to provide your opinions on a variety of stuff, such as unreleased movie trailers, cutting edge tools and gadgets for IT pros, unreleased video games, business topics. In return, you get decent cash rewards or gift certificates in some cases which you can spend on the Internet. If you are looking to make fast cash, register immediately to MyView. There is no better company for people that want to make money immediately. Just when you register, and you will find a list of all surveys available for you. One tip I can give you start with these surveys as fast as you can. If you just register and do nothing, they will stop sending you  offers.  If you start completing surveys immediately, they will send you many more. So stop wasting your time and join Myview now.


The process used by MyView is fairly simple. All you need to do is register with the website and check the page for any new surveys that may have appeared which you can complete. If the website deems you necessary for a specific survey, it will actually send you an invite in order for you to complete the survey. It also compares the answers you provide in the surveys you complete with the questions that new surveys are asking and hence, are able to provide you with surveys that are deemed relevant to you.  The greater the number of surveys you make, the easier it is for MyView to provide you with surveys that are best suited to you.

The Reward System of MyView

Before you start a survey, the website will let you know of the MyView Points (MVP) that you will earn in exchange for completing it, while further telling you that the average time that the survey will require. Once you complete the survey, the MVP will be immediately added on the Balance History page located in your MyRewards section. The only time the points will not be immediately added is if a survey mention at the start that the points may waste some time to be added. In fact, even if you are unable to complete a survey for some reason, you will be awarded points for trying. In order to qualify for these points though, you need to wait until the website can verify that you are unable to complete the survey. Meanwhile, these points can be exchanged for Prepaid Visa Cards as well as various gift cards and gift certificates of places which include Amazon, iTunes and Sears amongst various others.

Is MyView Legit or is it a Scam?

MyView has been in the business of online paid surveys for many years. The fact that the website has been around for so many time lends credence to their reputation and trustworthiness. MyView connect companies and the consumers and always pays its customers instead of disappearing. In fact, the points you accumulate for completing a survey as immediately added to your account once the survey is done and can be cashed out once the balance exceeds $15. Hence, it would be appropriate to believe that the site is in fact legitimate.


As mentioned earlier, MyView is one of the few paid survey websites which does immediately pay its panelists. Furthermore, you can avail a variety of gift cards while you are even provided with the chance to use the points and donate the money you have earned to charity.

In addition, they contain a user portal that is very efficient in maintaining your account. Also, not only do you get points for filling out surveys, you even get points if you do not complete the surveys. There are a variety of surveys that you can fill out each day and the supply rarely dwindles. Not only does this allow you to fill out more surveys and earn more money, you can even select surveys that you would enjoy answering and hence, make money while having fun.

You get “Just for Trying” points when you don’t qualify for a survey. This is a great way for them to let you know, they value your time. Not many companies offer this.

You can redeem points when you get $15. This is their minimum amount to cash you. This is another reason we can say that they are the best panel for people that want to make money fast.


Overall, MyView is one of the few legitimate websites that offers paid online surveys. Even though the generic surveys may not pay a very high amount, you can increase your earning by either increasing the number of surveys that you complete or you can opt for surveys that require a certain level of expertise in the relevant fields. These surveys tend to pay much higher and hence, help to substantially increase your earnings.

If you want to wade through the sea of paid survey websites, then you should know which surveys are legit and which are scams. To this extent, you can make use of, which provides a comprehensive list of the best paid survey websites while also providing tips and tricks that can be used in order to distinguish between genuine websites and websites that are looking to scam you. All you have to do is register and you’ll see how easy is to make $30-100/day with paid surveys.

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