Opinion Bureau - Let's Review This Panel Today!

Opinion Bureau – Let’s Review This Panel Today!

EPF June 14, 2017

Opinion Bureau survey panel was developed by Internet Research Bureau. Based in New Delhi, India, they accept members from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, India, the US and the UK.

The core business of Opinion Bureau is to provide online data and survey programming solutions to clients for their market research projects. Both market research companies and panel members are regarded as clients, and Opinion Bureau are dedicated to ensure that clients receive online survey-related needs, and that panelists get excellent survey experiences.

The company is committed to protect your privacy, personal details, and help you to make the best use of your valuable time. They have the latest technology which is available for you to use in order to manage your account with ease, choose exciting surveys to complete, and redeem the rewards of your choice.

The domain for Opinion Bureau was registered with Godaddy.com in September 2012.

The Types of Surveys You Will Receive?

Most of the surveys on offer appear to be business and education related, such as details about the functions of company Human Resources departments, or whether your academic qualifications helped you get your current job. They are also big on IT surveys which will suit anyone with an interest in Information Technology.

There are several other survey subjects to choose from. Each member has a dashboard area where available surveys are listed, and members can select any surveys that they find interesting.

How You Will Be Rewarded for Your Work?

  • There are reward options which include Paypal, Amazon, and other gift cards.
  • There is a $5 signing up bonus, and you can earn from $2 to $10 per survey, depending on the length.
  • Cash out threshold is $10.
  • The referral program allows to refer family and friends, and you can earn $2 for each verified referral. Verification will take place once the referral has completed a survey, after which you will be credited.

The Registration Process

They are open community for everyone who wants to sign up. Membership is free, and joining is easy.

Simply fill out an application form which includes details such as your full name, a valid e mail address, select a strong password, and your domicilium. Click the activation link to confirm your account, and then log in.

You must build your profile until it is 100% complete, to increase your chances of survey invites, and also check your dashboard regularly to see available surveys.

Advantages of Opinion Bureau

  • They value your opinion and give you a platform to air your views and earn rewards.
  • Rewards are in the form of gift cards, and there is also a cash option via Paypal – which several panels these days do not offer.
  • They have an active referral program.
  • They have an efficient help desk team who are committed to help with any technical difficulties, or queries related to surveys you may need assistance with.
  • Opinion Bureau are committed to ensure the consumer’s presence in the ever-changing, fast-growing, global market of today.
  • They are a legitimate, reputable, reliable company, who also take the protection of members’ privacy very seriously.
  • Membership is open to citizens of most countries globally.

Disadvantages of Opinion Bureau

There are numerous complaints from unhappy members of Opinion Bureau survey panel, most of which center on the slowness of the redeemed rewards, and a general lack of survey invites.

Here are some examples:

  • One member had only 5 invites in 3 months, and did not qualify for any of them.
  • Although it is stated on the site that you can earn between $2 and $10 per survey, many members have reported that they have never been paid more than $2, no matter how long the survey might be.
  • A member from the US noted that in 4 months she has not been able to qualify for even one survey.
  • A member reported that since the beginning of May up until now his payment remains in the pending file, and queries to the help desk are not responded to.
  • Another panellist has been waiting since August last year for her payout, and it remains pending, with no explanation given.
  • Several others have complained that on some days it is just not possible to log into their accounts.


There seems to some serious administration issues with Opinion Bureau. Unless the problems are sorted out, the site will not gain in popularity, or have a significant present on the web.

Infrequent survey invites, and frequent screen-outs, along with what appears to be very slow payout of redeemed rewards, are serious issues for members, and prospective members.

Opinion Bureau has an average rating of 1.5 stars.

Contact Information

Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 2A, 2nd Floor,
Corner Market, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi, 110017 India

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