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Why Your Opinion Matters and Can Make You Money

This is very beginning article explaining how your opinion can make money for you. We know that most of the people here are more advanced with paid surveys. We decided to write this article for people who are beginners.

Let’s Start With The Beginning

In the 21st century, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now, it is arguable if it is really theirs or just replicated from another source. But let’s leave that aspect aside for now. What we want to say is that, unlike in the distant (or not so distant) past, people feel that they have something to say and feel a need to do it.

The Internet is the perfect example. What it does is basically virtualize real life and offer people a possibility to express their opinions and engage in discussions with other individuals who are thousands of miles away.

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Your Account Has Been Deactivated – Pro Tips On What to Do If This Happens to You

You use your best survey panel with success, you make money with it. But one day you try to log in and you find that the company has deactivated your account. What does this mean and what to do in this situation? Let’s discuss this now.

Well, this happens from time to time to people. In this case, especially if you want to get your account back, you have to identify the reason. So this would be your first step.

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Future Talkers Review – Let’s Find How Much You Can Make With Them ?

What Is Future Talkers?


Future Talkers is a consumer research panel offering a wide array of research studies. It is owned by InSites Consulting, which is one of the most influential research agencies and is partnered with some of the biggest brands. This means that the panel provides a lot of opportunities to its members.

Future Talkers has more than 100,000 members in 30 countries worldwide. A community this large has proved that the panel is serious about its business and wants to give a chance to anyone who wants to earn money for expressing their opinion.

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Report: What EliteSurveySites Did for You in 2017

EliteSurveySites is a site designed to help people make money with paid surveys. For those of you who know us, you know that we work in an advanced way. We are not just a random blog about paid surveys. Our mission is to make a difference in the world of paid surveys.

We did many things, but in this post we will mention only the most important ones. In this article, we wanted to report to you what we did in 2017.

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Panelpolls Review – Do They Have To Be From Your Best Panels?

Panelpolls is a survey panel that stands out from the rest right away. They are unique in many ways, but their main characteristic which they are very proud of is the fact that they are a survey panel for the entire family.

And this is exactly what it sounds like. Panelpolls provides opportunities for you, your spouse and your children to participate in various surveys and earn rewards.

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Survey Voices Review – Are They Legit or Scams?

What is SurveyVoices?


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How to Register With a Panel, If the Registration is Closed?

You have picked a great panel and now you want to register and start making money with them? But you go to their website, insert your correct information and then get a message that the registration is closed. So what now?

If the registration is not available, you can’t register. In this article we will give some more advanced tips on what to do in this case. But for the start, let’s discuss the reason behind that.

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Best Paid Survey Sites by User Rating 2018

We asked 1,000 people to vote for the best survey site in 2018.

Almost 100 survey panels were included in our survey.

Thanks to All People Who Voted!

Our surveys are still open, so vote!

What is the Best Survey Site?

Here are the results.

Register with Them and Start Making Money Online Now!

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Legit Paid Surveys in 100+ Countries, FREE to Register!

Welcome to the largest list of legit paid surveys in over 100 countries. If you live live outside the US, many survey companies won’t allow you to register. And even if you register with some of them, there won’t be many offers available to you. That’s why we at EliteSurveySites worked a lot and completed one of the biggest lists with legitimate paid surveys in almost all countries.

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Paid Surveys Kenya

Hello Kenya,

Finally we at Elite Survey Sites have surveys for you. If you want to make money with paid surveys and you live in Kenya, here is a great list of paid surveys that will pay you for your opinion. All of them are free and legit. Please help us improve the list, if you know more companies that we can list here.


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