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Best Paid Survey Sites by User Rating 2018

We asked 1,000 people to vote for the best survey site in 2018.

Almost 100 survey panels were included in our survey.

Thanks to All People Who Voted!

Our surveys are still open, so vote!

What is the Best Survey Site?

Here are the results.

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Legit Paid Surveys in 100+ Countries, FREE to Register!

Welcome to the largest list of legit paid surveys in over 100 countries. If you live live outside the US, many survey companies won’t allow you to register. And even if you register with some of them, there won’t be many offers available to you. That’s why we at EliteSurveySites worked a lot and completed one of the biggest lists with legitimate paid surveys in almost all countries.

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Paid Surveys Kenya

Hello Kenya,

Finally we at Elite Survey Sites have surveys for you. If you want to make money with paid surveys and you live in Kenya, here is a great list of paid surveys that will pay you for your opinion. All of them are free and legit. Please help us improve the list, if you know more companies that we can list here.


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Best Paid Surveys South Africa

Hello South Africa,

Probably you know that if you want to make money with paid surveys, most of them are US only. So, what you can’t make money with survey? NO! We have found a lot of great offers for you. In south Africa, there are many panels that will pay money for your opinion. All of the companies are free and legit. But please report. If you find some companies not listed here or if you found companies that don’t have to be here, let us know why. That way you help many other people from your country.


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Best Paid Surveys Nigeria

Hello Nigeria,

EliteSurveySites have a great list of legitimate paid surveys in Nigeria. Many big survey companies unfortunately are US only and that’s why people from this country have problems. But finally, after a lot of research we found many companies that will pay for your opinion. Register with them. It’s free. All of them are legit. And please report, we expect positive and negative reports for companies.


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Best Paid Surveys Philippines

Hello Philippines,

Do you want to make money with paid surveys? You know that there are many panels that accept people from US only. Well, that is true, but we at EliteSurveySites spend a lot of time to find legitimate paid surveys in Philippines. All of them are free and tested panels. We hope that this will be of help. Because you can start making money online now.


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How to Start Making More than $1,000/Month With Paid Surveys – Guide ( 2018 Updated ! ) ?


Do you want to start making money with paid surveys right now?

Look, everyone can do this … and EliteSurveySites is here to help.

In fact, everyone can start making money with paid surveys in 10 minutes. It’s easy and free, and no skills are required (and of course, no need to pay anything for this) .

But there are many things that people don’t know about paid surveys and that’s why they don’t earn as much as they can. That’s why our site exists. We post a lot of tips and hacks on how to make much more money with paid surveys.

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Best Paid Surveys in Australia 2018


Survey PanelPayment TypeMinimum PayoutBest ForAdditional Information

My Survey

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What are The Highest Paying Panels According to Our Study?

We asked 1000 people about the best survey panel. Here are the results for the highest-paying online surveys 2017:



Pinecone Research

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PaidViewpoint Review – Are They Legit or Scam?


In our recent survey, we asked you to vote for your favorite survey panel. As a result, some of the panels got more votes than others and stood out as the best. This is the case with PaidViewpoint.com, and we are glad that this panel is among your favorites because you obviously share our opinion on its quality. In this review, we will cover some basic facts about PaidViewpoint and hopefully help you when deciding on the panel you want to register at.

What is PaidViewpont?

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