Paid Survey Contests - What Are They?
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Paid Survey Contests – What Are They?

EPF November 10, 2016

What are paid survey contests?

If you read our blog, you are already very familiar with participating in paid surveys.  We have provided you with a list of legit paid survey sites and we review various aspects of these sites to make it easy for you to make money online.  By now, you may have noticed that some of these survey sites hold contests and you may be wondering what these contests are all about – and we are here to explain!


There are multiple forms of contests:

  1. Contests based on who conducts the most surveys in a given time period (
  2. Contests that are held periodically just based on entry-per-survey (
  3. Contests to engage community members

Performance-Based Contests

Some sites like cashcrate will use contests to drive their customers to fill out more surveys.  They utilize a points system, and here are a few examples of their points system:

  • 20 points for each survey taken
  • 20 points for each cash offer
  • 5 points for each bonus survey
  • 5 points for each bonus offer
  • 5 points for each active referral
  • 5 points for each bonus video
  • 2 points for playing a game

They then post a leaderboard that shows the top 50 participants and what they stand to win if they hold their position on the leaderboard.  For example, 1st place would win “Grand Price Choice #1.”

This person would get to choose from items such as:

  • Ipad Pro
  • Playstation 4
  • Amazon Echo
  • Ipod Touch
  • Fire HD 10
  • $200 Amazon gift card
  • $100 Amazon gift card

Members who finish in the top 10 would get to choose from those gifts, and 11th to 50th would be awarded a $5, $10, $25, or $50 Amazon gift card.

Did we mention that this contest is taking place right now?

Periodic Sweepstakes Contests

Many survey sites will offer you an entry into a drawing every time you fill out a survey. and for example offers to give you an entry into their quarterly sweepstakes for every survey that you complete.  The prize?  $2,000 to $5,000 cash!

MyOpinions sends their members invitations to participate in surveys all the time, as well as their regular posted surveys.  Anyone can sign up for their site and participate and has a chance to win $5,000 cash every quarter.

The more surveys you take with MyOpinions, the more entries you will have in the drawing.  This increases your chances of winning, and there is no limit to the number of entries that you can hold.  The only caveat to winning in this particular example is that you must be an Australian resident or New Zealand resident to win, depending on which site you are participating on.

Contests to engage community members

Univox Panel has a great members community where they hold daily contests.  Each contest is a simple question or a riddle that members must answer and they award random members with extra points for participating.

For example, a question might be:

“It it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?”

The correct answer is no time at all – the wall is already built!

Univox will randomly select 5 members who correctly answered the question each with bonus points.  Most contest questions will award the winner with 50 points, which equates to .50.

With Univox, 100 points equals $1.00 so being awarded fifty cents for just answering a simple question is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online but there is definitely some luck involved considering it is a random drawing that chooses the winner.

We believe that the reason for Univox to offer this daily contest is to engage customers so they will continue coming back and deepen the relationship with members.

In Conclusion

Paid survey site contests take several different forms, but all are a quite simple way of potentially making money or other rewards.  Obviously, there are hundreds or thousands of people to compete with so there is some luck involved.  However, if you are already on a site filling out surveys and you see a contest, why not join?  It can’t hurt and maybe once in a while you will be the lucky winner!

Some sites require no additional action at all, you fill out surveys and you are automatically entered.  Others have steps you must take, but either way it is worth a shot.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for contests on all paid survey sites that you visit.  You never know when your lucky day will come and you will be glad you entered the contests and sweepstakes.

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