Paid Surveys Cash - Advanced Guide - Day 1
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Paid Surveys Cash – Advanced Guide – Day 1

EPF Last Update: January 16, 2020
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Welcome to “PAID SURVEYS CASH” – Advanced Guide on How to Start Making $1,000-3,000/month with Paid Surveys!

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Hello and thanks for reading our advanced guide “Paid Surveys Cash”!!!

We show you EXACTLY how to make a lot of money with paid surveys!

What is Paid Surveys Cash?

Paid Surveys Cash is one of the most advanced and comprehensive guides you can find about paid surveys, it goes much further than most survey related blogs and sites that don’t delve deep into the top insider tips that really help boost your earnings. It’s written by experts in paid surveys and it is NOT the “next free report”, although it is free for people who register to EliteSurveySites.

“Paid surveys are scams !!!”

No, No No … Look, we are not here to scam You!!! We are one of the top trusted source for legitimate paid surveys, actually there are not many professional survey sites. We do not “offer” you millions. In our guide you will learn the truth about paid surveys. In brief:

  • “Paid Surveys Cash” is NOT scam!
  • Paid Surveys are NOT Scam, but you will NOT make millions! … again we are not here to scam you.
  • There are many people who made surveys looks scamy, but the truth is that you can make money, not a lot but it is absolutely possible.
  • Some people want you money for joining. We want to tell that there are many completely free and legitimate companies, we will give the best of them.

Now, the bottom line, because we are sure that many people still don’t know what to expect from this guide!

Before continue reading it, let’s talk what can You expect:

  • We will teach you how to start making money instantly.
  • You don’t need some special skills.
  • Making money with paid surveys is easy.
  • You will not become a millionaire and we are not here to scam you.
  • You will learn the truth about paid surveys.
  • We will teach you exactly how to increase your earnings, because it is not possible to make a lot of money with surveys, but there are many tips that you can use to increase your earnings.
  • We will help you find the best panels, with the highest paying offers, all of them free. 



Chapter 1: The Basics


Chapter 2: How to Squeeze a Survey Panel


Chapter 3: How to Find Legitimate Surveys that Pay Much More


Chapter 4: How to Avoid Survey Disqualification


Chapter 5: Mistakes to Avoid


Chapter 6: Advanced Tips& Strategies to Start Making up to $3,000/month !


Chapter 7: **Bonus Surprise! **


Chapter 1: The Basics

Covering everything you need to know about paid surveys. This chapter won’t be so interesting for those who already are familiar with surveys, so feel free to skip this chapter and move to “Daily Task 1”. Under every day, you’ll find daily tasks.

Chapter 2: How to Squeeze a Survey Panel

This chapter will be very important, because we are going to discuss how to make much more money from every panel you join. There are plenty of opportunities that most survey takers miss to earn more money. We call these “Special Survey Opportunities” and in this chapter we’re going to teach you step by step how to take advantage of these.

Chapter 3: How to Find Legitimate Surveys that Pay Much More

Scams are all over the Internet. We don’t want you to join scam panels and waste time not getting any real money. We are going to give all of the information you need to know in order to avoid these scams, so you can be sure you will never fall victim to them again!

Chapter 4: How to Avoid Survey Disqualification

Disqualification is a problem that all survey takers will be familiar with. You start a survey and then become disqualified because you “didn’t match what they were looking for”. Although it is not possible to avoid disqualification completely, there are many steps you can take in order to reduce it significantly. Here we are going to give you advanced tips on avoiding disqualification.

Chapter 5: Mistakes to Avoid

Many people join these surveys, hoping to make fast cash. Some people succeed in this and others simply waste time making common mistakes that can be easily rectified. We are going to help you understand all of the significant mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them yourself, saving you time & money.

Chapter 6: Advanced Tips & Strategies to Start Making up to $3,000/month !

There are lots of people who use surveys who don’t make more than $100/month. For those of you who have read this guide carefully you will already know a lot of ways to increase your earnings beyond this amount. In this chapter we are going to go far more advanced than this however, giving you the tips & strategies you need to making far more than $100/month, and even as much as $3,000 per month!

Chapter 7: **Bonus Surprise! **

If you miss this chapter your time reading the previous series is almost wasted, we are going to give you a bonus surprise you are going to not want to miss!!!

Every chapter of the guide you will be given a daily task – Registering to a suggested panel from us with detailed guidelines of exactly what to do to squeeze the most money from them…

We highly recommend following these task because that way you can start making money before the end of the course and you will learn much more about each survey panel and the special opportunities that they each offer.

Every day feel free to go back and read parts of the course again if you are unsure whether you understood everything. Then go to the daily task to start making money immediately!


And last thing before we start,

You are on the right way … you can start making easy money with this guide in less than a day…

Chapter 1 – The Basics of Paid Surveys

Let’s get started …

Many people complain that they can not make more than $100-300/month with paid surveys – Don’t Worry! Paid Surveys Cash is here!

The reason for this however is that few people understand how to achieve their full potential.

By reading the guidance in this course you will be AMAZED at the potential in these paid surveys.

Paid Surveys Cash attempts to concentrate all of the most vital, and valuable tips all in one place, making a significant difference to your PayPal account.

More than $1 billion is spent on online survey research by organizations and you make only $100/month! Why is that??? Wouldn’t you like a bigger slice of this pie than a few dollars per week?

After many years of researching, reading and testing survey panels, we have come to understand that although making money with surveys is easy, there are many easy things that the majority of people do not know, and that they can implement easily to significantly increase their earnings. This is why we have decided to write this course, for people like YOU, who still don’t know these things.

The truth is: there are people who make $100/month, there are other who make $1,000-$3,000/month.

In this course you will learn EXACTLY how these people do it.

We believe, using these techniques with the right attitude and dedication, you could start making $1,000 – $3,000/month from surveys or more in some cases.

Do you know that most of the surveys have special offers like focus groups that pay more than $50 to $150/per hour? In some cases up to $300? Do you know how to be invited for more of these offers? Do you know that many people make up to $100 per hour to shop and share their experience or get the products that they buy for free? Do you know that some people receive free but high expensive products to test them? Do you know about the many special opportunities offered by survey sites that most people miss? We’ll teach you how to do this!

In addition:

The guide has been produced to be as short as possible, but with all of the most important information you could need. You won’t have to spend more than 3-4 hours in the next few days.

Everyone can benefit from this course!

We can guarantee that in the next days, even a “professional survey panelists” will have learnt at least one thing they don’t already know about surveys.

If you are already earning from paid surveys, stop for a while and concentrate your efforts on this course. After finishing it, you will see that you’ll be able to make much more money for the same amount of time & a little more effort… 

All of the information on our site is 100% tried & tested. Before creating this free guide EliteSurveySites has undergone years of research to learn the top tips & tricks to paid online surveys.

Got a question?  We’re here to help…
We would be more than happy to get in touch with you personally should you have any questions throughout the duration of this course. Your feedback helps to shape and improve the guidance on our website and helps more people to benefit from paid online surveys.

You can always contact us at

To receive additional exclusive hints & tips become a fan of EliteSurveySites on TwitterFacebook  and Youtube!

In addition
EliteSurveySites is NOT an ordinary survey review site, your time is not wasted reading dozens of survey reviews, including less trustworthy and potentially scam websites. We already know that all of the survey companies listed on our site are legitimate, but that is NOT ENOUGH.

Our expert team regularly monitor all the companies we list closely, as well as looking out for new sites you should know about.

So you know that you can earn in complete confidence from the sites we list. If you have any problems with any of the survey panels listed on our website or those not listed, please REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY! We read every comment and hugely value your feedback, that way even more can be helped, to prevent being scammed.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your success. This is something that YOU have to do yourself, all we can do is give all of the advice and guidance we can, then it’s up to you what actions you take after reading this course, and ultimately how much you make.

Is “Paid Surveys Cash” for you?

Before we move on, let’s first answer this important question: Is“Paid Surveys Cash” for you?

First let’s discuss who this course is NOT for.

“Paid Surveys Cash” is NOT for people falling into these categories

  • People who believe that surveys are scam opportunities. There are still people that think surveys are scams. If you don’t try them however, then you’ll never know for yourself. There are still many scams, but it seems that with increased awareness and better security, this is less of a problem these days. Some of these scam sites may still be live, but who cares about them? These days there is no excuse for finding a legitimate survey site.
  • People who plan to cheat companies. “Paid Surveys Cash” does not teach  you how to cheat survey companies and never recommends activities that are against any sites TOS. Even if you make some cash, there is every possibility you could lose your account, and miss out on higher paying opportunities. Survey companies do not appreciate anyone who is dishonest and inconsistent with their answers. After all their clients are paying big money for your answers. Make sure to pay attention to each question closely to make sure you give the best answers possible!

This isn’t you?  Read on…

This course IS for anyone who falls into these these categories:

  • People who have free time and want to make as much as possible from paid surveys. This course is EXACTLY for YOU !
  • People who already have a job but want to make some extra cash. Many people who use surveys to make extra cash already have part time, and full time jobs. You won’t perhaps be able to manage 10 or more survey companies, but you’d be surprised how much you could be earning from 3-5 survey panels and an hour a day.
  • People who have never made money with surveys and are ready to try. It’s great you are here, we will definitely be able to help you, certainly suggest you reading chapter 1 of this course in full. Paid surveys are not the most profitable business, but if you want to make fast and easy cash, paid surveys beat all the rest…
  • People who have already made money with surveys, but want to make more. This course has been designed for both beginners and more intermediate users who want to learn even more tips to increase their earnings.
  • People who have already joined surveys but have been scammed. If you have sadly fallen victim to scam sites or aren’t so sure about the legitimacy of paid surveys, you’re in the right place! All of our survey sites are 100% tested and researched to ensure they are completely safe and trustworthy, you can be sure. We’ll change your opinion before the end of this course!
  • People who have joined a lot of panels and know how to make $1,000 – $3,000/month, or “professional survey panelists”. You may already know a lot of the tips discussed here, however we still recommend you to take this course, because you may find something you didn’t already know, and some new interesting sites to join, including some special invitation only panels that we’re almost sure you haven’t found already…
  • People who think surveys are not so good. We believe people have to enjoy what they do as a job.  Sadly in most cases we all have to do things we don’t enjoy to make some extra cash. Where we can’t improve your opinion on paid surveys, we can show you how to speed up the process of paid surveys and make more money in less time. You will also learn about extra opportunities for you to earn, like focus groups, testing products, watching TV and so on …  Which people very often find more interesting and motivating.
  • People looking to surveys for the short term. If you’re looking to earn fast money from surveys in the short term, In this case you don’t have to register with many survey panels.
  • People who enjoy sharing their opinion and making an impact. You know that your vote counts. By answering these questions you are helping to shape future products and ideas. Companies pay big money for this information and take your answers very seriously. By telling them what do you think about something, you in practice have influence over its outcome.
  • People interested in helping charity. Some survey panels have options to donate your earnings to charity, which is certainly an appealing option for some people.

Do you fit into any of these categories?

If so then GREAT!

Now, let get started…

What Are Paid Surveys and Why Do They Pay Me Money?

For businesses one of the most crucial aspects in ensuring their success is market research. Without understanding what consumers really want, their product won’t meet people needs, which is exactly what Paid Surveys help to prevent. By asking people like you questions about popular products and services. Launching the wrong product can cost companies millions, so they want to make very sure they get it right first time!

Understanding the value of such research companies pay large amounts of money on paid surveys, because they know that without this, they could lost a LOT of money. Lots of business types spend money on paid surveys. They could be a small local shop, or larger brand such as Amazon which likely spends millions each year on this type of research.

Overall companies in the US alone, spend more than $ 1 billion each year on paid surveys.

Swagbucks for example, which is one of the most recommended survey companies, paid out as much as $300 million to their users. In addition this company have sent over 7,000 gift cards, they have shared in an interview that they answered for EliteSurveySites. If you haven’t registered with them yet, you can do this now and start getting familiar with the website.

When you’re ready, read on to find out more about how survey sites offer their rewards, the pros & cons to paid surveys and which survey sites offer you cold, hard, cash.

The Pros & Cons of Paid surveys

Surveys are not for everyone, but for most people, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. So you can decide for yourself. We have listed some of the top advantages and disadvantages of paid surveys here:

Pros of paid surveys

  • You can start making money immediately.
  • No special skills needed.
  • No costs involved for you.
  • No obligations, take surveys when you want, how many you take, is up to you!

Cons of paid surveys

  • Limited earning ability. Paid surveys are limited to the number of companies who want to pay for as well as whether you are the right type of person they want to survey or not. At the very most you will unlikely earn any more than $1,000 – $3,000 per month with surveys.
  • They are not so interesting for some people.


Do All Surveys Offer Money?

Most survey sites offer Paypal cash. However unfortunately, there are some who only offer gift cards or other incentives; this does not mean though that they are not worth joining. Just because there’s a point system, it does not mean that you can’t exchange your points for PayPal cash!

How to Register to New Panel?

There are several steps you should consider when registering to a new survey company.

Step 1: Register a new e-mail address. It can help you keep organized and separate your survey communications from your own personal email. With outlook/live/Hotmail for example you can create an email with a separate inbox, which is accessed through the same login as your personal email. It also helps to ensure that you don’t miss any new survey offers before they all get taken up!

Step 2: Make sure you have a PayPal account, it’s the easiest and most common way of getting paid for your survey work. Go to Paypal and register if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Make sure you can receive their email communication. One of the most common reasons that users miss out on earnings with surveys is that their email provider perhaps blocks incoming emails from them. This isn’t because they are untrustworthy, but happens when email providers are “unsure” about a certain company. It can even happen with the most trusted of businesses!

Here you can find a case study on how exactly to register and start making money. Although it is so easy, we just wanted to give example with one of the top survey companies. Please check this link:

Full Guide to Registering With A New Panel

Follow these steps and start making money today …

Make sure to set their email address as trusted in your email account, so it’s not sent to your spam folder!

Also keep in mind that some panels can send messages from different e-mails addresses, for example from one e-mail, you can receive survey offers, from another to receive account messages or site news.

Here we also would suggest you to set also our email address as trusted:

Where to join?

Here’s where we are hoping that our years of research and testing will help you, we know which companies have the highest paying offers and which will only waste your time. We’ll show you exactly where to register!

If you are ready to start making money today, here is our list of best paid surveys.

Are you ready to start making money today ? Let’s get started …

Daily Task 1

Le’t start with something easy. You’ll like this panel, because they pay money not only for surveys … In fact they have many ways to reward their panelists.


Inbox dollars is more than “Just a survey site” – It rewards you with easy cash playing games, searching the web, reading emails and much more… In fact, doing what things you already do online!

Each action you take clearly shows how much you’re going to earn, helping you to reach your first $30 cashout.

No complicated points, see exactly how your earnings stack up…

There are plenty of ways to earn:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Paid emails
  • Researching answers on the web & more…

When most people find companies paying for these kind of things they think it is scam. And it is true that most of these sites are scam, but Inbox Dollars is NOT scam.

Join Inbox Dollars and Start Making Easy Money


Step 1: Signup and fill out your profile, you’ll get $5 just for registering and $0.50 for your first survey (Which will take mere minutes).

Step 2: Make sure to answer the interest and household questions which together will earn you another $0.50. Each will take you about 1 minute.

Step 3: Set Inbox Dollars as your browser homepage so you can earn points from simply searching the web.  Or download the toolbar.

You will earn $0.01 for each qualified search, up to $0.15 per day, it’s not much but it adds up!

What’s more you can earn double by being a gold member (Just withdraw your first $30 to become gold)

Setting your default homepage: 
Set your browser start-up page to:

Step 4:  One of the additional ways you can earn with inbox dollars is by receiving paid emails, these will be special offers that InboxDollars feel match your interests. How to receive paid emails:

Visit Inbox Dollars

  • Must be an active member
  • Receive up to 3 offers per day
  • You have to be a US resident to receive paid emails

Just click on the confirm button at the bottom of the email to receive 2 cents. Nothing special to do.

Step 5: Inbox Dollars has new surveys every day, each one pays $0.50. Although you can only complete 1 per day, if you have email notifications set up (which should be by default), you should get a new survey each day.

There’s not much more to InboxDollars, withdraw amount is $30, if you use Inbox Dollars as your search engine, complete a daily survey and play their games you should be able to earn your first $30 in no time.

After this you’ll become a gold member where you can earn twice the number of sweepstakes entries and other rewards.

Join Inbox Dollars Now …

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