Paid Surveys Cash - Advanced Guide - Day 2
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Paid Surveys Cash – Advanced Guide – Day 2

EPF Last Update: January 16, 2020
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Chapter 2: How to Squeeze a Survey Panel


Now we’re going to focus on how to really make some serious money. In chapter 2 of the course, we are going to cover how you can get more out of each panel you join.

So whether you’ve been following us from the start, or you’ve just come in for the “juicy bits”,

Let’s get stuck in…

Looking to earn more with paid surveys?  – Read on…

It’s a little known fact, that if you want to make any significant money with paid surveys then you should register with as many survey panels as possible. Then once you have registered, complete only their highest paying offers. Each panel tends to offer 1-5 new surveys each month, so when you’re earning $1 to $10 for each, the amount you can earn can become quite limited.


Increasing Your Chances…

Very commonly some people are given higher paying surveys than others, this is not because they are any better than anyone else, or they are more preferred. It is merely because they are the type of person that organizations want to question.

Some people may be invited to participate in high paying focus groups which pay $30-100 each, or even more on occasion. Then there are those who are offered to test and review high-priced products, and even get to keep them! Which you can’t complain about really… This could be anything from a new type of cosmetic product to food, or in some cases new technology.

Anyone can do it…

This is something that YOU too can do, it doesn’t take any specific knowledge or much time, it is just a case of knowing how to use survey panels in the RIGHT WAY.

Survey Panels Want to Pay You More!

What you need to understand is that survey panels want you to use their services more. When they pay you, they make money from the company conducting the research, so they can only make money when someone completes one of their surveys. So without you, these survey companies don’t earn any money. And of course the more surveys you complete for them, the more money they make too…So everyone wins!

Each of these survey invitations for high paying offers have their own limits – If a survey company receives  a good paying offer with a limit of perhaps 100 people, then they may send this only to their most trusted panelists, and it is your job to become one of them.

How to become trusted member? Answer their surveys and be honest. That is! At the beginning all survey companies will start with low paying offers. Many people won’t be interested to complete them. But for these that prove to the survey panel that they are serious, the survey panel will start sending much more attractive offers.

*TIP* Instead of registering with dozens of panels right away, start with just one.

Focus your attention on understanding everything that panel has to offer. This way you can learn how to squeeze each available offer they have and then use this knowledge in each additional panel you join thereafter.

When you first register, try to start completing surveys immediately. No matter whether they are high paying or not, this will help to build your trust and reliability with the panel. It will also help to give them more information about your interests, which leads to them sending you more surveys in the future.

Examples from Mysurvey

Now, before we continue, please watch these videos carefully

These videos are from the official channel of MySurvey.

MySurvey alone paid over $16 million to their panelists last year alone, which makes it a site definitely worth your time.

Let’s discuss what we have in these videos.

  • The first video explains that you can make more money, if you place a camera on your PC.

This helps people to see your reactions, it’s easy enough to do and means that you can complete the exact same survey, but earn more.

Why don’t you try this? Of course at the end of the video, not surprisingly they told that they have no rights to disclose this video if you don’t agree (this is in terms of your privacy).

  • Next video explains that you can make more money by collecting stars obtained from completing more surveys.

MySurvey star system rewards their users with more money for the more surveys they complete. You don’t have to do anything special, just focus on completing more surveys for them, and build up those stars!

*TIP* You may wish to check the exact rules of their star system, understand exactly how it works so you can take full advantage of it, and in-turn increase those earnings!

The faster you can build up these stars, the faster you can start earning more for your time,  if not then you’re losing money each time you complete a new survey !

  • The next video explains how you can gain rewards without continuing to complete any surveys.

How would you feel if one day you opened your account to see “Congratulations, you have won $5,000!”? Of course the chances of this are very low, but the more survey panels you join, the higher chance you have of winning.

Let’s say you register with 10 panels, that could be 10 chances to win each year.

*TIP* Be careful not to waste your points on sweepstakes entries, try using panels that give you contest entries in addition to points.

Sometimes it is just as simple as expressing your interest in entering, other times there are specific requirements, such as “complete at least 5 surveys within a given month”.

We are going to call these special survey opportunities.

Special survey opportunities vary from each panel to the next. Keep in mind that the top survey sites regularly release these types of special offers, but you may need to check your account for them. Don’t always expect an email notification!

Most people don’t take full advantage of these extra ways to earn!

Most people don’t make much money with paid surveys because they don’t full advantage of these special opportunities! So we’re going to show you exactly how…

Of course the more time you put in, the more chance you have of receiving such rewards or opportunities, this means completing more surveys and remaining honest & consistent in your responses. Which we will discuss in the coming days.

Here Are Some of The Most Common Special Survey Opportunities:

  • Star systems.
  • VIP panelist.
  • Simply receiving more offers, or higher paying ones.
  • Winning sweepstakes. Most survey sites offer some form of reward sweepstakes. To be entered in their systems you typically have to answer minimum numbers of surveys.
  • Sending you a high pricing product to test/review and then they allow you to keep it. Tip: PineconeResearch send high expensive products for free to their serious members to test them.
  • Focus Groups – Paying from $50-$150 or more. They can be tricky to get hold of though… Read on to find our advice on increasing your chances with focus groups. Tip: Ipsos have great focus groups. Tip: Toluna always send high paying focus groups on their serious members.
  • Mobile Surveys – Shorter surveys you can complete on the move, sometimes come with additional opportunities/tasks to earn, such as download an app and then say how you felt about it. Tip: Mysurvey have great money surveys.
  • Searching the web – Don’t change what you do, change what you get. Get paid to search the web… How more easy could it be?  Not all survey sites offer this, an example of a site that does is Inbox Dollars.
  • Playing games – Why not get paid to play games you really enjoy, again most survey sites don’t offer paid games, however we will let you know about those that do…
  • Mystery shopping.
  • CashBack Offers. Do you want to shop with 10% discount from all big shops? Tip: Swagbucks have great cashback program.
  • Bonus Registration. Do you know that most of the survey panels offer you money only if you register? It’s only $5. But what if you register with 10 or even 100 companies in a day? Sounds better! Here we have created a list of all paid surveys with bonus for registration. Do you want to make over $100 today only for registration?
  • Contests. Most of the paid surveys offer contest. Some people can win great prizes. It’s rare but if you register with many survey companies, your chances are higher. In our table of best paid surveys we give more information on that.
  • Video paid surveys are on the rise.


How Do I Take Advantage of These “Special Opportunities”?

Now, you may be thinking exactly how to go about claiming some of these rewards.

There is no exact way that will guarantee you will get exact number of better offers for a given period of time. Each survey site is different to the next, and won’t necessarily offer the same offers as the next. Fortunately … there are many things that you can do to increase your chances, which we will discuss.

*TIP* These survey companies are ran by real people, not automated software that send you surveys. Although some of their processes are in-fact automated, for the most part, survey sites have a team of people who carefully monitor your behavior and decide what offers to send you.


Tips to Get Higher Paying Surveys

  • When registered, start completing surveys immediately. Survey sites probably won’t send you their highest paying offers at the start. Don’t be deterred by lower paying offers, instead use these as an opportunity to show your trust and value to the paying companies. As mentioned earlier these companies want to give you more surveys and pay you more money, because that makes them more money. But what they really want is quality and valuable answers, from trustworthy people. Also keep in mind that some lower paying offers also help you to qualify for higher paying offers. For Example: You complete one $3 offer for several minutes, but after that you receive invitation from the same company to participate in high paying focus group about the same products. So this survey offer was only the start and gives the company an idea as to your interests and whether they match with that of the product/company being advertised. Don’t expect this to necessarily happen with your first offer, but the more time you spend, the increased chances you have of this happening. That’s why it’s important to consider the smaller paying surveys too, and not just wait for the rest.*TIP* If you receive an invitation for any kind of high paying offer, follow up and register your interest immediately. High paying offers have limited quotas and are filled almost immediately.
  • Never give dishonest answers. There is often an assumption that you can get through surveys by giving the answer “they want to hear” and make easy money for nothing. This may be true, however panels will soon be catching up with you. In fact most of survey sites have a number of ways they can determine whether you are being honest or not. (We will cover more about this in the coming days). If a panel sees that you are trying to cheat or be “dishonest” there is a very good chance that you will end up losing your account (and all of the money in it), and you certainly won’t be getting those higher paying offers.
  • Fully complete your profile. This is essentially your first survey, where you tell the survey site about you, your interests and the things you like/dislike. Based on this information, you may or may not be sent certain surveys that match your interests. If you do not fully complete your profile, or do not keep it updated then you may not receive as many surveys as you could otherwise. Keep your survey responses after this point consistent, if you start giving different answers to that of inside your profile then you could end up being disqualified or banned. If you change your responses from one survey to the next, this is a sign that you are being dishonest and inconsistent.
  • Read and understand each individual website well! Opportunities are often missed because people do not understand the individual sites rules and regulations. If you want to ensure that you are fully up to scratch with everything you need to know, go to their FAQ section, you may even find new opportunities you didn’t know existed, or discover a way to improve your chances of receiving higher paying surveys. *TIP* All survey companies are different, so it’s important to understand how each of them works. Most survey sites have their own forums if not blogs where they regularly publish new opportunities and important information. This may seem like a lot of time to spend, when you could be straight out earning money. However it will definitely help you to earn more and lose less. When you consider that doing this with just one panel will give you the valuable experience and knowledge for many other panels, it’s certainly worth your time, and will ensure that you can complete surveys faster, more efficiently and more regularly receive higher paying offers.
  • What’s most valuable to you? It’s also important to extract the information most valuable to you, for example look out for news posts such as: “We launched a new star system, that will reward our panelists more”. Following their social accounts on Facebook & Twitter for example is also another way to monitor new programs and valuable information.
  • Read reviews from existing users. You can save a lot of time and learn how to increase your earnings from reading reviews about specific panels. Consider typing on Google “name of company” + “review”. You can also read reviews from some of the top panels on: We post plenty of information specific to each survey with the purpose of helping you to increase your earning opportunity. Feel free to search any top panel on our site to read an in-depth review.
  • Keep notes. You may find that you want to keep important notes about different panels, because they operate in different ways and offer different rewards to one another. Consider opening an excel or word file and write down the important information, such as the frequency of new surveys and sweepstakes, their point systems, minimum payouts, payment options and so on.
  • Don’t give up! One common mistake that people make is that they give up too easily, as mentioned earlier you need to stick at it to get the higher paying offers. Even if you don’t complete any surveys but wait for a better paying offer this is better than giving up all together!
  • Ask.If you don’t ask, you don’t get. There is nothing wrong in simply asking what is going on, if you have not received any invitations for a while let the survey company know. That way they also know you are an active and dedicated member. You may even discover something new that you didn’t already know, or some exclusive tips from the survey company themselves. Survey sites tend to send their highest paying offers to their most valued users, since they are being paid by companies, they want to be sure that anyone completing these surveys will provide quality answers. Make yourself known and let the survey company know you are serious. What’s the worst that could happen?
  • Earn money from your webcam (no it’s not what you think!) – A trend that is becoming more popular with survey sites is webcam surveys, they work in a similar way to ordinary text surveys but record your reactions to ads and questions. Any recordings are kept 100% anonymous and not shared with any third parties. *NOTE* You may need to “opt-in” top webcam surveys, otherwise you may not receive any invitations to them. MySurvey has a page for you to do this, however with some other panels you may need to wait to be contacted. To speed things up there is no harm in emailing the survey company to express your interest in webcam surveys. Do make sure first however that they actually offer them…(P.S. We’ll let you know about this…)
  • Complete surveys on the go – We now rely on our smartphones for so much in our daily lives, and thanks to faster mobile processors and 3g/4g Internet our mobiles are becoming increasingly important research tools when out and about. While you can expect that most of the top paying survey sites will at least have a mobile compatible website, they are starting to see the advantages of mobile apps. They are much more powerful, flexible and convenient. Users can easily access new surveys each day and complete them on their daily commute or while watching TV. Don’t expect every survey company to have a mobile app, and for now at least, most of their mobile surveys are invitation only. However you can expect in the coming years that mobile surveys will become even more commonplace. MySurvey for example has an option in your account settings to turn on mobile survey invitations, however other sites may not have this.

Types of Paid Mobile Surveys

  • Regular surveys – Simply put, regular surveys on a small screen.
  • Mobile diaries – This involves logging  experience of a product or service for example, over a defined period of time.
  • Mystery shopper surveys – Increasingly marketers are using consumers mobiles to survey information about many things.
  • Register only with the highest paying survey sites.You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by registering only with the highest paying survey sites, don’t waste time with low-paying sites that don’t have regular survey opportunities. Fortunately we have already done the hard work for you! Continue reading on to discover more of the top paying survey sites…
  • Express interest in focus groups – A large majority of the top paying survey sites also offer much higher paying focus groups to their users. These can pay anything from $30-$100 for your time, or even more!  So they are certainly worth trying.


How to High Paying Find Focus Groups and Make up to $150/hour?

Update! Read One Unique Trick That Will Increase Your Chances to Enter High-Paying Focus Groups 10 Times

Focus groups are often sent by special invitation and cannot be found by browsing their website ordinarily.

Invitations to focus groups most commonly come on the back of surveys you have completed. They will usually be about the same topic/product that the survey was about. They exist to get a better and “more intensive” response from users, in a concentrated setting.

Survey sites will select the best respondents for these special opportunities and will select a very limited number of people for them.

Tip: We would highly recommend you to check our post:

Top 10 Highest Paying Focus Groups

What can you do to increase your chances of an invitation?

  • Always give good quality responses and take your time.
  • Make yourself known in the community – Get involved in polls and share your opinion with others. A lot of survey sites have fun community areas where you can simply discuss topics with other members, although you may not earn from these they help to show the survey more about you and help them to trust you more.
  • Contact them – Again there is no harm in asking, make it known that you wish to participate in focus groups and ask them what you can do to improve your chances. Some survey sites will have different requirements and different things they look out for.
  • Be active, and the more surveys you complete, the higher chance you will have of being invited. Of course where some survey sites might only send you several new surveys per month, your chances are slim, so please do consider registering to more…
  • There isn’t really any science to it, so just keep on the lookout, and try some of our suggestions!

Opt-In to cookie tracking – Surveys can be on hundreds of different topics, one of the common themes is “did you see this ad”, “how did it make you feel”.  Improved Internet technology has meant that businesses can track this information much more seamlessly and provide a much more “personalized web experience”. Survey sites use cookie tracking to automatically determine which ads you have seen so they can then send you surveys related to those ads. Sometimes these surveys are higher paying, but opting-in will certainly help to increase the number of survey invitations you receive. Not all survey sites offer cookie tracking, you can find out if they do by visiting your on-site settings.

Mystery shopping – Mystery shoppers have long been relied upon to report on the goings-on inside high street stores & business premises. They survey businesses in their every day running to get a snapshot of how the staff operates, how efficient the business runs, how clean the premises are, how good the product knowledge is among staff, and so on. Traditionally mystery shoppers have been sourced by specialist agencies and market research organizations, however with the power of the web and mobile devices, mystery shoppers solve these important problems.

Why try mystery shopping?

  • Mystery shopping tasks sometimes pay you to buy a product, which you get to keep!
  • Get paid to go shopping, eat at restaurants and give your opinion on popular brands.
  • They are fun and quite easy to do, plus they can pay reasonably well!

Increasing your chances with mystery shopping

Just like focus groups, mystery shopping assignments can be sent to you on the back of surveys, if there is a need for them. Make sure to check first which survey sites actually offer mystery shopping as not many of them do.

What are companies looking for in mystery shoppers?

  • Someone with an analytical approach – If you can show in some way that you are good at taking something and analyzing it.
  • You may need to write up a report about your experience and you may need to focus on the key points you found, which will require a particular skill in writing.  If you can show this then you have a good chance.
  • A particular area of interest – Mystery shoppers tend to be people who already go shopping or eat regularly at restaurants, it’s not essential, but it shows you kind of know what you’re talking about.

There’s lots you could do.

When you look into it, there’s a lot you can do to increase your earnings with paid surveys, they are all perhaps small things but when coupled together make a powerful strategy.

The best advice is to register with one panel first, and follow some of the above steps:

  • Read their FAQ
  • Fully complete your profile
  • Start completing surveys and building “trust” straight away
  • Then from time to time read their blogs/forums, or social profiles for new information, tips & ways to earn as well as special opportunities & rewards etc…


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