How to Make Much More Money with Paid Surveys While Travelling ?
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How to Make Much More Money with Paid Surveys While Travelling ?

EPF April 14, 2017


Make use of free time when travelling.

Whether you plan to travel in the US or even abroad, there will always periods of free time between tours, sightseeing, or visiting friends and family. Why not take the opportunity to make some cash by using this time to participate in paid surveys of a particular nature, relating to the area where you may be.


Why paid surveys while travel? Why much more money? You’d ask … Let’s answer.

There are many surveys that are one time, but are local only ! The trick is that you can make much more but only one time! Got it? 

These local surveys are usual one-time offers such as focus groups, restaurant visits, and mystery shopping among others. All are worth pursuing as the surveys pay much more than the average paid surveys, some even up to $100 per hour. This is a great way to supplement your travel expenses.

So, the travel paid survey strategy that we present here, can be very beneficial if you use it correctly!

Of course, you will need your laptop or smartphone to make it work for you.


Plan ahead before you travel.

  • Be sure to register with many paid surveys. That way you can find much more local offers.
  • Be sure that you know where you want to go and then research local offers for the place or places you plan to visit and ask the survey panel to qualify.
  • Decide how long you may be in each place, or whether you will flexible and adjust your visit times as you go along. This will make it easier if you opt for focus groups or mystery shopping etc.
  • When you sign up for survey groups, opt for those who have focus group surveys as part of their program. If you have built up a reputation as a reliable panelist, let them know where you might be at a specific time, and offer your services. Focus group surveys pay the highest rates.

Pro Tip: Before your trip, make changes to your profile survey or let the survey panel know what you plan to visit this particular place. That way you will be qualified easier. Of course, do not post false information in your profile surveys, like that you live in the place that you plan to visit. Let them know that you plan to visit this place and ask what offers are available there.


How different one-off assignments work?

High-paying assignments are different to ordinary paid surveys, but the assignment will have all the specific details and requirements, which will avoid any confusion.

Here are details of 3 major projects with the best cash rewards:


  • Focus groups. A focus group is a panel which is used to obtain group feelings and opinions about products and services of companies and businesses. This can be done in person, if there is a focus group facility in your area, or in an online focus group, or via a smart phone or tablet. Getting a focus group invite in an area where you may be on your travels, could net you immediate payment of more than $100 per hour. Focus groups typically pay much more, in some case over $100 per hour, but unfortunately they are rare. If you visit another place, you have a great chance to get approved.
  • Mystery shopping is a popular tool used externally by companies in their market research projects. Usually the identity and intent of the shopper is not revealed to the chosen establishment. As a mystery shopper, you will be assigned shopping jobs where your goal is to pose as a genuine customer and experience what a normal customer would. As a shopper, you will be required to ask questions about the products, assess the service they provide, and maybe even buy products – for which you will be refunded. Detailed feedback of your experiences must then be submitted to the survey panel. To keep in line for an invite, let the panel know where you will be at a given time, ask for a mystery shopping opportunity. Again, the same rule here. Mystery shopping is high paying, but is rare. When you visit new place, you can quality one time easier.
  • Secret dining. The restaurant business is one of the most competitive when it comes to getting and keeping diners. The mystery diner is assigned to visit restaurants and pubs to assess the service, the food and drinks, as well as other specific areas of the establishment. It is a fantastic way of getting to know what customers think after having a meal in the particular restaurant. The staff are not made aware of the covert visit, as the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the time it took for the order to arrive, and whether the food was prepared to the satisfaction of the diner is also taken into consideration. The unbiased, detailed report gives valuable insight into what happens on a day-to-basis. As a mystery diner in addition to getting paid for your efforts, you would probably score a really top class meal.


Do it also for fun!

When you visit a new place, you probably plan to spend some money on a restaurant, to shop and so on. This is what everyone do. But why don’t you make some money.


In conclusion.

The amount of money you can make while travelling will always depend on how much legwork you put into the preparations, well before you take a trip. The key to success is to do the research for local opportunities in places you will be visiting, sign up with as many panels as you can, and build your reputation as a reliable panelist in order to get as many offers as possible.

Although you can continue completing the normal every day surveys to keep the rewards rolling in, be proactive by looking for local opportunities wherever you might be. The one-off local surveys that you may get, is where the real money is.

If your passion is completing surveys for extra cash, and you want to travel, don’t miss out on the chance of making cash by procrastinating, and not implementing steps to get in line for survey invites. Make every effort to get out there, and get known so you can stay busy with plenty of surveys-on-the-go to pocket some extra cash.

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