How to Register With a Panel, If the Registration is Closed?
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How to Register With a Panel, If the Registration is Closed?

EPF November 14, 2017

You have picked a great panel and now you want to register and start making money with them? But you go to their website, insert your correct information and then get a message that the registration is closed. So what now?

If the registration is not available, you can’t register. In this article we will give some more advanced tips on what to do in this case. But for the start, let’s discuss the reason behind that.

There are a few reasons for this to happen:

  • The registration is closed at this time and will probably be open later.
  • The panel accepts people, but at this time they probably don’t need anyone from your area, or anyone from your group, age and so on.
  • The panel doesn’t accept people from your country.
  • You have entered some incorrect information or you want to register with an e-mail that has already been used, probably by you some time ago.


So if you really want to register with this panel, here are a few tips from us on what you can do.


Try to Register Later

Some panels have a quota of people they are looking for. And if they reach this quota, they close the registration for a period of time. So if you try to register again later, you can have success. Pro tip: Try to register at the very beginning of the next month. Many panels limit their quotas per month. For example, they need 1000 people from California this month and if they have them on 10th of this month, they will close the registration. Then, during the next month, it is very typical for them to open the registration again and that is your chance to get there.

Use Another E-mail Address

It’s possible that you tried to register with this panel some time ago. And they probably already have your details in their system. In this case, open a new e-mail, but not fake, of course, and try to register again.

Message Them

You can explain the situation and ask them if the registration is available to you or not. If not, ask them why. When you are able to, try registering with them again. In many cases you will get a response.

Get an Invitation

Many panels accept people with an invitation. An example of an invitation-only panel is Pinecone Research. This is one of the most popular panels that accept people only with invitations. We, for example, have invitations for their site that people can use to register there. Do you know a person who is already registered with this panel? If so, then you can ask them to ask the panel and get an invitation for it. In some cases this can work. You can also search for panel name and invitation.

Ask Them Publicly

If you ask them in an e-mail, chances that they will answer are low. But in case you ask them on their public platforms, then it is much more likely that they will reply. This can be social media, forums, blog comments and so on.


Don’t do Some of These Things


Don’t Use Fake Details or Proxy

Many people use incorrect details when they register. They even use a proxy or fake Paypal. This is not allowed, not legit. And you definitely won’t get access to the panel. Even if you find a way to register, they will find out that you are not a real person and will ban your account and all of the money in it. It’s jut a matter of time.

Try Our List of Surveys in Over 100 Countries

In case a panel doesn’t accept registration from your country, you can try our list with other panels that accept people from your country.

Don’t Pay and Complete Offers to Get an Invitation

Scammers are all over the Internet. Many people will tell you ‘Pay me money and I will provide an invitation for you’ or ‘Complete this offer and you will get an invitation’. These are scams. People only want to scam you to make money, and you won’t get the invitation. Survey panels don’t have an interest in people paying other people to get registered. If you find similar cases, please report them to us.

Register with Other Panels

If you really can’t register with a panel, you have to know that this is not the only panel that exists. On our site we have a long list of many other panels that you can make money with. Don’t wait.


If you have more ideas about how people can register with a panel if the registration is closed, please post a comment.

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