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What is Product Testing

EPF April 24, 2017

What is Product Testing?

Product testing is one type of paid surveys. Companies pay you to give your opinion on their products. The great part is that some of these companies will give you their products to test them and in most of the cases these products are your after that. In exchange for your feedback, they may send products free of charge for you to test, or you could be required to complete an online survey for which will be paid.

Either way, product testing is a great way to make money, or earn rewards such as vouchers for stores such as Amazon, electronic gadgets, personal hygiene products, books, clothing – and of course some hard cash.

The kinds of products you can expect will vary and may include cosmetics, health products, certain food items, toothpaste, soaps, and other times might be digital or tech items. However, the goods on offer will always be subject to change as new products come out.


Some Great Panels That Offer Product Testing:

If you want to get involved in product testing, knowing which sites offer the best deals, is a good way to go.

Here are some of the most trusted product testing sites:

  • Toluna. To receive free gifts for testing, visit the testing area, (which is under rewards) and apply to test their gifts. If you are selected (which is chosen at random) they will send you the product, that you can keep in exchange for completing the survey about this product. They are one of the best sites for getting rewards for your views.
  • BzzAgent is a site dedicated to product testing and marketing which have specific campaigns you can apply after sign up. Then you can begin to completing surveys. More surveys you complete, the greater your chances you will be of getting invites to gifts testing campaigns. This is a popular site and the rewards are excellent.
  • Ipsos i-say is a top-rated survey site that also offer gift testing. They are excellent all-round site with many ways, including gift testing. They are highly recommended.
  • iPoll is also a reputable survey panel site. They have an innovative mobile app which gives you access to surveys, tasks and gift testing opportunities, while on the go. Wherever you are, you can check for tasks to complete, survey invites and products to test and review. It is interesting to note that you get $5 just for signing up with them.
  • UserTesting is not your usual product testing site, but it is a site where you can earn decent cash rewards. You will not be testing gifts, instead you will be testing and giving reviews of websites. When you sign up you have to complete a test review, and if it goes well, you will be sent sites to review from time to time. You will be paid $10 into your Paypal account for each review you submit.  


Product Testing Tips

To increase your chances of getting invites, sign up with as many sites as you can, but make sure that they are legitimate and reputable.

  • Don’t be sure that only because you sign up for product testing you will automatically receive a gift to test. It works the same as other survey panel invites and the key to successful invites is to keep trying.
  • Be selective in the products you choose. Don’t get carried away by signing up for any offer you can find – it will be a waste of time. For example, if you are a young guy who has no experience with baby products, don’t apply for any to test.
  • Companies keeps records of who they send products to for testing, so always give your feedback, if you get any to try out. If you do not follow-up with the company, you will not have a chance of getting any further product testing invites.
  • When you sign up with a product testing site, always check on a regular basis to see what is available. If you don’t, you will be unlikely to receive anything at all – so keep checking in!


Another Great Tip from EliteSurveySites:

There are sites known as supermarket home panels, which are very different from the usual survey panels. These sites specialize in product testing and the rewards offered are always generous. One such site is the Home Tester Club.com/US.

The benefits they offer include:

  • 100% uncensored product reviews.
  • Advice about the latest products on the market, which often leads to exciting new reviews.
  • There are monthly “learn and win competitions” with great rewards.
  • The club often holds product trials where free gifts are send to members to test and give feedback.

If you want to join the Home Tester Club, submit your information to begin the registration process. It is absolutely free to join.


Stay Involved

Invitations for product testing surveys are less frequent than those of ordinary surveys and the invitations will normally come online. Don’t stop doing the usual panel surveys as with some sites, product testing invites are often linked to normal surveys.

Stay involved and complete as many surveys as you can to boost your chances of invitations to product survey campaigns, to be in line for free products and great rewards.


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