Report: What EliteSurveySites Did for You in 2017
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Report: What EliteSurveySites Did for You in 2017

EPF Last Update: May 28, 2019

EliteSurveySites is a site designed to help people make money with paid surveys. For those of you who know us, you know that we work in an advanced way. We are not just a random blog about paid surveys. Our mission is to make a difference in the world of paid surveys.

We did many things, but in this post we will mention only the most important ones. In this article, we wanted to report to you what we did in 2017.


We Have Posted The Best Paid Survey Sites by User Rating

In this article, we posted all top and legit paid survey companies by panelists’ votes. We asked about 1,000 people about their favorite panels and listed them exactly by their votes. This is something that not many other sites do. Most other sites only offer surveys based on the money that they get when someone registers. We are not here for this. We are here to help people make more money. Therefore, this is a really important list. Note also that the list is constantly updated. You can still vote and we periodically review your votes and report the latest ranking. Our ranking model is included in the article, so for people who are interested to learn more, you can read it there.


Legit Paid Surveys in Over 100 Countries

When we started this blog, there were not many surveys available to people living all over the world. Most of the top companies operate mainly in the US. Some of them also operate in Canada and the United Kingdom. But if you were not from these countries, it was a problem. And we have to say that many people asked us about this, but unfortunately we couldn’t give an answer. Now is the moment to say again that we are sorry about this. We really wanted to help all people, but this was not possible, because we didn’t know of any legit surveys in their countries. Finally, this list changed the situation. Now, after significant research, we completed a list with legit survey panels in over 100 countries. Note that we did know some panels in other countries, but we were not sure about their legitimacy. On our site, we post panels only if we are sure that they are legit and free to register. Now, after many years of testing and discussing with people who make money with these companies, we completed the largest list of worldwide surveys. And we update it constantly. Also, in this article, you will find tips on what to do if your country is not listed.


The First Surveys about Paid Surveys

How many blogs about paid surveys do you read? Could be many, but probably only some of them. Tell us, how many of these people truly care about you, about the real problems that you have with these companies? We do. After getting over 40,000 registrants on our site newsletter, we decided to ask our users over 30 detailed questions. And over 1,000 of them agreed to reply to us. Here are the surveys.

No one else has done this till now.

This has helped us better understand your problems and start working hard again to try to solve some of them. The surveys are still open, so you can always vote. Periodically, we check for changes. This helps us know your opinion better.

And here are the results:

After a month of surveying people, we launched the results.

When we get a lot of new answers or see significant changes in some of the questions, we will release new results again.


Basic Guide on Paid Surveys

Have you heard of Paid Surveys Cash – our advanced guide?

You can get it for free and learn how to make money with paid surveys. It is over 70 pages long and this is definitely a problem for some people who don’t have time to read it. When we wrote it, we wanted to get into all details about paid surveys. But unfortunately, many people complained about its length and they didn’t have time to read it. They wanted money and they wanted it fast. For these people, we designed a new guide that is still advanced and very helpful. In this guide, people can still learn almost everything about paid surveys. But this guide is short, which is a great benefit. It takes about 10 minutes to read it and after that, you can start making money instantly. Still, even though this newbie guide is a great start, we highly recommend Paid Surveys Cash to people who want to get into more details.


We Have Verified and Reviewed Many New Legit Panels

Our work is not only to post the latest panels, but also to verify them. We register with every panel, just like you, to be sure that they are legit, reliable and that they actually have offers for you. New panels are launched very often and this year we have posted a review of many of them. You can expect many more soon.


Many Changes in Our List of Best Paid Surveys

People who read our blog know that we have a ranking system where we include surveys of our choice. In addition, we have one more ranking system by user rating. Here, our main criteria is your votes, but we still use other factors, like our personal experience with panels and so on. People who visit us often know that we have updated this ranking many times. Almost every time we make a change, we get positive or negative feedback from people. Note that this list is constantly updated. Here we want to provide only the best panels online.


Changes in Our Ranking Model

After launching our surveys, we started to use people’s votes as the main factor. Still, we make some other changes and you can review in more detail how we rank survey panels here:


A Lot of Work with People

Almost every day, we receive questions from people. We value all questions and work seriously to answer them correctly. This goes to all the people who have questions for us – feel free to ask.


Changes in Our Review Team

When we started EliteSurveySites, we had only few people who worked on verifying panels. Now, after we started to grow, we increased our team and now we operate in over 10 countries. Note that we also hire freelancers to test panels for us. You can read how we verify panels in detail in the previous article about how we rank panels.


Of course, we did many other things, but these were the most important for us.


Now we ask you. What else do you want to find on our site? We have many ideas, but we would really prefer to know what you want from us. How can we help? Let us know in the comments below.

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