Report A Survey Panel

ESS July 30, 2017

You had a bad experience with a survey panel? With a survey panel listed at EliteSurveySite … ? We are so sorry. Although we do our best to provide list with the best companies, they are thirty parties companies. No one can take guarantees for companies that are not his.

Please report them to us. If the reports are not significant, we will only change their ranking on our site. If the reports are significant, we will delete them from here.

Note, if any company scam people, they will be deleted from our site. We won’t agree to list them, even if they pay us.

EliteSurveySites is a survey directory, designed for You! We try giving you the best survey panels. Here we want to help people make more money with paid surveys.

What else …? Unfortunately EliteSurveySite is NOT a dispute site. There are sites like BBB, where you can report them and prove that you have been scammed. Report them, help people know that a survey company scam people. Please give us the link of your report, we will read carefully the case.

How to report a site at EliteSurveySites?

It’s easy! Complete the form below. Give us the name of the panel and details what happen.


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