Elite Survey Sites Studies and Statistics 2017

ESS July 30, 2017

Welcome To The First Surveys about Paid Surveys! People Share What They Think About Paid Surveys!


Studies about Paid Surveys August 2017

How Do Our Surveys Work?

We do this slightly different from other sites. What other people typically do is release a survey, then they buy a lot of traffic and they release the results. Our surveys will be open for a long time. We even do not plan to close them. And we do not do that fast by paying for traffic. Yes, we can, but we don’t. Why is that different?

  • We rely only on our audience. That way, we get answers from people who visit our site.
  • Our surveys are open for a long time, and this means that people can always vote. Not only will we provide the results when we get about 300 answers, but we will always track the changes as well. We plan to update them one time per few months or when we find some interesting changes.


  • Although it is early to report results because we don’t have a lot of votes (still fewer than 100), we have found that PayPal payment is widely preferred. This is definitely one of the questions that we will redirect to all survey companies that we work with. After the survey is completed, we will let them know what you want them to change and they will probably do that. We will also let you know what companies have decided to make some changes. Ok, but … Let’s say that in few years, 99% of the survey companies start providing PayPal payment option. Then, people will surely stop requesting that and our survey results will probably be different. Then people will probably start requesting faster payment or more high paying offers. And this is definitely a change that we will check carefully.
  • Let’s say that now one company receives many positive votes. Let’s say that this company starts scamming people in time. So, their results will change a lot. And we will instantly decrease their ranking on our site if the complaints are not significant. Or if we find significant complaints, we will delete them from our site. (Note, for people that know our working style, we don’t post scam on our site. Even if people offer us money, we don’t risk our reputation).

Now you probably understand why we don’t plan to close our surveys.

Why Complete Our Surveys?

There are no similar surveys. We have done our research and it seems that NO ONE has been doing similar surveys. People who offer you to make money with paid surveys always explain how much you can make by doing them, give information how much other people make and so on … Do you know that most of these people haven’t completed a single survey in their whole life? And even if some of them have, still … what is the truth? I can make $1,000 a month, you can make $100, other people $0. We at EliteSurveySites have decided to finally find out what YOU will tell about paid surveys. Please complete our surveys so that we get the information faster.

Also, when you complete the surveys:

  • You help us improve our site.
  • We know better what you want from us, what you prefer to read on our site.
  • We have a specific section that is related to how paid survey companies can improve their systems for YOU and when we get the answers about what you want them to change, we will redirect your answers to them. Some of them will change some things. That way, you are in the process of building the survey companies. For example, although we don’t have a lot of answers, we have found that many people ask for Paypal option and faster payment options. And when survey companies learn that, some of them will include it.
  • We understand where the weak points are and we will find ways to improve them.

Note! The surveys that we post are absolutely NON-PROFIT! We do not plan tricks like posting some scam banners over it one day and things alike. The idea is to survey our audience and know better what you want from us and other survey companies.

Please, help us complete the surveys faster. How? Share this link with your audience:


Post it on your blog and social media channels. That way, you will drive traffic to this link and ask people to complete our surveys.

Thank You!

Elite Survey Sites Team