SurveyBods UK Review

SurveyBods UK Review

EPF April 21, 2017

About SurveyBods

Survey Bods is a survey panel based in the UK, with only people residing in the UK eligible for membership. They are currently partnered up with several big companies around the world to assist them with market research on various products and services. Two of the biggest companies they work with which come to mind, are Nickelodeon and MTV.

Anyone over the age of 16 in the UK can join Survey Bods by completing the registration form online via a PC, laptop, smartphone or any other digital device. Only one account per person is allowed, and if multiple accounts are detected, these will be removed and any rewards earned will be forfeited.

The information you provide is held in absolute privacy, and they guarantee not to pass on any of your contact details to anyone else. You will also not receive any junk e mails as a result of signing up with the panel.


What Types of Surveys Do They Offer?

Firstly, there are the profile surveys in members’ accounts. If you complete these they are worth 50 points each. The profiles are to ensure that you get the most relevant surveys possible, and reduce the chances of not being qualified.

The surveys you will be invited to do, vary quite a bit in terms of subject matter and length. However all the surveys sent out are checked to ensure they are suitable and contain appropriate subject matter.

Each survey usually starts with questions that will establish whether you are part of the group needed for the study. If you don’t qualify, you will be screened out and rewarded with a ticket, which is an entry into the monthly prize draw. The top cash prize is £100.

Even if you do qualify for a particular survey, you are at liberty to decide whether or not you want to complete the survey.


Rewards and Payouts

The surveys pay between £1 – £4, and are easy and quick to complete. Two hundred points is equivalent to £2, and when you reach 1500 points you can request a payout.

There is a choice of 2 payout systems, either an Amazon gift card, or cash direct into your bank account. It takes about 5 days for the e mail with the vouchers to reach you, but up to 3 weeks for the cash to reflect in your account.

Survey Bods has a loyalty program whereby when you reach a certain amount of completed surveys, you unlock badges and bonuses. The more surveys you complete, the more bonuses and prizes you will receive.

If you join through their Facebook page, Survey Bods allow you a reward of £3 for signing up.


The Advantages of Survey Bods

  • 200 bonus points for completing the 4 personal profile surveys.
  • The surveys pay well and are easy to complete.
  • The site is one of the top UK sites when it comes to surveys and rewards.
  • It is rated by the majority of users as a good site who pay well.
  • They respond to problematic issues and try to help, sometimes awarding extra points for trouble a panellist might have experienced.
  • Automatic entries into monthly prize draw – the more surveys you complete, the more entries you get.
  • A unique loyalty bonus that rewards panellists with a panel status in the form of badges awarded from a bronze level to gold. The higher you go, the more bonuses and prizes you receive.


Some Disadvantages

  • The main complaint by users is that surveys are sometimes in short supply, and because the demographics are so specific, panellists are often disqualified.
  • Another complaint is that it takes too long for redeemed cash to be paid into bank accounts – up to three weeks, and up to 5 days to receive the e mail with the gift vouchers.
  • There is one member who reported that after registering, she did not receive one survey in 3 months. She subsequently cancelled her membership.
  • There have been complaints that the 1500 points payout is too high.
  • Some members have also noted that at times they have been disqualified when quite far into the survey. They find it time-wasting and a source of irritation.



In general, most members seem to be satisfied with their experience working for Survey Bods. The site is appealing to the eye, and very easy to navigate.

They are rated as one of the best survey panel payers in the UK, signing up is relatively easy, and if you complete your personal profile surveys, you stand a better chance to get surveys more regularly.

The main drawback seems to be the amount of time it takes to get money paid into your bank account. Many members feel that 3 weeks, and in some instances a month, is excessive in view of the fact that the banks are all local in the UK.

There is also some dissatisfaction about the number of survey invites that are received.

Survey Bods is a good site – but it could be better.

It has been rated as 3.5 stars out of 5!


Contact Information

SurveyBods Panel Manager
2 Riverside Way
Whitehall Waterfront

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