Surveys for Money That Pay Cash Bonus – What’s the Catch?
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Surveys for Money That Pay Cash Bonus – What’s the Catch?

EPF February 24, 2018

Surveys have a reputation of online businesses that don’t pay too much. Simply put, people can’t make a lot of money with them. Many legit sites like ours will not tell you that you can become rich through paid surveys. A few days ago, we posted a list of surveys paying for registration only. The total amount of money that people can make is over $100 if you register with all of them. And you can do this in a day or even less. Many people ask us: Is that really true? In case surveys don’t pay a lot of money, what if I can get money for registration only? Is this a scam? Is there any catch?

And the answer is: It’s true. These surveys will really pay you money for registration, but there are actually a few catches. If you read this article, you will find them briefly explained at the end of it. But now, let’s describe them carefully. You know that we at EliteSurveySites have always tried to give 100% correct information without scamming people.

In brief, you will really see all this money in your survey panel accounts, but they won’t be in your bank account. Now, let’s describe that thoroughly.

When we say that you can earn money for registration only, what will most of you do? At least 10% of you will instantly think: Lol, $100 to register with 30 sites. I will do this today! Tomorrow, I will use a fake account, the next day proxy, and other fake accounts and go on like that forever… But survey companies won’t allow this. You can’t do it because they have a way to prevent it. To protect their companies and business, each of these panels has its ways to prevent this from happening.

In brief, they give this registration bonus to stimulate more people to register with them. They want more people registered with them, real people who will complete their surveys. They don’t want people with fake accounts, people who are only there to get their bonus and then never come back. Note that our site has always worked hard to prevent people from being scammed by survey sites. But likewise, we work to prevent survey companies from being scammed by people. We really want to have a community of the best survey companies that pay to people, but also survey panelists who are honest and are there to actually answer surveys and thus make money. So, we highly recommend that you don’t try to scam companies, open fake accounts, use proxies and so on.

So, what’s the catch with this $100 bonus that you can make in less than a day if you decide to do what we recommend – register with all companies in a day?

  • It is a one-time offer only. If you make $100 today, this doesn’t mean that you can repeat this every day. Ok, it’s only once, but it’s not a bad offer. You complete some tasks and at the end of the day you get $100. Why not?
  • This money won’t be in your bank account at the end of the day. This money will be stored in your accounts that you have with these companies and it will stay there until you have the right to cash it, which we will later explain.
  • You won’t be able to cash this bonus because of the fact that survey companies have a minimum payout threshold which is higher than the bonus you already got. Say, for example, that a company offers a registration bonus of $10. But the company also has a withdraw limit of $30. So, you will have to actually complete other tasks with this same company: paid surveys, play games, search the web, complete offers and so on, before you make $30. Only then can you get these $30. This is a great thing for both sides ‒ for you and for them. You have a bonus and they have a client who really wants to complete surveys and make money through their website. But you will also make them money because this is what these companies are paid for. This is a great and very easy way for them to determine if you are serious. If you are, they will be happy to give you bonus.
  • Some companies use a more advanced algorithm to determine if you are real or you use proxies, fake accounts and so on. They don’t reveal their algorithm, but if you are a person who wants to scam them only, they will definitely find it out, block you and get all of the money from your account.
  • Some sites require you to complete a required number of tasks before they give you the bonus. One such company is Swagbucks. They will pay you the bonus instantly after you make 2500 Swagbuck points. That way, they verify that you are a real panelist and are not there for their bonus only.
  • Some of the companies actually require you to complete some tasks before you get the bonus. For example, some companies will require you to register, complete your entire registration and verify it. But other companies also want you to complete your profile survey, which is a part of your registration process. A profile survey is the initial survey that you are required to complete. In it, you mention more specific things about yourself, like if you have a car, if you visit restaurants often, your level of education and so on. Many people don’t like this type of questions because they are more personal. However, they are very important because that way, a survey company finds out more about you and can match you with the best surveys available to you later on.

Obviously, there are many catches. So, if you are a person who only wants to scam them and find a way to repeatedly take these bonuses, you will waste your time. Don’t do that. Instead, find ways to make some real money.

What are the actual benefits of these bonuses?

  • You are stimulated to register with more panels. This gives you the opportunity to find more offers and complete the best ones.
  • When you register, you automatically become eligible for their contests. Let’s say that you register with 30 panels and each of them has one or more contests per month. This significantly increases your chances to win prizes. It might happen only once, but the money is great.
  • You are stimulated to start working with them more seriously if the minimum payment requirement is higher than the bonus.
  • You can promote their referral programs and make more money from people that you refer.

In brief, bonuses have many positive sides. They are designed to stimulate people to register, do surveys and make more money with a survey panel. And to some extent, they do all these things.

Registration with a number of survey panels that pay money for registration only is one great way to make over $100 in a day. We are working to give you many more ways that will increase your earnings with paid surveys. So, stay with us. We really want to help you make more money with surveys. You can expect many more strategies from us every day.

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