SurveySpot Review - Legit or Scam Survey Panel?

SurveySpot Review – Legit or Scam Survey Panel?

EPF January 13, 2015

All people loves the chance to earn some side income on the World Wide Web and completing surveys also happens to be one of the most popular work-from-home jobs out there. That being said, there are plenty of survey and opinion websites out there that pay you for your time when you complete their surveys. The one in the spotlight today is SurveySpot.

Is SurveySpot legit?

There’s no such thing as being too careful and it’s only natural to be suspicious because after all, who wants to spend their time on a site that isn’t legitimate and won’t pay you for your time, right? SurveySpot is actually part of a very reputable company called Survey Sampling International which was formed in 1977. They have continued to grow and is now one of the leaders in the paid surveys industry. They are basically one of the top companies that perform and present market research for their clients and they are definitely not a scam.

What sort of surveys does SurveySpot conduct?

Essentially Surveyspot was formed to primarily undertake online surveys that are related to a myriad of topics such as household items, movies, shows on tv, technology, gaming and much more. You definitely won’t have a lack of topics that interest you and where you could get paid for sharing your opinion.

It’s all about making yourself open to the requirements of this type of side income job that makes you more likely to earn some money and everyone loves to share their opinion about the things they love.

At SurveySpot, you will feel a sense of belonging knowing that the company behind it is reputable and they have provided you with a great platform that encourages you to share your thoughts, feelings, concerns and complaints about any topic you may have.

They also provide the opportunity for members to participate in actual product testing or join a focus group for intense discussions. The former is great for people who love tinkering with some of the latest toys and products before anyone else in the country can buy them. You will be in charge of sharing your opinion on how the product works and whether you think others might buy them. If you’re lucky, you may even be allowed to keep the product and be paid at the same time for your opinions!

Focus groups on the other hand, require you to participate in a discussion group which can discuss a variety of topics. You will sometimes be required to answer questions from an interviewer alone and sometimes you will need to participate in a group activity. Whatever you need to do, you will agree that this beats sitting around at home all day in front of the computer, waiting for a survey invitation to appear in your mail’s inbox. Furthermore, focus groups can be a fun way to meet new people.

Who is eligible to sign up and join SurveySpot?

At the moment, SurveySpot only offers its panel membership to legal residents of the United States and Canada who are above 18 years of age upon registration. However, you are still free to participate in their surveys provided but you will still need to be qualified as the right candidate before you will be given a survey to complete. It takes perseverance and you will be tried in the hardest of times but as long as you don’t give up, you still stand a chance to earn some money from this review site!

How many survey invitations are sent out on a monthly basis?

When it comes to surveys, you need to understand that the company’s clients are looking for people within their target market who they want to hear from. That’s why invitations are sent out only to selected members of SurveySpot who qualify under the predefined criteria. It is believed that there are close to 20 survey invitations which are sent out on a monthly basis.

If you don’t receive them, don’t worry and continue to wait patiently. Your opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions will appear eventually. However, if you do receive the invitations then you will need to act on them as quickly as possible as most surveys have a time limit before they stop accepting entries.

Obviously, if you do not reply to the surveys within the allocated time then will lose the chance to earn some money from it. Always keep an eye on your mailbox and when you see an email invitation from SurveySpot, try to complete it as quickly as you possibly can to secure your winnings.

How long does a survey typically last?

As mentioned above, the breadth of a survey varies from one another and your progress will also be determined by how you answer the survey. If you do not provide answers that are deemed as relevant to the company doing the research, then your survey will immediately end and you will be given only a partial amount of earnings from the survey.

Typically each survey that you are invited to participate in will require about 20 minutes of your time to complete fully. However, there are some surveys which require you to sit around watching a trailer and that could take up to half an hour or so.

If you’re going to start doing a survey the one thing you should always do before you click the ‘Begin’ button is to read what the survey consists of. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the survey, what they might be looking for, and most importantly what is required from you to complete it. The better prepared you are, the more likely you will be able to stick around until the end of the survey so that you can collect your reward points.

How does SurveySpot reward me?

Here comes the answer you’ve been waiting for. When it comes to online surveys, many companies often require you to cash out your points and redeem them as either cash or vouchers before a certain time limit. SurveySpot’s system allows you to gain an immense amount of points, sometimes up to 100 per survey and you only need a minimum of 1000 points to cash out $10!

They pay via Paypal and best of all you are also given a variety of forms on how you can redeem your points. For example, instead of requesting for a cash payout, you can choose to Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, or even airline miles! With SurveySpot, you are not only given the opportunity to earn as much as you want but you will be able to decide how you want to spend your earnings as well!

The Final

While it is true that there exists many survey sites out there that eventually prove to be nothing more than mere scams. They not only cheat a person out of their time and effort but they also promise users the heaven and earth to entice them to register. Thankfully SurveySpot is no such thing and they are always true to their word.

They have given members of the Internet a chance and a place to share their opinions and reviews while being paid at the same time. If you are lucky in earning a lot of points each time and are constantly being offered new invitations to more surveys, there is no reason why you can’t make a very decent living off of this job.

If that’s what you want out of completing surveys online, then join SurveySpot today and begin your journey to realize a career in this industry as a full time survey. In due time, you will be able to release yourself from the demands of a day job and work from home anytime you want.

Contact Information

Survey Sampling International, LLC
6 Research Drive
Shelton, Connecticut 06484.
Attn: Legal Department

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