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Types of Surveys

EPF November 9, 2014

Most people think that surveys are very simple and they have limited capability to earn.  In actual fact, there are many different types of paid surveys and opportunities that online research panels offer to their members.

In this article we will discuss the different types of online surveys for money that you can look out for.  Try these different surveysto increase your earnings and earn more money from paid surveys.


  1. Profile Surveys

Profile surveys are a vitally important part of any survey site and are the first surveys that you should complete when joining any panel.   These profile surveys help the research panel to send you the right surveys that match your criteria.

The types of questions that you might be asked include:

  • Information about your work and living arrangements
  • Your hobbies
  • The regular services that you pay for, for example cable TV, broadband, mobile phone contracts etc.

Without completing these profile surveys may mean that you do not qualify for a lot of surveys and that you miss out on a lot of survey invitations.

Profile surveys are quite short, with each between 1-3 minutes, overall they should take no more than 10 minutes to complete all of them.

Not all survey panels pay you for completing their profile surveys, some offer sweepstakes entries, some give you a small bonus for completing them.

You can usually find any incomplete profile surveys in your account settings on each survey site.


  1. Ordinary Surveys

First off, most people will be very familiar with ordinary paid surveys.  These usually work whereby a member registers to an online panel and completes some profile questions to allow them to start receiving these surveys.

Ordinary paid surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete on average, some less, some more.  Each 10 minute survey typically pays between $1 to $3 on average, although this depends on the particular survey panel that you join.


  1. Daily polls

Daily polls are quick, one answer questions that some survey panels offer each day in addition to their ordinary surveys.

An example might be “what do you prefer, tea or coffee?”.

Mysurvey includes a daily “mini poll”, which gives members 5 sweepstakes entries each time they respond.    You might find that you won’t earn any extra cash for them, however it takes seconds to respond each day, and you could be winning thousands as a result!!

Toluna also rewards their members for taking part in their online community, which includes regular member polls.

Pinecone Research is a great panel with many offers.


  1. Mobile surveys

Mobile surveys are growing in popularity as our smartphone devices become more and more sophisticated.  Currently a small number of survey panels offer mobile surveys, however this number seems to be rising fast.

Mobile surveys are often much quicker and shorter than ordinary surveys, and of course they pay less money because of this.

Typically you can expect to earn between $1-$4 for each mobile survey you complete.  Although it may be a smaller amount than standard online surveys it does mean that you can earn money from surveys anywhere, any time of the day.   If you’re on a train journey, or on a short coffee break.

However it’s not just shorter & more convenient surveys that mobile offers.  Research panel iPoll includes what they call “missions” within their app.  These missions pay around $5 on average and ask users to go to shops & report on things such as the customer service and their experience in the store, or take pictures within the store for example.


  1. Webcam surveys

Webcam surveys are a relatively new type of online survey.  They tend to pay slightly more than ordinary surveys and don’t take much time/effort to complete.  All you really need to do is make sure you have a working webcam and then watch an advertisement for example, so that the survey panel can gauge your reactions to it.

Webcam surveys are often an “opt-in” thing, meaning you need to specify in your account settings that you are happy to take part.  Then it’s just a case of waiting to receive an invitation to one.

They are completely anonymous and only used for research purposes, nothing more..  It won’t be for everyone, but it is certainly worth considering to get many more survey invites each week.


  1. Product testing

Product testing surveys give survey takers the chance to try and in some cases keep a range of products, including (on occasion) some high priced ones.

Product testers are asked to answer a few questions on the product, in some cases being paid to do so.

The types of products you can expect to receive can vary, sometimes they are cosmetics, or health products, other times they are high priced tech products.

Product testing surveys are much less frequent than ordinary surveys and will usually be invitation online.

The best chance you can have of receiving invitations to product tests are to complete each survey invitation you are given.   Product tests are usually linked to ordinary surveys.

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