Understand Paid Surveys Disqualification
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Understand Paid Surveys Disqualification

EPF January 17, 2014

We all are looking for new yet easy ways to make more money because there is no such thing as too much money. Participating in an online paid survey is one of the most convenient methods to earn a few extra cash in one’s spare time. However, volunteering in a paid survey is a more of a tricky business than it seems. Many a time it so happens that when candidates apply for a paid questionnaire, they are immediately denied or rejected without being given a solid reason at times. The act of getting denied from the survey is known as survey disqualification and can happen to anyone who is not following the right steps. Let this be a tour to all your questions about the questionnaire industry.


To understand the mechanics of the disqualification process, one must go behind the scenes and figure out the reason for a particular or any disqualification. The important thing to know beforehand is the fact that you cannot force a survey company to select or approve you but you can make yourself appealing by meeting their needs and making yourself look like a good candidate. The reasons of rejections are divided into two categories for better grasping. One category is where you can do something about the rejections and the other is the one you have simply no control over at all.

Sometimes when a candidate has filled out the entire survey, he or she gets to know after submitting it whether they have been approved or disqualified. This can be extremely frustrating when you have spent a lot of time filling it out. The reason for this is, mainly, the fact that the survey conductors believe you were not paying your full attention during the survey. Conductors are looking for answers with top quality that will help process into valuable information. Therefore when a candidate gives out answers that are inconsistent and/or incomplete, they avoid taking risks and reject the sample as whole. Hence, maintain coherence in your answers and make sure you have answered each and every question without overlooking. Another good idea is to take up the average recommended time for the survey. A participant filling out the entire questionnaire in few minutes when others complete it in half an hour, it gives the impression that the answers were given out in haste.

Talking about overlooking, let us not ignore the reasons a participant has no control over. These reasons are simply related to demographic and specifications. There are surveys that require information from certain types of people such as strictly women, men, teenagers, blondes etc. You will receive a disqualifying notification if you apply on a survey whose qualifications you do not meet. This is just like when one applies for a job; a doctor cannot fill the shoes of a lawyer and hence is rejected if he applies for the job. Now there are surveys being conducted for a specific product and only the people who have used the product more than once are admissible. If you have not consumed or used the product more than once, you will not be allowed to enter the survey because your feedback on it would be meaningless. At times when you are given the permission to participate, you get rejected after completion. This is probably because the survey needed, let’s say, a hundred people and you were the ninety-eighth one, you took up so much time during the survey that other people had already filled and submitted their results. The only thing you can do for this is to improve on the time taken for answering questions.

We live in a world that has no strict black and white scenario anymore; there are grey parts where the black and white combine. Meaning to say that there is also a reason that falls in neither of the two categories; it may be just a mistake. If you have completed a questionnaire and it has been accepted but you still do not get rewarded as promised, there might have been a glitch somewhere in the system. For such occurrences, calmly contact the survey panel and let them know the issue you experienced. The key in contacting the survey panel is to be courteous and not lose your temper and accept whatever solution they provide. It is also a good idea to mention the survey number, name or any distinguishing details that will help them process faster and more efficiently.


Every gem needs a little polish to make shine even more; similarly you need some basic concept building to succeed better in the survey answering industry. Especially now that you know how technical things can be in the, you need some guidance to help you reap more and more rewards. Although it sounds somewhat unethical, you need to participate in more questionnaires to earn more rewards. This is how the basic structure of an online survey goes.

The first group of questions is known as screener questions with the first question asking whether you have completed any surveys recently. Quickly answer no to avoid getting eliminated from the entire questionnaire. Other questions are designed so as to discriminate whether the candidate is a good one or not. When asked whether you work for a marketing research company; answer no for this one too.

The next group of questions is a series of questions getting your feedback for a specific product or service. If you need the extra cash, play along and answer yes when asked if you have ever used a particular good. It is to note that usually those answers are preferred that are a bit elaborating while simultaneously providing useful information. However if you choose to be completely honest, go ahead but keep in mind that honesty will not always be the best policy.


Whichever and however you choose to fill out a questionnaire, always do your best. Doing so will attract attention as a candidate with potential who gives out valuable data. By this in turn, even the subsidiaries of survey companies will seek to invite you to their survey panel. It would also translate into higher and better rewards. It is sensible for one to accept these tremendous offers because they are not offered to just anyone and turning it down would also make you lose a heap of cash and prizes. These subsidiaries will send you surveys by themselves to attempt them. If unfortunately you fail to attempt the survey with everything you have got, or get disqualified from questionnaires on the subsidiary survey panel, do not despair; keep trying and your efforts will fall through and you will succeed eventually.

Although it is most preferred to be honest and truthful in the whole process, there are some things that you are sincerely advised to promptly lie about. For instance when asked whether anyone from your family works in specific industries or companies or whether you are employed in one, strictly say no. This is because the survey panels require only the most unbiased and impartial reviews from their participants so if a candidate is themselves, or related to someone, working in a big corporate the survey panel is likely to disqualify him or her. Also say no when you are questioned whether you are associated with a marketing research group. This is because the questionnaire panelist does not want opinion from professionals who are accustomed to taking surveys; they want only the common regular people. The survey panelist processes only the opinions he or she receives from ordinary people who do not belong to any industry and provide only the most original answers without being biased.

It is advised for participants to join more than one paid survey website and log in every day to do more than one survey on each panel. Take everything they have to offer to help add to your savings. If this gets a little too hectic to maintain then keep a journal or some other method to record the surveys you have taken or participated in and also note down any and every important detail about them. This will also help keep track of how successful you have been each week or month etc.


You will experience or be offered some surveys that pay or reward higher than the usual ones. When you are offered these, you will think for a just a moment whether this is too good to be true. Well, let me answer this before the opportunity comes: no, not really! This is because these high paying or high rewarding surveys come with a catch. The catch is that the level of difficulty is turned up slightly or sometimes more. Do not fret when you get an opportunity like this.

There is one simple guideline for such difficult, but eventually fruitful, questionnaires and that is to focus on the keywords of the survey questions and its main topic. Pay attention to what each and every question requires and demands. Do not haste, use all your time if you have to but deliver quality so the panelist is compelled to approve your answers. Keep your calm yet do not be carefree. If the time comes when these questionnaires are about some product or service that you have not used before, just do a quick research on them through the web. This research should be thorough enough to make the survey conductor believe that you do have experience with these products or services. Why you are doing these surveys in the first place- to make extra money on the side.

Advertising and promotion is something essential to any business, the survey conducting industry is no exception. They will pay the candidates who refer or promote their questionnaire website in order to attract more and more users. So do not pass up this glorious chance to make a few extra bucks by posting some of your survey activity on social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter etc.


Before signing up for any questionnaire conducting website, check how they plan on paying you, whether it is directly wired to your bank account or through PayPal or any other service. Be sure of how you are getting your money and create an account similar to those the website facilitates. It is a good idea to keep a track of these payments therefore record these details in a journal or on your computer- anything safe where you can store these personal payment statements permanently. It is also advised to record the details of your completed and accepted questionnaires such as the topic etc. This is useful in case where the survey panelists experience a glitch in the website and forget to pay you; these details will help you in your reward claim.


Knowing all the basics of attempting a survey successfully is important but it is more than essential to realize the fact that this is not as convenient and easy as it sounds. Filing out surveys requires a handsome amount of time from your busy day and is a commitment, although part time. It is also worth to note that survey panelists tally your answers with the personal information you have provided on your user page therefore your answers must not reveal the fact that you are being slightly dishonest while filling out the questions. If the panelist finds out you have been giving out fake information, your reputation as a candidate will forever be scarred or even ruined. Be sure to be patient while learning and growing as a successful candidate. Do not be depressed when you get disqualified more than you get approved, bear in mind: if at first you do not succeed, try again!

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