Usability Hub Review

Usability Hub Review

EPF Last Update: June 6, 2019

If you read our reviews regularly, you know that we provide a lot of details about various websites that you can use to earn some extra money. Some of them offer better terms than others, but all of them can be an interesting way to earn some money by expressing your opinion about a product or service.

Most of the websites that we review are survey panels. However, there are other kinds of GPT websites as well.

Today we are reviewing Usability Hub, a website that is slightly different than most websites in this field.


What Is Usability Hub?

Usability Hub is a website where designers and developers have their apps, websites, software interfaces and other products and services tested by real people. Website members test these products and services in order to see how simple and convenient they are for everyday use.

In a nutshell, designers and developers pay money to Usability Hub to have their projects tested and then the website pays its members to test the projects. It is very convenient for all parties involved (naturally, Usability Hub keeps a part of the money) and it resembles what survey panels do. The only difference is that this website is focused on testing rather than surveys, which means that the questions are practical rather than theoretical.

Signing up with Usability Hub is rather simple. You need to provide your name, email, country, time zone, age and gender. Also, you will be asked to provide information about your level of education, employment status, annual household income, daily availability and technical proficiency.

No special skills are required to take the tests, you just need to give honest feedback. Tests are available in many languages that you can choose when signing up. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can register on this website.


How to Make Money with Usability Hub

The questions you may get on this website look like this:

  • Choose the logo that you like best.
  • Does this website look trustworthy?
  • What do you think this app does?

As you see, it is all about your opinion on different projects made by developers and designers.

There are five different types of questions that you can expect on Usability Hub.

  • Five-second test

This test is used to test home page design, logos, landing pages, brochures and various types of marketing material. It is useful for testing first impressions.

You are shown someone’s design for five seconds and when the time is up, you are asked questions about what you remember. You will get a question like ‘What is this website about?’ or ‘Where was the sign-up button?’

  • Click test

Click tests are mostly used for testing websites, mobile apps and software interfaces. As a tester, you are asked where you would click to carry out a given task. Your answer, as well as the time it took you to do the task, are recorded.

The purpose of this test is to make sure all details within a project are laid out clearly so that visitors know what to do and where to do it.

  • Question test

This type of test can be used on any type of design. You will be shown an image and asked to answer different types of questions. You have as much time as you want to view the design and answer the question.

For example, after being shown an image, you can get questions like ‘What would you expect to be able to do on this website?’

  • Navigation tests

Navigation tests are used to make sure that you can easily get from point A to point B. This means that you may get questions like ‘How do you go there’ or ‘How can you get here?’ on a particular website.

You may be asked to search for something on the website or go through a simple process to check if navigation is straightforward and easy.

  • Preference tests

Finally, preference tests are very useful for designers when they need to decide between several versions of one project like different variations of a logo, layouts, copy, color schemes, interfaces and icons.

When it comes to preference tests, you will get a few options to choose from and questions like ‘Which design is better?’ or ‘Which logo looks the most professional?’.

As you can see, these tests and questions within them are rather interesting and significantly different than what you usually get on most GPT websites. A task will typically take you less than one minute, some even as little as a few seconds and you can’t make a mistake as you are only giving your opinion.


How to Get Paid

Everything we have said about Usability Hub so far has probably aroused interest in you. However, wait until you hear the most important thing about every GPT site – rates and payments.

It may discourage you when you discover that a task on this website usually pays only 10 cents, which equals 1 point. You need to gather 100 points ($10) to cash out your rewards, which means that you will have to accomplish around 100 tasks.

In addition, there are not a lot of offers even if you spend hours a day in front of your computer screen. All in all, in the best-case scenario, you will need about one to two months to acquire enough points to cash out and at best, you can earn around $60 – $70 a year.

Payments are made through PayPal, which is good news, but it may take some time before you actually see your money in your PayPal account ‒ sometimes even up to four weeks.


Usability Hub Scam or Legit?

Usability Hub is 100% legit. Many people have uploaded proof of payment from this website, so there is no need to worry if you will get scammed.

The website is free to join and it will never ask you to pay any money. In addition, they will not ask you to provide your credit card number, so all in all, you can rest assured that the only thing they want from you is your opinion and in return, they will pay you money.


What We Like

Obviously, the fact that Usability Hub is free to join is a very good start. Also, we have to mention that it is a completely legitimate get-paid-to website, which takes a load off your chest.

The website is very easy to sign up and use, which is important if you want to be time-effective when using it. The tests require minimum effort to complete as they are quick and simple. Some of them require only one click to accomplish and most of them will take you less than one minute.

You don’t need any particular skills to complete the tasks. Moreover, Usability Hub mentions that designers and developers prefer having ordinary people test their creations.

Once you register, you can start right away as there are no additional surveys and inquiries. In other words, you can start making money as soon as the tests are ready.

Finally, the fact that payments are made through PayPal is a big advantage of this website. All the money that you earn will be paid to your PayPal account, which reduces any potential complications to a minimum.


What We Don’t Like

However, there are also some bad sides of Usability Hub. After all, there are always two sides of a coin.

First, there are limited opportunities to earn as tests are not always regular. This means that it will take you some time to reach the 100 credits which are necessary to cash out ‒ probably about one to two months.

In addition, sometimes you will have to wait up to three or four weeks to receive the payment in your PayPal account. This happens because Usability Hub checks all your answers before it pays you out. For this reason, you will always have to provide quality answers if you want to actually get paid.


Bottom Line

Usability Hub is a good option for all those people who want to have a slightly different get-paid-to website on their list of sources of extra income. This website doesn’t offer surveys but easy tasks which ask for your opinion on various projects.

The website has a few advantages like free registration, the fact that it is legit, payment through PayPal, quick and easy tasks and little effort to complete them.

On the other hand, you cannot expect to get a lot of task invitations, so you will need some time to accumulate enough points in order to cash out. Also, the fact that payments may take up to four weeks is definitely not something that you will be amazed by.

All in all, we recommend Usability Hub if you need another GPT website in your arsenal. It will offer you interesting opportunities to make extra cash, but that is all. It should definitely not be seen as a full-time job, only as a way to make some money from the comfort of your home.

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