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Vip Voice Review – Legit or Scam Panel ?

EPF December 22, 2013

Vip Voice Logo


Operated By: NPD Group

Type of payment: Sweepstakes entries, restaurant gift cards, retail vouchers

Payment Delays:  24-48 hours

BBB rating: A+

Mobile Surveys: No

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: Yes

Product Reviews: No

Instant win games: Yes

Additional Info: Rise levels to increase your earnings – Serves over 3 million members!

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE to US & CA Residents

Min Withdraw: n/a

Points System: 1 point – 1 sweepstakes entry

Points Per Survey:

  • Level 1: 25 points per survey (Complete 1 survey)
  • Level 2: 50 (Complete 2 surveys)
  • Level 3: 100 (Complete 5 surveys)
  • Level 4: 150 (Complete 10 surveys)
  • Level 5: 200 (Complete 20 surveys)

Point Expiry: 6 Months account inactivity

Points for disqualification: No

Contests: No

Formerly known as NPD Online Research, VIP Voice is one of the best paid survey panels comprising of over three million panelists. It is operated by NPD and specializes in researching and analyzing consumer based products through the consumers themselves. They collects consumer behavior and attitudes towards consumer oriented products among a variety of different demographics. Panel participants or members receive cash and other prizes in return for their helpful feedback and efforts. It is an elaborately created website that helps you browse your way through surveys and other online research panels and share your ideas. The official motto or slogan of VIPVoice is to “Make an impact”.


VIP Voice promotes consumers to share their opinions by filling out surveys and other forms of questionnaires. You have the power to address your concerns and expectations to the manufacturers through your feedback and reviews. Submit your completely filled offer as a feedback to be forwarded to companies, corporates and manufacturers so they understand and realize where they can improve and keep serving you the best possible products and goods. This way the conservation of quality and high standard is maintained and balanced. VIPVoice makes surveying and filling out surveys fun so people are motivated to keep their river of information flowing. There are levels that you can achieve and advance through. Progressing through higher levels will guarantee a chance of winning bigger and better prizes. Prizes are also rewarded through sweepstakes. With every survey you fill out, you receive points and chances that can be redeemed in sweepstakes. Man people have won exciting prizes such as digital cameras, smartphones and many more. These fun little activities are a way that VIP Voice uses to express its gratitude for your collaboration and input.

VIP Voice is also referred to in many online magazines and articles. They had polled surveys regarding the growing trend of bigger smartphones, online streaming of music and videos and online shopping. Therefore if you have any doubts about the Vip Voice whether it is scams or legit, you can observe for yourself that they are one of the best survey sites.


VIP Voice is without a doubt, a legitimate website for creating online paid surveys. I can tell you that this is one of the best online survey sites.By surfing to the website, one can notice the elaborate and carefully designed layout that a scam website will not have. While you filling out your personal details, you can see that VP Voice does not ask for your money; no hidden fees. It is true that VIP Voice registers your personal information however the personal details collected is to categorize people in a specific type of demographic (group of people categorized by age etc.). This is to discern how different groups or demographics can create only specific offers. Unlike the scamming paid survey websites, they does not promise to make you rich with a single survey nor does it claim to pay high cash prizes to lure innocent people in a trap. They states to reward people with cash, prizes and chances for sweepstakes.Many people have won exciting prizes like vacations, electronics and coupons etc. Therefore you can indeed trust this panel to not scam you for every penny you have got. Feel safe with them.


Once registered, people can create a survey and navigate to the tab labeled “Survey Center”. Select and choose any topic to deliver your concerns through and indulge in the entertaining world of VIP Voice. For more information on anything remotely related to VIPVoice, use the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section where you can find any and every problem’s solution. It is fun and easy to browse through and one can review all the offers.

Register Now!

While reading about VIP Voice, you may have come across some criticism from some people about not winning cash prizes. I suggest you think for a moment, have you ever won the lottery? Does that mean it is scams? Certainly not, so register start doing surveys for one of the best paid survey sites. They are a safe and reliable forum to speak your heart out regarding your favorite products so go ahead and join now.

For additional information, contact:

The NPD Group, Inc.
900 West Shore Road
Port Washington, NY 11050 USA

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