Ways In Which You Can Make Money Online Without Investments
Make Money Online

Ways In Which You Can Make Money Online Without Investments

EPF Last Update: January 16, 2020

Many people dream of making money online. It’s even a realized dream when you can make it freely without investing a single coin. I know a couple of people who quit their jobs for online ventures.

Without some level of patience, earning money online is not a walk in the park. Different people have their ways of making money online, through websites, marketing strategies, courses and so much more. All you need in most cases, especially the ones we are going to discuss, is investing your time.

Are you thinking of switching to making money online and do not know where to start? Here’s the best way to go:

Opt for Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a website? Well, you might want to go the affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing way. Here, you strike partnership deals with businesses within the components of your website. Every time you mention a product or service in your site, link it to that product or service via a unique affiliate code given to you upon signing up for that affiliate program. So how do you earn? Each time a person purchases a product or service through your link, you make some amount.

It’s important that you partner with affiliates who relate to the concept of your blog.

Far from individual affiliate programs, you can also sign up for affiliate ad network which offers loads of ranges of affiliates in a single place. It allows you to note what works and those that don’t as time goes by.


Offer Consultation Services

Consultation services is another way of making money online. Are you an expert in a specific niche? Do you know we have people out there willing to pay for your services? A lot of people underestimate their potential by thinking that they are not good enough for consultation by big companies, but could be surprised by the kinds of expertise people are willing to pay for.

If you are thinking of starting a consultation service but not sure of the next, consider setting up a free account at Clarity.fm. This website allows people like you who wish to offer consultation services to set up a free profile. As soon as you have your profile ready, interested individuals will find you and book for sessions from which you will get paid for your services.

Sign Up for Free Google Adsense

I know you have visited different websites and seen Google ads. They are in most if not all websites and blogs. These adsenses are easy to set up and above all, lucrative the moment your site starts having increased and steady traffic.

Sign up free of charge with Google AdSense Account. After which, Google will assign you a code of a kind for you to paste on your website. From there, Google tracks views on your page, traffic, and your earnings for you. It’s free with no maintenance fee. If you have a ready website, it’s one way to go.

On a good month, you can make up to $3000 with the Google Adsense. It’s a no brainer making $3000 without putting a single coin to it. There’s more to it when you decide to monetize it.


Offer Online Courses

If you have any expertise in any field, you can opt to teach others and earn from it. There are online courses that teach simple things that people assume yet they can make you money.

A good number of people create their online course in platforms such as Teachable.com. Here, you are free to upload your course materials and use the platform in managing customers and get payments.

Writing and Book Sales

Unlike in the past, where you would write a book and do the printing to sell, today you can publish your book and market it online.

Different websites today allow you to upload and even have it printed without going through a formal publisher involved, besides, you can have your book on Amazon.com from where people can buy it.

If you are in a position to write a book that could interest readers, this is a perfect and smart way to consider. Start up cost is insignificant especially if you already own a fully equipped computer.


Indulge In Freelance Writing

Do you have writing skills? Are you creative? If yes, count yourself lucky. You can get paid by to create contents and have them posted online.

I know of a blogger who makes up to $250000 each year by just creating contents for websites.

Freelance writing doesn’t necessarily have to be full-time engagement; you can choose to do it to earn extra cash to boost your other jobs. However, I have seen a lot of people who have quitted their jobs to concentrate fully on freelance writing. The good thing about freelancing is that you do it at your comfort, remotely from your living room or your bedroom.

The key to making a good fortune from freelance writing is identifying a suitable niche, one which you are passionate about. Also, networking is another factor that can help you go a notch higher. One aspect of freelance writing that can not be questioned is the quality of work that you deliver to the clients. If you provide high quality all the time, you increase your chances of rehiring by the previous clients. Sites like Upwork.com give the best opportunities to interested freelance writers.

Lead Sales Collection

Collecting leads is another way in which you can use to make money online. Here, all you need is creating a website, have reasonable traffic flowing to your site and collecting leads that will prompt someone to pay for.

Buyers of leads pay for the personal information you obtain from individuals who visit your website. It’s a 50-50 benefit for all the involved parties, as a website owner, you get paid for the leads as your visitors get connected to the people willing to help them.

You can sell leads to different industries as opposed to the conventional thought of life insurance. All you’re required to do is to come up with a beautiful website and generate good traffic; from there, you can gauge the amount you can earn from the leads you collect.


YouTube Channel

YouTube provides a different avenue which has helped a lot of people to earn money online. Out there, we have a countless number of YouTube channels with any topic that crosses owners mind. People with a vast following on this platform are earning fortunes from their videos and time.

Have you heard of Antonio Centeno? A marine officer who turned into men’s fashion expert? , Antonio Centeno has built a multi-million dollar business from using his YouTube channel. How amazing! His channel is called “Real Men Real Style.”

It is not a guarantee that you will earn the same level of money as Mr. Centeno; however, you can start making your own from YouTube. Some of the ways you can use to earn in this platform other than the obvious way include the platform’s ad network or through sponsored posts. For those in love with vlogging, a YouTube channel offers more than just money, its fun and entertaining at the same time.


The Bottom Line

There are several means of making money online, and the ones that we have discussed in this guide are just a few that you can get started with. If you are passionate about almost everything, you can have multiple ways of making money online. If you wish and have the ability, you can get yourself involved in all the above-discussed avenues because, in the end, we are looking for money.

There are a lot of people online. Who at some point had nothing but build themselves and obtained financial recognition from what you are just about to start doing- working online. You can get inspiration from these success stories and be an inspiration to others in the coming years. All you need is start doing it or try, the least.

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