Web Perspectives or Permission Research Canada

Web Perspectives or Permission Research Canada

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Web Perspectives and Permission Research are 2 of the largest, and most popular survey panel sites in Canada. Both operate under the auspices of different global companies who experts in the field of collecting market research data.
These global companies namely ResearchNow (Web Perspectives) and ComScore Inc. (Permission Research) both claim to have more than 2 million members worldwide.
Web Perspectives and Permission Research membership is only open to Canadian residents, and both have a customer base membership of 250,000 panelists.
Both panels are highly rated in Canada, both are well-established, reputable, and absolutely legitimate.
Although sharing a common goal of collecting valuable data for the companies they serve, there are some basic differences between the two, which often affect the reviews they may receive from the panelists.


Comparison between Web Perspectives and Permission Research, how they differ?

Web Perspectives. Members are invited to take online paid surveys to make their views count in the marketing world. The opportunities include online surveys, focus groups, advertising campaign reviews, and testing new products. Signing up is easy. All you are required to do is fill out a short registration form, then submit to activate your membership and account. You will shortly be invited to complete surveys.
Permission Research. This site collects information about the patterns and trends people use when browsing the internet. The data is ultimately used by companies to make informed decisions about future business operations on the internet. It is mandatory to download a specific type of software that will be used to track your habits while surfing the net. When you apply for membership, the first step is to accept the “Term and Conditions of Use” which details, among other things, how the software operates. If you agree then joining is easy. All that is needed is to fill in the registration form, create your member profile, and download the software. The software runs silently in the background while you browse. There is also an option to sign onto the TV trends project.


Web perspectives. The site uses the points system to reward members. Completed surveys earn 100 to 500 points which are deposited into the member’s account. The payment cash-out threshold is only 1000 points (value $10) which is relatively easy to attain. You have a choice for rewards to be either gift cards, e-vouchers, air miles etc, or you can opt to take cash via Paypal.
Permission Research. Rewards are earned by means of points, and 2800 points have a $10 reward value. In addition to the software running, and the TV trends project which earn points, there are also online surveys available to gather points. Members who participate are automatically entered in a monthly cash draw, as well as entries into sweepstakes with a cash prize. The lucky draw prizes vary from $100 to $2500.


Web Perspectives. A big advantage of this site is the low cash-out threshold of 1000 points, value $10 dollars, with rewards from cash to gift certificates – your choice! Members who have completed surveys are automatically entered in the monthly draw for the 5 prizes of $1000. There are frequent invites to complete surveys, and a chance to be invited to take part in a focus group survey which is very high paying.
Permission Research. Members receive free software such as file protection, screensavers, games and online privacy tools. Points are accumulated by the downloaded software running on members’ computers, and the TV tracking project, all needing very little work to actually be done to gather points. They also have a refer-a-friend program which offer extra points and gift cards. If you don’t qualify for an online survey, you are able to take part in a spin and win where you will win 50 to 10,000 points, as well as prizes. For all participants there is automatic entry to all the lucky draws and sweepstakes.


Web Perspective. The most common complaint is that the site is extremely slow when it comes to paying out points which have been redeemed. Some members have even noted that that it has taken up to a month for the rewards to clear into their accounts. A major complaint by members is that “Member Services” are very difficult to contact for queries, and not even a response that a query has been received. These are frustrating issues for panelists who have worked hard to make extra cash.
Permission Research. There have been many complaints about the software that has to be downloaded, being of a poor quality. Some members have also noted that that the speed of their computers has been compromised, while others have said that the software seems to have a destabilizing effect on their computers. The rewards section of members’ accounts is often unable to be accessed, and “Customer Services” is impossible to contact. One member reported that he had to eventually contact BBB before he got a response and was able to get into the rewards section to view his account. Unfortunately, the rewards system of points and gift cards, does not suit those who prefer an option for hard cash if they want it.


The verdict.
Both Permission Research and Web Perspective have a fair share of good and bad points. Web Perspectives has a rating of 3 out of 5, while Permission Research rates 2 out of 5.
Both have a poor record of customer service, which needs to be addressed for higher ratings.
Web Perspectives need to jack up the slow speed they sometimes take to process and pay members who redeem their points.
Permission Research stand a chance lose potential members who would like the option of cash instead of only gift cards etc.


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