Why to Join Only Paid Surveys With Free Registration ?
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Why to Join Only Paid Surveys With Free Registration ?

EPF March 17, 2014

Here is a list of all legitimate paid surveys with free registration:


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I think we can all agree that the world is revolving around money. Our lives anyway, are revolving around money if not the world. Our minds are occupied with thoughts and ideas of how to make more and more. Who does not look for more and more ways to make little extra bucks on the side to add to your weekly or monthly paycheck? Not to mention the stay at home people who are also looking to spend their spare time in something a little more productive than sowing and knitting and benefitting to the entire family. The opportunity of being able to participate in online paid surveys is a comfort and a blessing for such. However, this business of online surveys is a lot more trickier than it presents itself to the masses. There are a lot of rights and wrongs one has to be familiar with before actually participating in a survey.


There are ways to distinguish a legitimate survey and an illegitimate one. The first and foremost important thing to inspect is who is paying whom. When you search for which survey panel to join, be sure to engrave in your mind that paid surveys are supposed to be paying you and not the other way around. There should be absolutely no way that the panel asks money from you for any reason or excuse at all. All legitimate paid surveys with are with free registration. It is absolutely forbidden for you to pay for anything that goes on in the surveying company or panel or even to help maintain it. A research panel will either demand money straightforwardly or be stealthy and sneaky in doing so. Meaning to say that either the research panel will ask you to pay fees or some miscellaneous administration charges, or be so clever as to claim money from you after you have joined the panel. Once you have joined such a website, they will charge you per survey you do, which means you will have to pay the company for participating in the survey! Is that not the most absurd thing you have ever heard? They will call this fee “service charges” which is totally unacceptable and completely unfair. Another way these parasites suck out money from you is to “maintain the level and standards of their website”. Well, if they want maintenance and improvement so badly, why do they not just ask for simple feedback! Understand: you do not need to be sucker punched from these vultures; exit and do not return.


This is the first sign of an illegitimate surveying website. I mean why should anyone even join a research panel where the users are the ones being paid? And why on earth would anyone even consider joining such a panel when there are tons of paid surveys with free registration that do not want you money? Did I say that right? Oh yes, I did! The Internet is full of the research panels and companies that will not charge a dime or literally anything for your cooperation and participation. They will stick to their objective of paying you to share and pour out your insights about their or competitors’ products, brands or labels etc. Such research companies thrive on your feedback and feedback alone and whether it is positive or negative, they will appreciate it. They will not demand charges or fee from the website users neither will they have you pay any sort of hidden fee. Think about it for a minute, you have to choose between a survey website with charges and fee or a survey website with absolutely no charges whatsoever; which one will you choose? Obviously the free one, am I right? Even if the free paid survey website turns out to be a complete fraud (which is highly unlikely), you will not be losing even a tiny bit of investment of money in the process. So stay away from the chances of guaranteed frauds and fakes by boycotting any and every paid survey company that expects and demands you to invest some amount of money as well.


So this was the most obvious and clear sign of whether a research group is a fake or genuine. However, there are many more hints and signs that you can use to determine for sure whether the website is a fake one. Amongst the many signs is the fact that fake and scamming websites will ask you very personal information about yourself. These very personal details can be social security number, credit card number etc. You must know that your social security number and credit card information is for your eyes and mind only; you are not to hand them out at all unless asked by the law and government. When a surveying website asks for your credit card number with the excuse to know whom and where to transfer the payment, they are likely to turn out to be a fake. Such websites are a decoy to gather as much information as possible from individuals and abuse them. Giving your credit card number to the wrong hands is a direct ticket or pass to credit card fraud. The fraudster can abuse your credit card in any way he pleases and you will be the one who will have to pay for it all. Some websites are also put in motion just so that its creators can have an access to people’s information and they are paid by third party groups to transfer those details to them. Not only then will you be at the stake of having your credit card number stolen but also you will be at risk of losing your identity which is also known as identity theft. So avoid this headache by keeping an eye out for such a scam because the world is filled with ungrateful people who never miss an opportunity to trick innocent people.


Another way to know how legitimate a research panel is, just read the document none of us usually ever reads- the privacy policy. Any and every legitimate website will have a strong privacy policy that will satisfy the customer, user or visitor of the website. The same goes for a surveying website; its privacy policy will have everything you need to reaffirm whether it is genuine or not. The privacy policy also states and mentions clearly how the website can use the information its users provide about themselves. And if you have agreed to it, there is nothing you can do to stop them. For instance, consider a surveying website stating in its privacy policy that the website can pass on user information to third party companies, and you have already agreed to it without paying attention; when you notice your information being passed on, you cannot sue the website because it had already had your consent from the beginning of your membership. Similarly if a website has not stated anything as such in their privacy policy and are yet passing on your information, you can legally sue the website and restore justice.


Another clue to finding out a fake research website is to observe the claims they make regarding their payment and offers. For instance, a genuine surveying website will never claim to make its participants richer beyond their wildest dreams; only a fake survey panel without free registration will claim that the research rewards are so high that their users do not even have to have a regular income. This is absurd. The whole concept of a surveys is to pay the masses for their cooperation, feedback and reviews. No company would reward handsomely to all of its participants. Wake up from this misconception, people; surveys only pay a little.


The opportunity of participating in a paid survey is unique but it only stays unique as long as you know what you are looking for and where you are looking. When the world still has free online paid surveys, you should not feel the need to participate or choose the paid surveys that make you pay instead because that is just plain wrong and completely opposite to the whole concept itself.

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