Why Your Opinion Matters and Can Make You Money
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Why Your Opinion Matters and Can Make You Money

EPF January 26, 2018

This is very beginning article explaining how your opinion can make money for you. We know that most of the people here are more advanced with paid surveys. We decided to write this article for people who are beginners.

Let’s Start With The Beginning

In the 21st century, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now, it is arguable if it is really theirs or just replicated from another source. But let’s leave that aspect aside for now. What we want to say is that, unlike in the distant (or not so distant) past, people feel that they have something to say and feel a need to do it.

The Internet is the perfect example. What it does is basically virtualize real life and offer people a possibility to express their opinions and engage in discussions with other individuals who are thousands of miles away.

Forums, discussion panels, Reddit, Quora, these are all places where people can read others people’s opinions on specific topics. Then they choose what they are going to do: use the answer, engage in discussion or something else.

All in all, this democratization of the Internet has brought forth certain unprecedented phenomena and is definitely changing the world at the speed of light.


The Other Side

Now, there is a certain charm to participating in a public online discussion on your favorite forum or commenting a video on YouTube, we are not going to deny that. You have an opinion, you express it publicly and if it is not offensive, it stays there forever, like a proof of your own existence.

But as much as online discussions and YouTube commenting fulfill you, we know a better, or let’s say, more profitable way to express your opinion online.

Yes, you can actually earn money when giving your opinion. It is a kind of exchange, your opinion for their money. And there are myriads of opportunities to do this online. This article is here to help you discover this less-known aspect of the Internet.


Online Surveys

People always get surprised when they find out about online surveys. Some of you who have come across our website for the first time probably feel the same. But the truth is that online surveys pay you for your opinion.

‘But how does it work?’, you might be wondering. Actually, it is pretty simple. When a company develops a new product, or even in the development stage, they need their customers’ opinion on it. If they don’t test it, they risk a lot of money. Can you imagine what would happen if you created a fantastic new product and produced it in thousands but didn’t ask your customers about it?

You would lose millions of dollars because customers would find a lot of features that they disliked. Now, to prevent this from happening, companies run surveys to find out their customer’s opinion and how they can improve their product or service before its final release.

It’s just like when you prepare a meal for your family. The table is served, you all sit down and as everyone is having their first bite, you are looking them curiously. You want to know if they like it so that you can leave it the same or change some things next time you prepare it.

Marketing department is probably the most expensive sector in every multinational corporation. Companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year to reach their target groups. This is a lot of money and they certainly don’t want to waste it. So they decide to ask you, the final consumer, for an opinion on their product.


Cash Your Opinion

All this sounds very attractive, right? That’s because it is. Market research is a significant aspect of marketing and much more important than you might conceive (unless you’re a marketing expert, of course).

That is why they run surveys.

But you will rarely find a survey on the website of some well-known company. No, for this purpose they cooperate with survey panels. Survey panels are websites that conduct surveys on behalf of companies. One survey panel can work with numerous corporations to help them with opinion research.

It is a business in and of itself. Survey panels earn this way. So why wouldn’t you take a slice of this cake too?

That is when you enter the stage, as a survey panelist. You can register with many survey panels today, and we highly recommend you to do that as soon as possible. There are so many legitimate panels that you could spend an entire day looking for them and signing up for them.


Types of Surveys

Each survey panel creates its own policy, survey types, questions, sometimes on their own and sometimes in cooperation with the company whose product is being tested. Therefore, you will find a lot of different types of surveys and questions.

However, in general, there are three types of surveys.

  • Online surveys

This is just like a regular survey, but done online. You sit at your computer, answer questions and get money.

  • Focus groups

Now, this is where things become more interesting. Focus groups are small groups of individuals who get interviewed about a product or service. They can be conducted online or in person.

  • Shopping surveys

In this type of survey, you will get paid to buy at stores, eat at restaurants and so on. After this, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about the product or service you bought.


As you can see, there are all kinds of different surveys. This will depend on the product, company, panel and many other factors.

However, what is extremely important is to register only with legitimate panels. As in each business, here you will find scams too who only want to rob you of your money. You can read more about this in our articles and guides.



Doesn’t it sound great? If you register with many survey panels, you can earn a lot of money in the long run. And the best thing is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

However, as great as survey panels are, we want to warn you not to see them as a full-time job. Rather, consider them as a side income and you will have fun while making money.

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