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Best Paid Surveys India 2020

EPF Last Update: October 22, 2020

Hello India! Let’s make some money. Paid surveys are the easiest way to make money online. You can make money by answering easy questions.

EliteSurveySites test and verify all paid surveys!

Here is what works in India, according to our research.

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It’s easy to make money with paid surveys. All you have to do is:

  • Register with as many panels as you can. That way you will receive much more offers.
  • Complete your profile survey correctly and update it frequently. This will help the survey companies to match you with surveys that fit you.
  • Be honest. Don’t cheat when you answer the questions. Give your honest opinion. People who answer the questions honestly receive more offers. People who cheat get banned in time.

Opinion World India

Opinion World is one of the best survey panels that accept people from India. We love them because they have probably the largest number of offers for people in India.

According to the information on their site, their surveys pay between $0.3 to $3. That is not a lot of money, but their surveys are short. Each of them is few minutes.

But there is a way to make much more.

People who are familiar with EliteSurveySites know, that we test and verify all panels before adding them here. We tested Opinion World with over 30 different accounts. We find many interesting things about this company.

Accounts that verified their identity; completed their profile survey correctly; always paid attention to the questions and answered them honestly, started to receive more and more offers. These accounts started to receive high paying offers of up to $10 per survey. That is a lot of money.

You should definitely check this option:

One of these accounts even received an invitation for a focus group of up to $100. We completed it, it was about hour work and we get $100.

Accounts that didn’t answer the questions honestly didn’t receive a lot of offers.

Here is the truth about Opinion World.

They have high paying offers for people in India. But these offers are limited. Opinion World send these high paying offers only to their trusted members. If you prove to them that you answer their questions honestly; that you pay attention to the questions; and you are serious about them, they will qualify you to trusted member. The result will be that you will start receiving more high paying offers.

At the beginning, the company only test you. The first week, you will be receiving low paying offers, of less than $1.

Complete them!

Prove that you are serious.

Very soon things will change.

You will see how huge the potential of this site is.

You can make a lot of money with Opinion World.

How much people can make with Opinion World?

People who register with Opinion World make about $100 to $500 a month but it vary. Their trusted members receive more offers and make more money.

Is Opinion World legit?

You can be 100% sure that all surveys listed on EliteSurveySites are legit. That is why we are here. When we started this site, there were so many scams. We decided to change the survey world. Our site is one of the most trusted survey directories, because we personally test all companies that we list here.

Opinion World is 100% legit and free to register! OpinionWorld is part of Dynata, a global leader in digital research data since 1977, so you can be sure that this panel is legit. Believe it or not this panel have paid over $23 Millions to their members. If you are familiar with paid surveys you probably know that most of the panels work only with people from US. Opinion World is different. People from India can register and start making money with Opinion World.


  • 100% legitimate panel.
  • 100% free registration.
  • Many surveys available for people in India.
  • High paying offers for their trusted members.
  • Much more offers for their trusted members.


  • Less surveys at the beginning.
  • Low paying offers at the beginning.
  • Some surveys disqualify you.

Your Surveys India

Your Surveys India is another great survey panel that we recommend you to register. They pay money to people from India to complete paid surveys and review products. Their surveys are short, typically less than 10 minutes. You can expect to make about $1 to $10 per surveys. Some people also receive high paying focus groups of $150 per hour. It’s free to register with Your Surveys. We have tested this site and can confirm that they are legit.


  • 100% free registration.
  • Legitimate panel.
  • Works for people in India.


  • Some surveys disqualify you.
  • Limited number of offers.


Panel Place India

Another big panel that accept people from India is Panel Place. If you want to make more money with paid surveys, we highly recommend that you register with Panel Place. On average you can expect $1 to $10 per short surveys and up to $150 per focus group. Here is how to start making money with Panel Place:

  • Register. It’s free. No obligations.
  • Complete your profile survey.
  • Start making money.

Why you can expect a lot of surveys from Panel Place? The truth is that Panel Place are not actually a survey panel. They are a site that get surveys from many other survey panels and send them to you. They work with many big survey panels, so your chances to succeed with Panel Place are higher that with other panels. Say that you register with 100 panels, you wait for offers and so on. Ok, but Panel Place can do this work for you. They register with many panels and send you these surveys where you qualify. So Panel Place save you a lot of time and provide you a great opportunity to receive a lot of surveys and make a lot of money.

TimeBucks India

TimeBucks is another big paid survey company that accept people from India. They are legit, we can confirm that. Most of their surveys pay about $1 to $5 but they are very short to complete, typically less than 10 minutes. This is another site that will make you about $100 to $300 per month if you are serious. All you have to do is to register and start completing surveys. It’s easy and free. No obligations. They send you not only surveys. You can expect many more offers from them.

Register with TimeBucks Now!

ZenSurveys India

Zen Surveys is another big paid survey company that accept people from India. They are legit, we can confirm that. Most of their surveys pay about $1 to $5 but they are very short to complete, typically less than 10 minutes. This is another site that will make you about $100 to $300 per month if you are serious. All you have to do is to register and start completing surveys. It’s easy and free. No obligations. They send you not only surveys. You can expect many more offers from them.

Register With ZenSurveys

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LifePoints India

OpinionWorld India

Your Surveys India

Panel Place India

Timebucks India

ZenSurveys India

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Say So

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Online Paid Surveys in India (FAQs)

When you’re from India, you have an unfair shot at making money online. It’s true, whether you want to make money from paid surveys, affiliate marketing, writing, or anything else. There are many people from India working online and in the paid survey field the clients typically don’t care to pay for their information. So the opportunities are limited and you tend to take survey opportunities as they come up. You could still make a decent amount each month if you played your cards right. But, you have to really stick to the right sites and most people don’t know which they are, but the list here should set you on the right path! However, there are probably some other things you want to know. We’ll do our best to answer some of the questions you might have. If your answer isn’t below, just comment on this post and one of our experts will get back to you ASAP.

How do survey panels pay out in India?

Just like anywhere else in the world, there are many options for how you can get paid once you earn enough on a survey site in India. The amount you need to withdraw from an international panel might be more than what an American has to earn before cashing out. And, the withdrawal time might be slower; but you’ll still get paid in the end. Here are the preferred payment methods for panelists from India:

  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Physical Gift Cards
  • Virtual Gift Cards

In some cases, you can even withdraw via a prepaid VISA card. This is a great option as it works just as well as cash and you can even use it to shop anywhere on the Web that accepts VISA cards.

What does the average online survey pay in India?

You can expect to make anywhere from $1 to $10 for most online surveys. But focus groups pay about $150 per hour! On average you can expect from $100 to $300 per month per survey panel. So if you want to make more money, register with more paid surveys.

It is Free to register with paid surveys?

Yes. EliteSurveySites offer only free to register paid surveys. There are other paid surveys that want you money to register, but they are scam. If a survey site expects you to pay anything to them, it’s almost certainly a scam. These companies make money off getting your opinion on things. They want to compensate you and there are no legitimate survey panels that request payment to join. The sites you see that request funds to become an earning member are just trying to manipulate those who desperately want to earn money somehow. Don’t make the mistake of giving your money away. The same rule applies if you ever look for transcription work, as many scam companies try to make you pay them to get work.

How do you know if a particular panel is a scam?

There are many ways you can vet a survey panel. Firstly, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any major complaints against them. Then, you can see if they are CASRO verified, but this isn’t a hard requirement. Next, you can check for a review on our site or on  SurveyPolice or TrustPilot. Usually you will be able to get a good idea on what to expect from a particular panel by doing these three things. If you still aren’t sure, you can also do some unique Google searches to find out what kind of experience others have had. For example, you can search “” inurl:forum — this would show any mentions of the panel in online forums. If it’s a popular enough panel, you can add terms like “withdrawal” , “scam” , and “problems” to get a feel for the site’s high and low points.

Why are some of these sites denominated with $USD?

It’s essential to put the USD value of certain things on this page. This is because not all of these online survey sites will pay you in INR. Sometimes you just get rewarded in USD funds, which are later converted into your native currency. A good way to observe this for any site you’re thinking of joining is to look at the Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy sections on their website. Do you know more legit paid surveys in India? help us improve our list. Post a comment below.

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