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Best Paid Survey Sites Canada 2020

EPF Last Update: April 20, 2020

Paid surveys are the easiest way to make money online. Answer questions and get paid. That is. EliteSurveySites found the best paid surveys in Canada 2020.

Register with all of these companies and you can start making money today. It’s free, no skills, no obligations.

People who register with over 10 paid survey companies can make up to $100 a day.

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Without further ado, here’s our take on the best paid survey sites in Canada …

1) Pinecone Research 

Logo for Pinecone Research Canadian Paid Survey Site

As they accept Canadians, you cannot help but list them first. This company has never failed to pay out, they are as legitimate as can be, and their surveys are always short and simple. You can earn roughly $5 CAD per survey ($3 per in U.S.) and they take approximately 10 minutes each, so you are averaging $30 CAD per hour here!

To make the most out of Pinecone Research, make sure you stay incredibly active. This is a paid survey company that sometimes issues paid focus group invitations. Further, you might be offered the opportunity to test a product from time-to-time.

One other nice touch: you are pre-approved for ALL surveys, so you no longer have to worry about getting screened out!

If you do go with Pinecone Research, you can withdraw your earnings immediately after they are earned. Just set up your PayPal account and you’ll be rewarded with reward points. From there, you can withdraw even as little as $3 worth of points to your PayPal account.

Furthermore, feel free to stick around and keep gathering sweepstakes entries. If you are lucky enough to win their quarterly draw, you’ll get a whopping $4,500 in cash. In fact, they hand out approximately $18,000 four times a year — and on a bi-weekly basis, you have a chance to win a $500 grand prize as well!

2) Toluna

Logo for Toluna Paid Survey Site

Welcome another long-time paid survey site that caters to the Canadian audience.

Toluna allows for Canadians to join their site. Upon signing up, you’ll receive points for completely surveys. They will send you upwards of three invites per day and they are always busy. So you can constantly earn here and build up a balance to cash-out, which can be done through PayPal or many other options.

You can earn rewards like physical products or virtual gifts. If you are lucky enough to win their monthly sweepstakes, for 1st place you’ll receive a $2,500 cash prize … 2nd place pays $1,000 and 3rd place gets $500, and then 4th and 5th also get $250. So there’s a lot of value in being a Toluna member in Canada!

3) Opinion Outpost

Logo for Opinion Outpost Canada Paid Survey Site

Opinion Outpost has almost as respected of a name as Pinecone Research, and their Canadian division is simply awesome. As a member of Opinion Outpost Canada, you will have a better chance to win in a sweepstakes. They are a little less-known in Canada so you are free-rolling against a smaller crowd. Currently, there’s a $5,000 annual and $1,250 quarterly sweepstakes draws that run exclusively for Canadian Opinion Outpost members.

So Opinion Outpost also lets you withdraw via PayPal, but you’re going to need to have at least $10 worth of points in your account to cash-out. This is okay as they typically pay $1 to $10 per survey, and there is even the odd $20 survey on there.

They fall behind Pinecone Research because they do have screen-outs, and Toluna also has bigger prize draws to enjoy. The screen-outs aren’t really an issue though, as you’ll get sweepstakes entries when it happens. And at Opinion Outpost this means an extra shot at their $5,000 annual and $1,250 quarterly draws.

4) Paid Viewpoint

Logo for Paid Viewpoint Paid Survey Site

Paid Viewpoint is a wonderful place for Canadian survey takers to join. They really have it all, and we’re going to get into that for a minute. Here’s some of the key elements that make Paid Viewpoint great for most users:

  • Paid for Trait Surveys. These are just little profile questions that get asked from time to time. They are used to build out your profile and determine which surveys you qualify for. If you stay consistent with your trait score and get it over 9,000 you’ll even classify as a top-10% panelist and qualify for higher earnings per survey.
  • Earn $25 per referral. You can earn as much as $25 for each referral you bring in, and there is no ceiling to how much you can earn overall. This could become your bread and butter — just pass around your referral link to friends and family, start telling people over online forums, and see what you can accomplish promoting this great paid survey company.
  • Only need to be 13 to join. Teenagers in Canada finally have a quality paid survey site to sign up at, as you only have to be 13+ to make an account with Paid Viewpoint.

Each survey will only take around four or five minutes of time.

They also have a $1 signup bonus. That means you just have to earn the other $14 before cashing out. This won’t take long between all the trait surveys they send out and the odd full-length survey you get. Just make sure to key an eye on your dashboard, as you don’t want to let any survey offers slip by.

5) American Consumer Opinion

paid surveys American Consumer Opinion

While the name might imply otherwise, American Consumer Opinion is open to Canadians and this site is well worth adding to your shortlist. The biggest benefit of doing surveys at American Consumer Opinion is the fact that your job can qualify you for expert survey opportunities. For example, if you work as a webmaster you might find yourself on their ‘technology advisory board’ and that can give you exclusive access to surveys paying up to 2,000 points each.

They pay 5 to 50 points on their super short surveys and mini-questionnaires. A typical full-length survey will run up to 10 minutes on average and it will reward anywhere from 100 to 5,000 points. This means $1 to $50 per completed surveyYou can also earn up to $50 per friend you refer to their site!

ACOP allows you to cash-out after earning 1,000 points, which equates to a $10 withdrawal. So it doesn’t take long to get your balance where it needs to be; if you get one of their job-based advisory surveys, you’ll likely be able to withdraw immediately after. The easiest way to cash out is through PayPal, but ACOP members can also request their withdrawal via check, gift cards, and charitable donations.

Also, ACOP is a rather reputable survey panel. They are ran by Decision Analyst which first started out in 1997, and they claim to have more than 6 million panelists worldwide. From reading reviews of ACOP’s paid survey platform, the biggest issue anyone has had was a delay in receiving their withdrawal.

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