How We Make Money?

ESS May 25, 2018

Like every other site Elite Survey Sites make money from your visitors. We don’t want to hide this fact from you. In this article we will try explain how we make money and what fees we have.

Some of the sites that you can find on our site pay us money to redirect people to them.

Typically we get paid that way:

  • When people load our site. In this case sites pay us per impression.
  • When people click some ads, we get paid per click.
  • When people visit a site and register, we get paid per registration.
  • When people visit and site and buy something from it, we get paid for that.


As you already know, Elite Survey Sites consists of a team of people who work every day to help people make money with paid surveys. That require a lot of time. We spend time to research survey panels and give you the best of them. We spend money time and sometime money to writes to write articles for you and provide you with best tips.


However, our team who works on reviews and guides is in NO WAY influenced by this. They have no connections to or insight in the affiliated third parties. Therefore, our reviews are always based on cold facts and truth.

You can support our work by clicking on the links in our review pages. Otherwise, you can always go straight to the product or service we are recommending and bypass our affiliate links entirely.

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