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Best Money Making Apps of July 2024

EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

So the money-making apps industry has really involved. If you’ve tried it years ago, chances are you had a horrible experience. But now there are legit apps that you can earn money off!

We aren’t just talking about the gimmicky ones either. The apps we’re going to lisurvest won’t send you on some scavenge hunt at a grocery store or anything crazy like that.

So give yourself a moment to check out these great money-making opportunities.


Mobile App Company Info Min Withdrawl Get Paid To Register and Download


Toluna Paid Survey Site

Click Here

Nielsen LLC $50 Weekly entries into $10,000 monthly prize draws (400 winners every month!)

Click Here


Toluna Paid Survey Site

Click Here

I-Say $10 Operates surveys in over 100 countries worldwide!
$1000 contest for new members

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Prodege LLC $5 Paid over $78 million in rewards to date

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Inbox Dollars

Toluna Paid Survey Site

Click Here

CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc $30 Kindle Fire HD, Ipod Touch, Restaurant Vouchers

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Fusion Cash

Toluna Paid Survey Site

Click Here

Survey Junkie LLC $25 Get $5 just for signing up

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My Survey

Toluna Paid Survey Site

Click Here

Lightspeed Research $10 Paid out $16,000,000 in 2013

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Toluna Paid Survey Site

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Toluna Group $5 High levels of surveys

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Opinion Outpost

Toluna Paid Survey Site

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Survey Sampling International LLC $5 Regular surveys, with some paying as much as $30!

Click Here



The Best Apps That Pay You Money

There are a lot of apps that pay you money for completing tasks or shopping a certain way. Quite a few have taken a turn for the worst in recent years; the list of the 30 top paying mobile apps below have all been checked and proven as legitimate. If you do have a bad experience with any, please comment so we can all know!

Without further ado …

1) eBates Cash Back & Coupons – Android & iOS

Over $250 million paid out so far – install this app to your mobile device now!

eBates cashback rewards app


Okay, this clearly isn’t a money-making app … it’s a money savers’ app … but saving money is the same a making money in today’s high-spending world.

And eBates is a serious cashback provider …

We’re talking UP TO 26% cashback on your online purchases!

It’s a total no-brainer — so get eBates for your phone now.

In fact, eBates will give you great cashback rewards on purchases from many top online retailers. Their program extends to purchases made on Amazon, eBay, and many other large e-retailers.

Furthermore, you get a $10 Wal-Mart gift card just for joining and that point alone is enough reason to not say no. And if you really like the program, check out their Tell-a-Friend promotion. For June of 2017, they’re rewarding $50 for getting two of your friends to sign up.

Outside of their special refer-a-friend promotions, you’ll still earn $5 for everyone you get to sign up. If you could find 500 people to join you would get $10,000 for your hard work!

Note: The refer-a-friend promotion information applies to their offer running until the end of June 2017. They always have some type of great deal on the table though, so take a look when you sign up!

The ‘eBates Cashback Program’ App Reviews

You probably haven’t heard of eBates before, but you’ll be surprised to learn there are many that have already had great experiences with them!


eBates Google app store reviews


As you can see, there are over 22,000 people that have rated this app on the Google Play store alone. It’s not some fly-by-night money-making app, but actually a legitimate opportunity for you to save hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars.

2) Cash Pirate – Android

Okay, so here’s another top earner. It rewards you for doing simple things, like downloading apps, playing free games, filling out surveys, doing product testing, and much more. This is like a paid survey panel but contained within a mobile application.


Cash Pirate payout options and minimum cashouts


The best thing about Cash Pirate is that you just need $2.50 to make a PayPal withdrawal request. This is super easy to earn here, so you know you’ll score at least a few bucks off this app.

You can give Cash Pirate a try now and kick-start your earnings with the 50-cent signup bonus!

The ‘Cash Pirate’ App Reviews

The great thing is they’re highly reviewed and well-respected in the mobile app world. There is no reason to worry — you aren’t dealing with some paid survey network with a ton of technical issues. As of writing this, 79,145 Cash Pirate user reviews in the Google Play store amounted to a 4.5 star average rating.

This is definitely impressive … and there’s no shortage of happy people using this app as you can see:


Cash Pirate Google Play store app reviews



The biggest downfall is that this app is only available for Android users; at this time, Cash Pirate is not available in an iOS version.

You only need to make $2.50 to request a withdrawal from the Cash Pirate app!

Take Cash Pirate for a test spin!

Most users make much more than $2.50 in a single day downloading the various apps they suggest you to install. People tend to make around $6 to $10 an hour downloading apps and completing other little tasks on the Cash Pirate app.

3) Panel App – Android & iOS

Try Panel App today and get rewarded in gift cards, prepaid VISA cards, new gaming systems, and much more. You will get rewards for filling out surveys, interacting with the app through social media, and by referring friends to join. The most appealing thing about this app is that there are many high-value product sweepstakes draws that are running all the time. You can buy a sweepstakes entry for a few hundred points and take your shot at winning something like a PS4 or Xbox One, or maybe a $100 Amazon gift code.


Sweepstakes draws for the Panel App


The ‘Panel App’ App Reviews

The Panel App has a 4.1 star average in the Google Play store, made up from 17,680 reviews. In the iTunes store, it has 13 ratings and a 4.5 star average. Some users have reported that the app works better now, which makes sense as the app developer updated it to fix some bugs.


Reviews of the Panel App in the Google Play app store


4) Checkout 51 – Android & iOS

With Checkout 51, you can save money through grocery coupons paid back in the form of cashback rewards. So essentially Checkout 51 is a rebates program app like eBates. Check it out on Android or iOS and start saving today!


Checkout51 app


You can grab an offer, then send a picture of the receipt showing you purchased the correct item. After that, they’ll give you the cashback reward in the form of a cheque as long as you have at least $20 in your account.

There are huge booklets with great savings and you’ll never run short of offers to complete. So it’s free money if you check for anything you’re already buying on your grocery trips. Do the offers for stuff you have in your cart and take the extra money; you should be able to save about $10 to $25 per grocery trip this way.

Start enjoying free rebates on your groceries today with Checkout 51!

  • Get Checkout 51 for Android
  • Get Checkout 51 for iOS

The ‘Checkout 51’ App Reviews

Everyone loves an app that saves them money — especially when there’s no hours upon hours of labor to make it happen. So this app holds a 4 star rating with 31,431 Android reviewers having their say, and also 2,782 Apple users averaged out to a 4 star rating. Overall, the only big issue users have had relates to technical errors — particularly, the camera feature in the app doesn’t always work right.


reviews of the Checkout 51 savings app


5) Inbox Dollars – Android & iOS

For a long time, we have recommended Inbox Dollars as it’s a well-known paid survey panel. They have dished out over $35 million to their users, which is enough to show that they are serious about what they do.

You can get paid for more than just surveys, such a by completing purchase offers and by reading paid emails. You can even get rewarded for searching the Web through their app. But what might be the coolest feature is their Spin and Win wheel. It really makes things interesting!

Inbox Dollars Instant Win Game - Spin to Win Wheel

The ‘Inbox Dollars’ App Reviews

The biggest problem with Inbox Dollars is that their app contain numerous technical issues. The company itself is trustworthy, but once you get into their app there are definitely flaws. This has been reported by users time and time again; it does not appear that things will be changing for the better any time soon. And since you need an entire $30 to cash out, it might be best to stick to the other money-making apps from this list instead.

6) Toluna – Android & iOS

Toluna is a huge paid survey network — and you’re likely aware of how legitimate they are already, but if not Read Our Toluna Review and find out!


Toluna paid surveys panel mobile app


But did you know there’s also a Toluna app? So you can get the opportunity to do paid surveys from your mobile phone, while completing them for a company that you know will actually pay you.

There are quite a few paid survey apps … but a lot are just scams. Even once-great networks like iPoll and MySurvey are releasing apps with consistent technical errors. But while Toluna’s app isn’t perfect, it gets the job done and the survey takers still get paid.

The ‘Toluna’ App Reviews

Toluna has a 3 star rating average in the Google Play store, where it has 8,822 user reviews. Its’ iOS version only has 8 reviews and a 2.5 star average rating. Keep in mind though, this app was only released last year — chances are Toluna will keep up with updating it.


Toluna paid survey app reviews


We know you’ll be happy if you join Toluna — they’re a survey network with 4+ million users and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Even hot new survey sites like PrizeRebel are throwing up Toluna survey offer walls; so take the slightly unappealing app they have now and stay on board, as their platform can create a lot of opportunity for you.

7) Surveys on the Go – Android & iOS

You’ve all made it to Elite Survey Sites because of your interest in doing paid surveys for money. It’s a huge industry, and connecting one’s panelist profile to their mobile device makes it all-the-easier for companies to value market data. So it comes as no surprise that many paid survey apps are popular money-making apps; Surveys on the Go is absolutely no exception.

This one is seriously a no-brainer for survey lovers.
Surveys on the Go App rewards offer wall


You will get at least a handful of survey offers a month, with each paying around a few bucks per and only taking about 10 minutes of your time.

If you “check in” to the app every single day you’ll get five cents each day for just doing that. This is $1.50 a month for just opening up the app for a moment. Add everything you get from your survey offers and you should be able to pull $15 to $30 a month off this one app lone.

And finally, we have a terrific money-making app with many great reviews that is actually available for iOS device users too.

Furthermore, you’ll get $1 after you install the app and fill out the initial survey.

The ‘Surveys on the Go’ App Reviews

The iTunes store has 11,6433 Surveys on the Go reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The Google Play store holds a 4.2 star rating average among 18,688 user reviews. This puts the Surveys on the Go app as one of the top-rated money maker apps available today.

Surveys on the Go Google Play app Store reviews


8) mCent – Android

If you are from India, you might be disappointed to learn some of the previous apps won’t allow you to register. Even worse, many of the paid survey panels we recommend on our site are not sending very rewarding offers your way.

Thankfully, mCent is paving the way for a change. They have captured the Indian market research audience by storm.


mCent rewards payout option


Everyone in India will LOVE this rewarding app!

More than 30 million users have already experienced what greatness mCent can offer through the power of having their mobile data PAID for them.

That’s right, more than 30 million people have gotten a total of 4 billion gigabytes of data as payment for completing mCent surveys.

We are stoked to bring awareness to this app to all of you.

Seriously, for our American readers let’s put it into context: even in the best mobile plans you tend to pay over $10 per gigabyte, and with over 4 billion gigabytes rewarded already that’s more than $40 billion of data paid out at retail value!

mCent mobile phone rewards app in India


The ‘mCent’ App Reviews

You will be blown away to find this out — there are currently 586,496 user reviews for the mCent app in the Google Play app store. These reviews amount to a 4.1 star average. The numbers are very high because there are a lot of people in India that look for rewarding websites and apps to make money. We know that first hand — many of our readers are from India, and they come to us to find paid survey opportunities.


mCent mobile rewards app install stats


9) Ibotta – Android & iOS

Again, ‘saving money is earning money’ and Ibotta is another savings powerhouse that cannot be ignored. This app has seen tremendous amounts of investments already; in fact, just last year they got $40 million in Series C funding. Their last funding round raised an impressive $20 million as well.
Ibotta Rewards app offer wall


You get cashback rewards for using the Ibotta app when shopping. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and then you will receive a list of the day’s offers. After you take advantage of one of the available cashback offers the reward will be credited to your account. From there, you can request a withdrawal to PayPal after you reach a $10 balance or higher.

Ibotta has saved its users $100 million since founding five years ago!

The ‘Ibotta’ App Reviews

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It boasts 125,306 user reviews on the Google Play store — for an average 4.5 star rating. Meanwhile, the iOS version also has a 4.5 star average across 29,834 user reviews.

People are super happy with the Ibotta app because they can start earning cashback rewards right away. There’s no need to jump through hoops; their app is designed in such a way that you can know what to expect, and there are no major points of failure along the way.

If you want a cashback rewards app you can rely on, the heavily-funded Ibotta app is definitely the right choice. The same is true with eBates though, so use the two and grab the best rewards between them each time you shop online. eBates not only has big investments, but they even make big investments too — like their $8 million investment into Influenster a few months ago.

10) Earn Free Cash or Make Money – Android

This app is also referred to as the Mintcoins app.


Mintcoins App


All you need is at least a $1 balance to request a cash-out!

If you want a simple app to make some extra cash with, you really will be happy to know about this one. It is possibly the best paying app as far as the cash-out requirement is concerned.

In fact, you can make 25 cents for every friend that you get to install the app. This makes it easy to score small cash-outs from time-to-time. However, do not expect to only see low-paying offers as sometimes you can make quite a bit off just one reward.

Their minimum cash-out of $1 is done through PayPal, but this app also pays out through various other ways. Their developer also keeps up-to-date on maintaining the app, and updates are sometimes pushed.

The ‘Mintcoins’ App Reviews

People really seem to like this app; there have been 100,046 Mintcoins app user reviews posted in the Google Play Store. This has resulted in an average rating of 4.4 stars.


Ibotta discount rewards app in Google Play store


The majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and there’s a pattern of users that have reported the app’s interface to be very user-friendly. It has proven to be an easy way to make a few extra bucks for anyone with a smartphone. However, it’s true that the earning opportunities are limited and you’ll average more in a month with most of the other apps on this list.

11) Receipt Hog – Android & iOS


Receipt Hog rebates app


Receipt Hog is a company that collects consumer receipts to generate market research data for its clients. This has created an interesting incentive rewards program. To make extra cash, all you have to do is upload an image of your receipts after you shop. Many have done this already, and the company has paid out more than $2.5 million thus far.

The cool thing about the app is that you don’t have to limit your earnings to a few dollars here and there. The virtual slots machine gives you the chance to make much more. If you’re lucky, you’ll score the $100 instant prize or get your whole last purchase paid back to you.

Also, it’s wonderful having a digital backup for all your receipts … this can come in handy much more than you could even imagine!

The ‘Receipt Hog’ App Reviews

There are 6,277 user reviews on the iTunes store for an average rating of 4 stars. The Google Play store has 37,955 reviews up and 4.4 star rating.


Reviews of the Receipt Hog rebates app in Google Play store


While most users have been happy with their experience, there have been a few technical difficulties that were expressed. One of the more common ones came from trying to use public Wi-Fi while in shopping malls, coffee shops, and so on. A weak connection might stop the receipt image from uploading properly; you’ll probably need a little patience, but the company always pays in the end so it’s not a big concern.

12) Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash – Android

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to even open the app to make money? Well that’s possible with Slidejoy, because this app pays you to borrow your unlock screen. If you are okay with having hot news and special offers promoted on your phone’s unlock screen, you could make a few extra bucks a month easily.


Slidejoy Lock Screen rewards app


Many people have reported earning anywhere from $3 to $15 in a single month through the Slidejoy app. Considering you don’t have to so much as, “swipe a finger,” the free money is well worth it!

The ‘Slidejoy’ App Reviews

There are many people that have said great things about Slidejoy. Most are just pleased to be earning money without having to fill out surveys, watch videos, or download apps. It is completely free money and it’s as close to no-strings-attached as a rewards app can get.

That said, some are not pleased with the change in rewards structure. Points are worth less now than they were before. This weaker conversion has pushed a lot of users to earn considerably less, and now most report earnings more in the $2.50 to $7.50 range instead.

13) ShopKick – Android & iOS

ShopKick is another shopping cashback rewards program app. The company claims to have more than 19 million users and they also state that over $60 million in rewards have been paid out. The company was bought for $200 million, so these figures come as no surprise!


Shopkick User Interface

Almost every big name store is set up through the ShopKick rewards program. So whether you’re shopping at Target, Wal-Mart, or even Starbucks, you’ll be getting cashback rewards for your purchases.

All you have to do is scan certain items while in-store and also use your credit card that’s attached to the app to make the purchase.

The ‘ShopKick’ App Reviews

This app has 184,457 reviews in the Google Play store with a 4 star average. It also boasts a 4.5 star rating in the iTunes store with 98,949 reviews, making it one of the best savings apps for iOS users.


Reviews from the Google Play app store for Shopkick shopping rewards app


The biggest complaints center around the GPS functionality and the scanning feature. Both of these give users issues from time to time. Also, if you forget to have your ‘Location’ setting turned on then it won’t work properly. Many iPhone users aren’t happy with this fact because their battery gets drained too quick.

14) AppWinn

With AppWinn, you are actually just going onto their website to earn your rewards. But you still have to download apps in order to receive them. It works like the other app-downloading rewards programs, except you make more because you’re also getting valued for your real review of the app.


Explaining how Appwinn rewards app works


You will receive around $1 per app that gets installed + reviewed in the app store. They start off by letting you do one, and if your writing is acceptable and legitimate then they will give you more offers.

It’s definitely an interesting way to make money, so if you feel like ‘thinking outside of the box’ then try cashing in through AppWinn’s website!

Heard of AppWinn before but couldn’t join because they aren’t Android compatible? As of June 2017, they are fully compatible with Android users … get on board!

15) GrabPoints – Free Gift Cards – Android

GrabPoints is another completely legit app that pays you for completing various simple tasks. You will get awarded points for installing apps, watching videos, and filling out surveys. If you refer friends you can rack up earnings very quickly. Their minimum cash-out is $3 for Amazon gift cards, $5 via PayPal cash, and $10 through most other gift card options.


CashPoints Google Android Rewards App


If you use their invite code (from the app store page), “FV5C5V”, you will receive a 500-point signup bonus.

You can follow the link for your country to sign up at GrabPoints: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

The ‘GrabPoints’ App Reviews

They have a 4.4 star average rating in the Google Play store, which is made up of 30,312 GrabPoints user reviews.


GrabPoints Google App store reviews


There are plenty people who have said good things about the GrabPoints app. One re-affirming sign is that positive GrabPoints app reviews are not limited to the Google Play store. You will find people who have used this app on various online forums, on Reddit, and elsewhere on the Web. There are even many images of payment proof that have been passed around; there’s no questioning whether this is a legit money-making app.

Another strengthening point is that their app developer ACTUALLY responds to people’s reviews on the app store. If you ever run into an issue, you can just reach out to and they’ll quickly get back to you. Customer service in a money-making app is usually unheard of, but they do more than enough to ensure their users are kept happy!

Try GrabPoints and start earning off surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and much more. Their 500-point signup bonus is 50 cents on its own, leaving just $2.50 that you need to earn for your first withdrawal!

16) SurveyMini

Now back to the traditional money-making apps; SurveyMini is a fun one that, well, consists of exactly what the name suggests. This app is full of short surveys that just take a few moments to complete. If you live in the United States, you will be presented with many short survey offers and you’ll be able to earn a fair few dollars each month off SurveyMini.


Survey Mini Paid Surveys App


The cool thing about this app is that it tracks where you go to eat and shop. Then, it customizes the survey offers based on your purchasing habits. This gives their clients better market research data, and ultimately it means they can pay you more too.

Not only will you be able to cash out your earnings for gift cards, but sometimes you’ll also be able to receive free food and other product rewards.

Further, their app has had development updates — including one that made it localized for UK users, which means this is not just a great app for Americans, but also for our British friends!

The ‘SurveyMini’ App Reviews

This app doesn’t have the best performance in the app store reviews section. In its’ Google Play store page, there are 5,278 reviews totaling a 4.2 star average. The iTunes store features this app with a 4 star average and 2,635 user reviews. The comments are a bit of a mixed bag, a fair number of users have had technical issue with this app over the past few years.


Reviews of Survey Mini Paid Surveys Android app



However, this isn’t horrible and many of the paid survey panels have ratings in the 2 to 4 star range even though they are legitimate. It’s the context of the reviews that matter — people love this app, and the only ones complaining are those that don’t pick up on new offers after going to local restaurants and stores.

Certainly, there will be some people that don’t really get any earning opportunities here. But if you are in a busy spot in the United States or the United Kingdom, you should be able to get survey invites regularly. In fact, if you are in central California, New York, or even London, you’ll likely get new offers all day long as you go out for your shopping trips.

17) Cash App – Android

Any time a money-making app looks nice and user-friendly, it is a cause for excitement. If you haven’t heard of Cash App yet, then now is your time to get excited!


Cash App rewards application


Cash App rewards you for completing various special offers, and they typically pay 25 cents to $10 per task. Once you earn enough, you can cash out through Amazon, PayPal, Skrill, or WebMoney. You only need $2.50 to cash-out, so it’s very easy to guarantee some earnings from this particular app.

You get paid to download awesome game and to play them. That’s all you have to do in order to earn your reward. If you want to make an extra 10 cents a day, you can get paid for 10 clicks each day — this would be another $3 per month for practically no work at all.

‘The Cash App’ App Reviews


Cash App reviews in Google Play store


With 45,539 Cash App reviews in the Google Play store giving this app a 4.5 star rating, you can bet it’s a solid money-making app to try. The $2.50 cash-out threshold makes it very easy for anyone to quickly install it and make some quick cash. However, iOS device owners will be disappointed to know there is no Cash App available in the iTunes store at this time.

18) Uento – Android

Here’s an app that a lot of people don’t know about yet.

Uento is yet another app that rewards you for downloading games and playing them. You’ll even get rewarded for your in-game purchases. Their Money Maker game pays out as much as $1,000 in rewards every single day — and there are tons of bonuses you can rake in every day, so it’s a constant earner if you’re consistent.


Uento money-making app



Further, you can get five cents every day for just checking into the app. This amounts to $1.50 per month for simply opening the app once a day, and this doesn’t count what you’ll make from completing offers.

The fun thing is how much you can make off referring friends. They don’t cap you at a certain earning potential and you even get rewarded on every install they make.

The ‘Uento’ App Reviews

The Android version of this app has 6,214 user reviews and a 4.0 rating score. In the user reviews, you will notice the app developer responds to complaints and issues a fair bit. This is very important as many money-making apps get abandoned after they’re released. But if there are technical issues affecting your account or payment, at least you know the Uento team will resolve it for you.


Google Play store reviews for the Uento money making app


Also, it was reported in April that this month (June) there would be an iOS version released. This has not happened yet, but if you’re an iOS user you should definitely keep an eye out for it.

19) Tap Cash – Android

Tap Cash is another money-making app that pays you to download and play games, watch videos, and even by being a ‘VIP’ Facebook-verified user. Once you earn enough, you can cash out your funds through many different payment options — including gift cards, PayPal, reloadable prepaid cards, cellular service vouchers, and more.


Tap Cash rewards offer wall


This app has a very simple user interface and a nice, clean design. It is easy to use and doesn’t have any major technical errors. Even if you do run into problems, the company is still very active so anything should get resolved pretty quickly.

The ‘Tap Cash’ App Reviews

The Tap Cash app has 119,089 reviews in the Google Play store, which gave it a 4.3 average rating. The biggest recurring complaint has to do with rewards not showing up after offers are completed. However, the developer seemed to have cleared up this subject — the offers are limited-time only and you have to complete them quickly or else you won’t get the reward. If you’re still uncertain, check the FAQs section of the app to learn the specifics.


reviews for the Tap Cash app in Google Play Store


Tap Cash is another app that has an active support team. They frequently respond to issues mentioned in Google Play store reviews. Even better, they’re very active over on Facebook and you can even get support through direct messaging from your Facebook account.

20) Quick Cash – Android


Quick Cash money making application


With Quick Cash, you are able to turn your social media profiles profitable. You can leech off your popularity on Facebook, and even on WhatsApp, by pushing incentive-based offers to your friends. Instead of a typical referral URL, you share an offer wall and you will get rewarded for any of the apps that any of your friends install.

This is a cool concept — and they tie Ibotta for the awesome $1 minimum withdrawal amount. Further, there are daily rewards for simply opening the app each day so it won’t take long before you can request at least a $1 PayPal payout.

They claim that you can earn $5 in just your first five minutes using the app. From there, using it daily could earn you a few hundred a month. Whether it’s true or not, it is hard to say, but not many user reviews mention issues with the compensation levels here and that’s a rare thing to be able to say when it comes to these types of apps.

The ‘Quick Cash’ App Reviews

There are 23,812 user reviews for the Quick Cash app on Android. The average rating is 4.2 stars. Unfortunately, there is not an iOS version of the app available at this time.


reviews of the Quick Cash app in the Android app store


There have been many good things said about Quick Cash; even when there are payment processing issues, they end up getting resolved. Even better, their staff is very active and responds to a lot of reviews (both good and bad) and they’re always willing to help.

21) WowApp Messenger – Android & iOS

Finally, there’s a break from the norm. The WowApp Messenger app is something different; after installing, you can start earning money simply by chatting with your friends.


WowApp Messenger app


You can use the app to talk by text, voice, or video, and you can even use it to share files. Heck, there’s even a Snapchat-like private talk mode that leave ‘no trace’ of the conversation when you’re done.

Further, you will be upsold on the app’s international calling services; you can use this instead of something like TextNow or TextPlus, and you’ll probably be happy with the change in cost if you do!

The ‘WowApp Messenger’ App Reviews

WowApp Messenger has a 4.3 star rating on Android, which comes from 15,065 user reviews. It is also available for iOS device owners, but there isn’t enough rating information to go on over there so far.


WowApp Messenger app reviews


If you run into problems using this app, contact the company by emailing and explaining your issue.

22) Diamond Cash – Android

With Diamond Cash, you can earn money for installing and using apps, watching videos, and completing other small jobs. You will be able to cash out after making as little as $5, if you are okay with PayPal cash or a Steam gift card. Alternatively, there are numerous types of gift cards you can get once you have at least a $10 balance.


Diamond Cash app


Right off the bat, as a new user of the Diamond Cash app you’ll receive $1.50 in rewards for completing a few simple offers. What are they, you ask? Well, you have to sign up through a friend (using their invitation code), do a daily check-in, install one app, and share a status/Tweet once. That’s it, then you’ve already earned $1.50 and you can keep adding from there — and soon enough you’ll be ready for your first withdrawal.

The ‘Diamond Cash’ App Reviews

So there are 44,799 Google Play store reviews for the Diamond Cash app and it boasts an impressive 4.6 star average rating. There haven’t been any major issues with this app, but some have gotten confused about how to get paid out.


Diamond Cash app review


You can email to request your withdrawal when you are ready. This information is also listed on their Facebook page, which they don’t check often so don’t bother reaching out that way.

23) Coin Pouch – Android

The Coin Pouch app is a lot like the Diamond Cash app; you get rewarded for installing and playing games, watching videos, and more.


Coin Pouch app


When you first sign up for the Coin Pouch app, you’ll receive $2 after finishing some simple tasks. This includes signing up with a friend’s invitation code, completing your first app install, and checking into the app.

The ‘Coin Pouch’ App Reviews

In the Google Play app store, there are 63,360 reviews for Coin Pouch and it has a 4.6 star rating. There are many great written reviews from real users and not really any major complaints. Unfortunately though, their website is just prepped for the launch of the Coin Pouch iOS app and it’s not actually out yet.


Coin Pouch app reviews on Google Play store

24) AppBounty – Android & iOS

AppBounty is one of those apps that rewards you for trying out all different kinds of mobile apps. After you earn enough credits, you are able to request a cashout through numerous types of gift cards and codes.




The ‘AppBounty’ App Reviews

AppBounty holds a 3.9 star rating in the Google App store from 131,998 total reviews; the iOS version is known as ‘BountyBucks’ and has approximately a 3.5 star average among 827 user reviews.


AppBounty - BountyBucks reviews


The majority of negative reviews come down to technical issues. If you have troubles with this app, send an email to and the issue will likely get resolved quickly.

25) Roamler – Android & iOS

We said we wouldn’t send you on a scavenger hunt — but this app is a little different than all the cheap ones we’ve seen in the past. With Roamler, you can get real corporate clients to pay you for completing small tasks. For example, you could find yourself going to take a brandable image in your city if you live in the right region. Or, you might find yourself answering questions at a bus stop — or demonstrating how certain products are used at your house … all for free extra money!


Roamler app


The cool thing is that Roamler presents to you the available offers based on what you can do that’s closest to you. Think of this as Fiverr + Uber paired together, but for quirky little services like what we’ve just described.

Roamler could really pave the way … they have already paid out a lot, and there are many payment proofs online, so don’t discount them so soon.

The ‘Roamler’ App Reviews

This app only has 2,852 reviews and a 3.6 star rating in the Google App store.It is available for iOS owners, but there aren’t enough reviews or ratings to comment on that.


reviews of Roamler app


Most issues are technical-based or have to do with no offers in a certain geographical area. But, make sure you don’t do what a few have accidentally done — your location-tracking needs to be kept on, or else your cell phone won’t pick up the available Roamler offers.

26) AppTrailers – Android & iOS

AppTrailers is a little more fun, and it rewards you purely for watching video trailers. The cool thing is that you will actually be shown trailers of real mobile apps. So you will find some interesting apps you might want to buy or download for free out of the experience.


AppTrailers app


The coolest thing is that you will sometimes get the chance to watch exclusive app trailers. These are videos for apps that haven’t been publicly released yet. Further, there will be many video trailers from big names like EA and Supercell.

The ‘AppTrailers’ App Reviews

37,058 Android users gave this app an average rating of 3.8 stars, while 4,515 iOS device owners rated it an average of 4 stars.


AppTrailers reviews


The biggest complaints all have to do with technical issues — the company has always paid out to its user and there are many payment proofs on the Web for them. However, it is clear that errors come up again and again when using the app.

If you do have a bad experience, write to to figure out the issue.

27) WHAFF Rewards – Android

WHAFF Rewards is a legitimate rewards app with a lot of payment proof floating around the Web. They give you rewards for using the app each day, and quite a few of those users that have reported their earnings proof have made $100’s from them. So this lesser-known money-making app might really be worth your attention.


WHAFF Rewards app


The ‘WHAFF Rewards’ App Reviews

Surprisingly, the WHAFF Rewards app has a 4.3 star rating from 315,373 reviews in the Google Play store. This is composed of a lot of users reporting successfully receiving their withdrawals, many within just a day or two. It is great knowing this app has such a proven track record — we’re going to keep this one on our radar for now!


Reviews of the WHAFF Rewards app


But the biggest issue with this app is the fact that many users haven’t gotten awarded their bonus for installing the WHAFF Rewards app. This is not the case for everyone, though, as a high number of installers reported that they got their reward just fine.

Those that do run into technical problems can reach out to to get their issue figured out. Their support is also active on their app store page, commenting professionally on both good and bad reviews.

28) Clic and Walk – Android & iOS

If you’re located in the United Kingdom, you might want to try out the Clic and Walk app. It rewards installers for completing photo missions. You just have to go to certain areas and take pictures as per the offer requests.


Clic and Walk app


For instance, you could be requested to go to a certain shop and take a picture of something in the storefront window. Or, you might be required to snap a shot of something in a store with the price label in sight.

The ‘Clic and Walk’ App Reviews

6,447 reviews for a 4 star rating average on the Android app store makes Clic and Walk and average-rated money making app. But a re-assuring point comes from their level of activity on social media sites.

Clic and Walk app reviews


29) Earn Cash – Android

Earn Cash is an app that rewards users for completing special offers, watching videos, testing products, and much more. You even get paid for completing tasks like “checking in” at certain places.

You only need $5 worth (5,000 points) to cash out through PayPal. Many tasks award around 1,000 points and only take a few minutes to complete. There’s plenty of stuff you can do to earn extra money here, so it’ll keep you busy for a while.

Earn Cash App Interface

The ‘Earn Cash’ App Reviews

So this might seem like a lesser-known app but it’s actually quite popular. It holds a 4.5 star average rating among 9,130 reviews. This is drastically less reviews than what a lot of other apps have, but you have to remember that many fabricate their ratings.

Meanwhile, when you take the time to go through all the user reviews for the Earn Cash app on the Google Play store it is clear they are legitimate.


Earn Cash rewards Google app store reviews


If you ever have an issue when using the Earn Cash app, con
tact to get it resolved quickly.

30) CheckPoints – Android & iOS

The CheckPoints app is a lot like the ShopKick app in many ways. But what makes this app particularly great is that there are literally endless scanning opportunities. If you have a CVS or a Safeway in nearby proximity, consider yourself $20 to $30 a month richer.


Checkpoints Shopping Rewards app


All you need to do is go to a store with an offer available and scan a particular product to earn points. You don’t need to buy the item, all you have to do is scan it with your phone. And there are literally enough stores listed in the CheckPoints app that you won’t have to travel far to ensure you can bank at least $20 or $30 a month, if not more, off this app.

The ‘CheckPoints’ App Reviews

The CheckPoints app is available in both the Google Play and the Itunes app store. In Google’s app store, CheckPoints holds a 4.1 star rating across 20,201 reviews. Under its’ iOS version, CheckPoints has a 4 star rating average and 28,842 reviews.


reviews for Checkpoints app in Google Play store


Many have made it known how great the app is, because they can literally just go to the end of their street, scan a few codes, and score extra money all the time. The best part is that you don’t have to scan a receipt — like with Receipt Hog — it’s all about the bar code label. If you just scan that you get your reward — you don’t even need to pay for anything!

Honorable Mention: Field Agent

This is an app worth paying attention to; Field Agent gives you the chance to perform various gigs and micro-tasks while getting rewarded for it. The opportunities vary depending on where you live, but some people find this app to be a lucrative income-earner.


Field Agent app - How it work


One day you might find yourself doing a photoshoot, while the next you could be doing a screener for a $100 gig. You just never know what opportunities are waiting for you. But for the most part, you’ll find yourself going to stores and scanning labels or giving information about stuff from your city.

Even if you’re not doing anything exciting, you could still make a good $10 to $20 a day while completing tasks in the Field Agent app.

The ‘Field Agent’ App Reviews

In the Google Play store, Field Agent holds a 3.3 star rating with 1,764 reviews. In the iTunes store, it has 240 user reviews and a 4 star rating. The low-rated reviews mostly come from people getting frustrated with being screened out. They have numerous screener offers which lead to higher-paying tasks. Understandably so, people don’t like doing them only to find out is was just a waste of time.


Field Agent app reviews in Google app store


But Field Agent has some great-paying tasks that are worth the pre-screener headaches. The company has even already awarded $6 million to their agents so far. This is a good sign considering there haven’t been too many downloads overall, and they state that the $6 million figure was awarded to, “thousands,” of ‘Agents’ so that’s a good sign. Even if there were 10,000 users that earned that amount, that’s an average of $600 per person.

Warning: Be Careful Choosing Money-Making Apps

The truth is that there are hundreds to thousands of these apps available to download at any given time. Many have 10’s of thousands of reviews, and some even sustain high rankings like 4.8 stars after close to 100,000 ratings.

While there are certainly some good apps out there that have earned their rankings, it’s also true that many developers fabricate their figures. This is done to influence people to install their apps — whether paid or not — but then there’s no guarantee for the quality of the app.

This is why you cannot simply download the highest-rated apps in the app store. This issue goes on whether you’re looking in Apple’s store or Google’s shop. So you need to be conscious to it, and when looking for money-making apps you’ll want to approach the ones we’ve listed.

Across all 30 of the top paying money making apps, you could potentially earn $500 to $1,000 in a single month. This is certainly enough earnings potential to not need to look anywhere else!

Have you tried a great money-making app that’s not on the listed?

If so, please share your experience below!

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