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Top 10 Highest Paying Online Surveys for Money, Paid 1 Million Dollars and More

Latest Update:  January 3, 2018

No matter what your age, profession or where you live, everyone can take advantage of online surveys for money. There are 100s of survey panels available, however they don’t all offer the same rewards. We have scoured the web to find the highest paying& legitimate research panels who have paid out millions & more to their members. Most of these panels are large companies, paying out millions of dollars.

Here, we discuss the highest paying paid surveys, who have already paid more than $1 million total. This means that they are reliable. And not scam.

The Highest Paying Online Surveys

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the highest paying survey panels. In fact they are not only a survey panel. They offer many more opportunities for people to make easy money. You won’t believe it, but the company paid more than $100 Million dollars to their users!!! Very reputable and trusted company to join!

What Makes Swagbucks Different?

      • Active & fun community that you are paid to be a part of! – Build up your points even when you aren’t thinking about it…
      • Regular chances to win points for sharing funny stories, pictures & ideas
      • Earn more by completing high-paying focus groups, product tests & webcam surveys.

That’s why we at EliteSurveySites decided to put it at the top of our ranking!

Join Swagbucks Now!


2. Inbox Dollars


Paid over $35 million since launch

Again like MySurvey Inbox Dollars was founded in the year 2000, but has grown to offer something very different.  Operated by CotterWeb Enterprises  has paid over $35m to their members since launch, providing daily opportunities and even the chance to earn money searching the web, or playing online games.

Join Inbox Dollars Now!

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3. Ipsos I-Say

If you stick with IPSOS you won’t regret it!

What makes IPSOS different?

      • Offer many good and high paying offers

Owned by the French company IPSOS which was founded In 1975. I-Say is a popular destination for millions of survey takers, because of its frequent invites. They pay an average of $1, but usually only take 10 minutes or less to complete.

The added bonus to I-Say is that there are countless chances to earn much more for regular members.  For example you might receive an invitation to a focus group, product test, or webcam survey, when you complete a regular survey.

Tips to Get Started on Ipsos i-Say

Stay active & complete all surveys you are invited to (regardless of value), this will help increase your chances of higher paying offers such as focus groups.

Join Ipsos Now

4. Pinecone Research


Super fast payments & no disqualification! Earn $3-$5 for 10 minutes of your time; it’s as simple as that!

What Makes Pinecone Research Different?

      • Pre-qualified online surveys for money – All survey invitations sent to you are pre-qualified, so won’t lose out and become disqualified for not matching the right criteria.
      • Payments within 24 hours – Pinecone is notoriously popular with its 6 million members for its super fast payments within a day or so of completing each offer.

From the moment you confirm your account with Pinecone Research you will be sent your survey.

It should take no longer than 10 minutes and will earn you your $3.  There’s no minimum amount to withdraw, so you can take your money shortly after you’ve earned it!

You know you can trust Pinecone because it’s operated by Nielsen, the worlds most renowned market research company.

Tips to Give You an Advantage on Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research doesn’t have an open registration form, register instantly with our unique invitation link to avoid disappointment (they can close their registration page at any time).

Get a Pinecone Research Invitation Now!

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5. Toluna

A fun & friendly survey community that pays you to chat!

What Makes Toluna Different?

      • Active & fun community that you are paid to be a part of! – Build up your points even when you aren’t thinking about it…
      • Regular chances to win points for sharing funny stories, pictures & ideas
      • Earn more by completing high-paying focus groups, product tests & webcam surveys.

Toluna works on a points based system, paying between 500 – 30,000 points per offer, which you are offered from the outset.  Once users have gained $5 in their account they can instantly cash out via PayPal or through retail vouchers.   With the countless daily polls & contests, this takes no time at all!

Tips to Give You a Head Start on Toluna

Pay close attention to your notifications on the site, this will let you know about special opportunities to increase your point balance (which won’t be emailed to you with the ordinary surveys).

Join Toluna Now!

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6. MySurvey


Paid over $16 million worldwide in 2013 alone

What Makes MySurvey different?

      • WebCam surveys – Get paid to watch videos & record your reaction
      • Super long, 2-year point expiry (you won’t lose your earnings from inactivity!)

If you’re looking for high paying panels, with regular surveys look no further than MySurvey.  With as many as 10 invitations per week, and paying $1-$2 on average, it’s little surprise that they paid out more than $16 million in 2013 alone.

Tips to Get Started on MySurvey

MySurvey allows you to receive more invitations by taking part in their online ad exposure program, (allowing them to ask you questions about ads you have seen online). You can take advantage of this feature by visiting your account settings.

So there you have it, the 10 highest paying online surveys for cash.  Our advice is to register with all of them, that way you can seriously increase your earnings with paid surveys.

Join MySurvey Now!

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7. Vindale Research


Vindale has paid out over $1.5 million to its members, through quick & easy online surveys for cash.

What Makes Vindale Research Different?

      • Review a website for $30 or evaluate a book for $65
      • Take the same tasks multiple times per day!

Vindale Research always has new and interesting research tasks for their members. Typically each offer earns users between $1-$5, however occasional opportunities for extra money allow you to earn as much as $30-$65!

You can expect to start receiving invitations as soon as you register, so you should be reaching that $50 minimum withdrawal amount in no time!

Tips to Get Ahead on Vindale

Seek out all of the profile questions before anything else; this will help to ensure you don’t waste time by not qualifying for the right surveys!

Join Vindale Research Now!

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8. GlobalTestMarket


An older and more established panel that pays up to $10 per survey.

What Makes GlobalTestMarket Different?

      • Get rewarded even if you don’t qualify for a survey
      • High level of survey invitations

Founded by Global Market Insight, GTM has paid over $30 million dollars to its members through its surveys, so you know it’s legitimate.

With Global Test Market you can expect to receive invitations regularly in your e-mail inbox, paying up to $10 each.  Therefore you should have no trouble reaching the $50 minimum withdrawal.

Other than answering survey questions, there is not much else to do, perfect for those who want to keep things simple.

Join Global Test Market!


9. Opinion Outpost

Logo for Opinion Outpost Canada Paid Survey Site

Opinion Outpost has countless invites to send out and they award $1 to $10 per completed surveyThere are even some $20 to $25 survey offers that pop up at times. But that’s not where the earning stops; at Opinion Outpost, you can win big in their $10,000 quarterly cash prize draw which is available for all users.

You need between $5 and $10 to cash-out, depending on how you choose to withdrawal. It will take at least $10 worth of points (100 points @ 10 cents each) in order to qualify for a cash PayPal payment. Meanwhile, many gift cards and codes have a $5 withdrawal minimum.

What Makes Opinion Outpost Even Greater

  • PayPal payments can be made instant, upon reaching the $10 minimum balance.
  • If you only have $5 worth of points, you can still withdraw (for a gift card),
  • Their “online ad exposure” technology can bring you many more invites, and,
  • You could win the $10,000 grand prize in their quarterly cash draw!

There are many reasons to join; register at Opinion Outpost now if you haven’t already!

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10. MyView


Interesting & exciting questions on never before seen movie trailers, the latest video games, fashion trends & more.

What Makes MyView Different?

MyView is good at what they do, providing interesting surveys for cash, that pay well & aren’t completely boring!

You can expect to earn $1-$10 per survey and once you have reached the $10 minimum withdrawal payouts are instant with PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Get MyView Invitation Now!

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Last tip:

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7 Responses to “Top 10 Highest Paying Online Surveys for Money, Paid 1 Million Dollars and More”

  1. feroni says:

    hi im srilankan any survey sites to valid for srilankan

  2. Crystal Jones says:

    Best online survey site without hassle or drama:
    Click Here!

  3. Ed says:

    I have joined to make CASH. I have no desire for gift cards or sweepstakes entries or gifts. how might I distinguish between these?

  4. So what Europeans can do? Just sit and watch how u cannot register? This is disrespectful.
    My country doesn’t show up anywhere.

    • EliteSurveySites says:

      We recently covered some incredible survey panels in the UK.

      If you want a place that can almost always pay above minimum wage, even if you’re in London, check out our review of Populus: https://www.elitesurveysites.com/populus/

      If you have a bit of a political side, YouGov is a must — they actually boldly make the claim of being a non-partisan organisation too, which is pretty cool: https://www.elitesurveysites.com/yougov/

      If you do YouGov and you live in the UK — you are one of the few who are lucky, because their monthly draws are incredible … tons of winners for cash and points, if you manage a win it can be a huge boost to your earnings for the year.

      If you have any interest in mystery shopping, here’s one that offers online shopping jobs that pay surprisingly well: https://www.elitesurveysites.com/mystery-shopper-panel-review/

      You can make more being a British panelist because you fit a more limited demographic. The companies that need your information pay more for it because of that fact. However, it also means that there are fewer companies that would benefit from your consumer information.

      So it is a hit or miss — and there is more legwork for a British survey taker, because they have to vet the sites more manually. Sometimes it is the smallest survey panels that pick up the biggest contracts; either way, focus on geo-specific survey panels instead of bigger international panels, you will make much more this way.

      The post here was written in 2014 and focused more on our UK viewer audience. Now that Elite Survey Sites reaches millions of viewers worldwide, we have begun to expand our content to cater to the Eastern World as well.

      If anyone ever has a suggestion of a specific British panel to review, feel free to make a request by commenting on any of our posts!

      Warm Regards,
      Ken @ Elite Survey Sites

  5. Dale says:

    MyView does not payout with PayPal. I wish they did.

    You can expect to earn $1-$10 per survey and once you have reached the $10 minimum withdrawal payouts are instant with PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.


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