One Unique Trick That Will Increase Your Chances to Enter High-Paying Focus Groups 10 Times
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One Unique Trick That Will Increase Your Chances to Enter High-Paying Focus Groups 10 Times

EPF March 9, 2018

One of the highest-paying survey types is focus groups. Everyone who makes money with paid surveys has seen these offers. Make $100 or even more per hour– that is what their ads look like.

But the reality is that you receive an invitation, complete a short prequalification survey when applying and you are denied. In the best case scenario, you get some disqualification points for time invested. That sucks.

How to get an invitation and actually get approved for a focus group? Here we will reveal one unique trick that almost no one is doing.

Apply with a video prequalification survey!

Instead of typing answers to their questions, make a short video where you answer them.

When a market research company decides to launch a focus group, they receive thousands of applications. But many don’t meet their criteria. And those that do match their criteria are still numerous, so these companies are not sure who to approve. To show them that you are serious and really want to get invited, you can do a short video. This way, you have much better chances to draw their attention and get approved.

So, here is what this process looks like.

Step 1. Register with many companies that offer focus groups. You can find best paid survey companies here.

Step 2. Research available focus groups or wait for an invitation.

Step 3. Pick only those whose criteria you match. When you register for many survey companies, you will have a lot of offers available. But instead of wasting time on spamming 100 or more offers where you don’t even qualify, pick only those where you do. For example, if a focus group is interested only in men over 40 who visit a certain restaurant and you don’t visit it, move on to the next offer. Don’t try to cheat them, because you will only waste your and their time. Instead, pick only offers where you meet the criteria.

Focus on the chosen offers! Read carefully their prequalification survey and instead of typing, make a short video where you answer the questions and show interest in their offer. Tell them that you are familiar with what they want from you and say that you can really help them in the research.

What market research is looking for is people with great communication skills. The prequalification video is a great way to show this. If approved for a focus group, you will be asked many questions about a given product, so people without great communication skills won’t be able to help a lot. If you feel that you are not that type of person, avoid focus groups and instead focus on other ways to make money online.

Another type of high-paying offers is mystery shopping. A prequalification video will work great for these offers. With mystery shopping, you get paid to visit a shop, do some shopping and then give your opinion on your shopping experience. You get paid in cash or you get a free gift card for this shop and keep the things that you buy from them. Again, companies who do mystery shopping receive a lot of offers. Most people don’t match their criteria, but in addition, from those that do, the company is not sure who to approve. So, if you show interest in their offer and great communication skills, you will be their top pick. Some of the companies can also approve you long-term. By long-term, we don’t mean a full-time job. But you can be invited from time to time to help them by expressing your opinion.

We highly recommend that you focus on few offers which you match exactly instead of spamming 100 companies. This will lead to low-quality prequalification videos, plus you will waste a lot of time.

Any freelancers here?

Do you know that this can work really great for people who work as freelancers? We at EliteSurveySites often hire freelancers for some tasks. When we post an offer on Upwork or similar sites, we receive over 100 applications within an hour. Recently, we discovered this trend. Instead of answering our questions in written form, they do it in video format. These offers really catch our attention and most of them end up getting a job.

Do you like today’s tips from us?

Do you know of other ways to get more invitations for focus groups?

Please post a comment with your questions about this tactic or an experience you had with it.

We really hope that this will help you make more money.

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