Zoom Panel Review – Are They Legit or Just a Scam?

Zoom Panel Review – Are They Legit or Just a Scam?

ESS Last Update: March 14, 2017

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Operated By: Critical Mix

Type of payment: Amazon Gift Cards

BBB rating: C

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: Yes

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: Moderate survey invites

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): Free

Points System: 100 points = $1

Points Per Survey: 30-160

Point Expiry: Inactive for 3 months

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: $50,000

Contest Requirements: Receive an entry for each day you log in during the promotional period


Today we’ll be reviewing ZoomPanel, the survey panel that claims to offer rewards up to $50,000 for their members, but is it a legitimate panel that you can trust or just another scam site?

Is Zoom Panel Legit or Scam?

Zoom Panel is a member of the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) a site that you’ll hear us talk a lot about here.  Essentially the BBB sets standards for what makes a “good business”, one that is trustworthy, safe and one that’s not going to scam their customers!

Zoom Panel has a C rating with the BBB which shows that it’s a legitimate panel that’s certainly not going to scam you.


More about ZoomPanel

Zoom Panel is only open to residents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, sadly if you don’t live in any of these countries you will not be able to register.

When you first register you will immediately get your first 50 points, it’s only 50 cents, but that’s better than nothing!

There’s not much to do once you have registered, so most of your time spent with Zoom Panel will be spent completing surveys that earn you money, rather than finding your way around the website.

Unlike some other survey sites you can expect to start receiving survey invites immediately, however you might not quality for some of them.  Sadly Zoom Panel lacks in profile questions, so you may find that you are redirected to a new survey each time until you get one that’s right.

You will also find that there aren’t any points for disqualification; however you will earn entries into the very impressive $50,000 prize draw that Zoom Panel hold!

*Note* that some email providers have been found to mark Zoom Panel surveys as spam, so make sure to mark Zoom Panel as a “safe sender”, or add this email to your contacts: survey@zoompanel.com.

What are the rewards like?

Zoom panel only offers Amazon gift cards, which are a bit of a setback, it might not be PayPal cash but who doesn’t use Amazon?

Most people seek to earn cash from survey panels, but Amazon gift cards might as well be the next best thing…

The points system with Zoom panel is very simple and easy to understand, 100 points are equal to $1 and your typical survey will earn you between 30-160 points.  Most of the surveys are quite short and you may even be invited to really easy surveys for your mobile.

Zoom has plenty of surveys available though, as many as 4-15 each week, so it shouldn’t be too long until you’re cashing out your first Amazon gift certificate.

To cash out you will need 2000 points ($20) which will give you your first Amazon gift certificate.

You can also help yourself cash out faster by completing their high paying focus groups which can pay more than $50 for your time.  However there is no way of registering for these, instead you must wait for a personal invitation, which are generally sent to active members of the site.

For survey takers interested in product testing, zoom panel also offers this to their members, although again you can’t register for these and active members will have a greater chance.   The products vary like other survey panels from household items to health and beauty products & more.


Should you join Zoom Panel?

If you like shopping on Amazon as much as we do, Zoom Panel is a great way of earning yourself easy gift cards to spend on the site.  Use them yourself or give them to friends, the choice is yours!

The site offers regular surveys and they are quite easy to complete, they aren’t perhaps as highly paid as some others, however you know that each week you’re going to get between 4-15 surveys which could earn you up to $24 and you could also have the chance of getting much higher paying focus groups which are also quite regular on the site.

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