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How to Make Money Online Free and Easy in Canada of June 2024

EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

There are many ways to make money online. Most of them require some skills and money to start. However in this article we will discuss ways to make money that are absolutely free and easy. Elite Survey Sites researched the best of them that are available for people in Canada.

Pinecone Research Canada

Logo for Pinecone Research Canadian Paid Survey Site

Pinecone Research is one of out top recommendations. It’s very easy to make money with Pinecone Research. This company want you to give your opinion on different products and services. All you have to do is answer easy questions. No skills are required. Most of the questions will be like that. Do you like this product? Why this is better than that? And so on. They always pay $5 per completed survey. But don’t worry, their surveys are short, of about 10 minutes. So for every 10 minutes you will make about $5. Not a lot of money, but what is more important is the ratio between the money that you make vs the time that you work. This is the most important factor that you have to consider. How many surveys can you expect from them? When you register they will instantly send one survey to complete. Complete it. Most people receive few surveys per week, but that is only at the beginning. When Pinecone Research see that you complete their surveys, they will start sending you many more surveys.

How to make more money with Pinecone Research? At the beginning, like we said you will start receiving low numbers of surveys. Be honest, and complete every that they send to you. When they see that you are serious, they will start offering you more surveys. So you will be making more money. For some of you, they send products to test. Many of their serious members receive high expensive products that they have to test and give their opinion and then the product is for you.

Most of the people make about $100 to $300 with this company per month. But what if you want to make more money? The way people make more money with paid surveys is they register with many panels and complete all of their offers. Most paid survey companies are designed to send less numbers of surveys. So, say that you register with 10 companies and all of them send make you about $100 to $300 a month? That is much more money. With Pinecone Research you can expect not a lot of money, but it is only few hours per month that you have to spend. So, we move on with the next big survey that will add more money.

But before that one important thing. Most survey panels have prizes. This is another reason to register with many surveys. By registering with many surveys you increase your chances to win some prize. For example Pinecone Research have about 100 prizes of $500 and 4 big prizes of $4,500.

Last about Pinecone Research. This is an exclusive panel and you can’t register with them directly. They register people only with invitations. EliteSurveySites partner with them and we have official invitations, but unfortunately they are limited. So, here is the link to your invitation. Register if you see that the registration is still open.

Pinecone Research Canada


If you are interested in more surveys in Canada, here they are.


LifePoints Canada

LifePoints Canada is our next recommendation. LifePoints pay you to complete surveys and other task. They have over 5 millions members. The registration is absolutely free and you get 10 points only to register. Then Life Points will send you a short qualification survey. It is very important to complete it correctly, because based on it you will be matched with the best surveys for you. If you don’t complete it correctly you will get surveys that are not exactly for you and your disqualification will increase. Again, like with all other surveys, you won’t become rich, but this is another great way to add some extra money. The work don’t be a lot, probably some hours per month, and you will make like $100 to $300. So register now with this company and let’s move on.

Register with LifePoints Canada


Swagbucks Canada

If you are in paid survey business, there is no chance to don’t know about Swagbucks. This is probably one of the largest paid survey companies online. In the interview that SwagBucks gave for Elite Survey Sites, they said that they have paid over $300 millions, they have over 40 millions registered members, and they have provided totally of 7,000 gift cards.

So how to make easy money with Swagbucks? Register and start completing offers. Yes, we said offers. Swagbucks don’t only offer surveys, they have many more prizes for their members. Here they are:

  • SHOP at over 1,500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and get cash back along with coupons, deals and special discounts
  • ANSWER and share your opinion to get free gift cards. Our members take thousands of personalized surveys from top brands and agencies every day
  • WATCH videos from leading content sites and redeem points for cash (via Paypal) or free gift cards
  • DISCOVER activities that reward you the way YOU enjoy spending your time online – thousands of options from a rich network of partners and stores
  • Earn while you SEARCH with Yahoo!
  • PLAY popular games from providers such as Game Show Network (GSN) – popular titles like Wheel of Fortune, Bejeweled Blitz, and Scrabble Cubes

Register with Swagbucks Canada


Paid Surveys

For those of you who are interested in more paid surveys, visit our ranking in Canada. Last words about paid surveys. People who make money with paid surveys, can’t expect a lot of money, but it is very easy, free to register, and no skills are required. Everyone can start making money with paid surveys now. The point is to register with many panels. More panels you register, more money you will be making.

There are a lot of scams in paid surveys. Many sites want you to pay to register. They scam that people will make a lot of money. That is not true. All of these sites want you money only to show you the best panels, that they steal from legit site like our. That is. All legit paid surveys are free to register.


Freelancing is another way that people make money online. Freelancing means that companies pay you to work for them online. The work vary. Many things we can say about freelancing, but the most important is that people who make more money with freelancing actually have some skills. If you don’t have skills you still can register with sites like Upwork and work for some companies, but with some skills, you will make much more money. Here is our freelancing guide.

Sell Online

If you have some stuff you can sell it online. The good thing about online selling is that you even don’t have to have a shop. All of the stuff you can sell online. Register with the largest online stores like Amazon and Ebay and sell there.

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